Witch Season Summer and Fall

Witch Season – Summer & Fall by Jeff Mariotte

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Witch Season: Summer & Fall

Witch Season: Summer & Fall

by Jeff Mariotte

Series: Witch Season #1.5
Publisher: Simon Pulse on July 6, 2004
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
Target Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: ★★★

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Kerry Proffit is having an amazing summer working at a resort on the California coast and hanging with her summer share housemates. Everything's great until an injured stranger lands on their doorstep.

Daniel Blessing is a handsome young man with a mysterious past. He's on the run from a powerful witch named Season. Of course Kerry and her friends don't believe in witches. But Kerry is beginning to believe in Daniel -- and her feelings for him.

Which is too bad for Kerry. And her friends.

Because now Season is on their trail, and they won't all survive the summer. Hunting Season is now open....

...Summer's over. Kerry, Josh, Brandy, Scott, and Rebecca have left their California share and returned to school. Once, there was nothing better than the freedom and energy rush of college. But in the wake of such a life-altering summer, campus life leaves the friends feeling restless -- and bored.

Kerry, for one, barely leaves her dorm room. She keeps reading Daniel's journals over and over, searching for a clue to solve the mystery that is Season Howe. But answers aren't to be found -- until the evil witch is finally spotted in Las Vegas.

The five friends trek to the city of sin, rallying to fight Season. She destroyed something important to them, and they all seek revenge. Unfortunately the season won't end without her taking something else: a life even more precious than the first....

I feel responsible to let it be known that I read books for characters. Mariotte’s novel is charming in a Young Adult Fantasy sort of way, making it an easy read. On the flip side, the characters are also relatively flat. Still, being the optimist I am, I found three characters to cling to. They are the characters of Daniel Blessing, Rebecca, and Josh.

Note: none of these are the main character. Not abnormal for me. I tend to loathe main characters, for some indescribable reason. The main character is a girl named Kerry Profitt. Strong-willed and stubborn, she is known by her summer friends as “Bulldog”. Kerry’s character has one of the traits that drives me batty in fantasy: blind trust. Despite this, we delve in with our heads held high!

Kerry’s summer has been turned upside down. When she literally stumbles over Daniel Blessing on her doorstep, suddenly Kerry’s normal life and peaceful summer job blossoms into six scared teenagers caught in the crossfire of a magical battle. Involvement with Daniel causes the six to be in danger, and when one of them is killed by the villain, Season Howe, the others reluctantly agree to join Kerry and Daniel in a hunt for Season Howe. But just when they have her at their advantage, Season kills Daniel Blessing. End Book One.

Begin Book Two. Kerry drops out of college and decides she is going to learn magic from Daniel’s mother, Mother Blessing. This storyline encompasses the entire book. There are scattered random scenes with other characters to ensure they are not forgotten. At one point, Season resurfaces in Las Vegas where Josh is killed not by Season, but by agents of Mother Blessing. The others arrive there too late to do anything. At the end of Book Two, there is a brief battle between Mother Blessing and Season Howe where Kerry discovers that Season is Mother Blessing’s own mother. Kerry decides to flee. End Book Two.

Will I pick up Winter and Spring? Probably. Why? I like to know the ending of things.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Personal Enjoyment

Rating: 2 out of 5.

No Bad Apples Here!

According to my research, this author has not written any problematic books, does not have a problematic history wherein they have (through intention or ignorance) insulted or hurt marginalized communities, and does not use their platform to speak out in hate against others, nor have they performed any known damaging or illegal acts. For now, I’m very pleased to encourage you to support this author and their works!

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