“Coin”: A Piece of Flash Fiction

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The coin felt like hope in her hand.

Jessalynn smiled as she held it flat against her palm, rubbing it’s cold, bumpy surface with her thumb.  This coin – this was the first.  When the man handed it to her, so many years ago, it felt as heavy as the burden it implied:  murder.  Now it was light, and murder was child’s play.  She stretched out her legs and flipped her hair over her shoulder, watching the black and white television screen intently.

The world she had come from was much like the one she watched now.  Dirty children on the street, playing in the mud.  Her gunman were already moving in on the filthy little urchins.  The firecracker noises of gunshot only widened her already devious smile.  Silly little innocents.  She saw no crime in wiping their filth from the earth, the way her employer taught her to do.  That was how empires were built, and there was nothing that an empire could not do.

This was her empire, and it began with a single coin, a single small favor.

She kicked her feet off the table and cracked her neck.  The cafeteria was serving real fruit today.  Best she get there before the street trash corrupted the rarities.


Author’s Note:  It’s been a long time since I’ve written any flash fiction, ficlets, or generally anything shorter than a chapter or two in a novel, so I’m rusty, and I apologise for that and welcome any critique.  I do realise I need to get out there in the literary community a little more, and since my work schedule only allows me the time and energy to read about two books a month… hopefully a little flash fiction will help.  Here’s to bringing in the New Year right!

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