Quirks and Quarks

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As luck would have it, I’m not a science person and the only thing I can tell you about quarks is the Dictionary.com definition.  There is an informative and interesting video by Hank Green about quarks that I have posted at the bottom of this post, which is worth a watch if you want to learn something in a fun and interesting way.

YQuirks by ~whysostephanieou must be thinking:  if she knows nothing about quarks, what in the world is this post about?  I wanted to focus actually on that first word there – “quirks”.  Everyone has quirks.  They are what makes us who we are.  When I write my characters, it is the quirks I am most focused on so that the reader can clearly see the little things that make them who they are.  Jessica from Fate chews on her bottom lip when she’s thinking hard.  Timothy from ‘Tweens paces when he’s nervous.  These are common little things that we tend not to think about, but they can become our definers.  Doc Brown from “Back to the Future” gets big eyes, clasps his hands to his head, and says “Great Scott!” whenever something big and exciting is about to happen.  You seen “Office Space“?  That guy Milton is always mumbling on and on and on.  These are the things that define people – fictional or otherwise.

I always wear a necklace, and I play with it constantly. When writing, all of my book titles (save one out of 13) are one word.  I am bound to quote or reference a movie every fifteen minutes of conversation.  When I am friends with people, I drop their nicknames and call them by their full name.  These details, as mundane as they seem, make me who I am.

What are some of your quirks, and how do they define you?  If you are a writer – what are some of your favorite character quirks?  If not, what is a fictional character who you relate to, or like because of their quirks?

Oh yes.

I promised a video about quarks.

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