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Even without looking up at the stars and pondering the meaning of the universe, it is easy to feel very small.  It harder still when you are trying to get recognized, and yet, you can’t get any heads to turn your way.  Having been a perfectly average girl throughout high school and college, I understand the disappointment of being passed by.  For those of us who hoped that the real world would treat us a little more favorably, well, I think we all know that’s not the way the world works.

Lost by spakoThe feeling of being lost can apply to anything and everything – not finding that “special someone,” waiting for a job interview, or even trying to get our book known.  And bloggers and authors, you can just up and down in the spotlight all you want, but that doesn’t mean you can keep any spotlight for yourself.  It’s a fickle friend, and will go wherever it pleases.

That doesn’t mean we should give up.

Time after time – whether it be in our personal or professional lives, the world will through lemons at us.  And that’s okay.  Over time you learn how to catch, throw back, make lemonade.  All the difficult times make us stronger, and as cheesy as motivational speeches can sound when we don’t want to hear them… they’re usually right.  Chin up, things will work out.

The right person will notice you.

You’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

You will publish your book.

Just believe in yourself.

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4 responses to “Believe

  1. Thank you for writing this wonderful message. I need some encouragement right now. You are wrong about one thing, though. You have never been average–as a person or as a writer. Not in college, and not now. Love ya, Amber. ^_^