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In my vast pursuit of writing knowledge on the internet, I have stumbled across a lot of authors and agents who have their own blogs.  Most of them are very informative, but the ones I prefer have personality, too.  They may not be updated every day, but they also aren’t ignored for months on end – these people always find the time to share their wealth of knowledge and/or humor with The Great Internet Frontier.  There are a lot of good ones, but for reasons which I will explain below, these are my favorites.

1.  Nathan Bransford.

This is the first quality in-the-business blogger I stumbled across.  While I won’t say that I found him before it was cool to follow Nathan Bransford on Blogger, I did find him when he was still in the agent business and spouting daily agenty anecdotes and filling the world with knowledge and goodness.

I think his blog really speaks for itself.  Even though he has moved away from agenting and is now in the social media business, he doesn’t forget what the heart of his blog is.  Not to mention he is the author of the Jacob Wonderbar series… one book already published, another on its way in April, and the last in May of 2013.  So, seriously… we know that he knows what he’s talking about.

Nathan doesn’t really touch on writing troubles, the way an author usually does – talking about tours or other goodness like that.  For the most part, he likes to talk about physical vs. digital media, inform the reader of what’s hot and what’s not in the writing world, and he gives fantastic advice about the path to getting your book published.

2. Rachelle Gardner.

I honestly think that I found Rachelle through Nathan’s blog, which is the way that I’ve stumbled across a lot of different writers, agents, and editors who blog.  Like Nathan, she is full of information.  Rachelle is a literary agent for the Books and Such Literary Agents located on the west coast, but she reads as a very real person – not a condescending career focused person who is trying too hard to get people to like her.

I was ambivalent whether I wanted to include either Rachelle Gardner or Kristen from Pub Rants in this list, and I landed on Rachelle because she covers some of the more obscure topics behind writing; things that I think most other people don’t even think about when they are scrying for blog topics.  For example, she recently wrote a post on a writer’s taxes.  Honestly, that isn’t something I ever really thought about… but it’s an important thing to know!  If you’re a writer, it’s halfway to being self-employed, and nobody is going to automatically deduct your taxes for you!  I think that is why I like her.  She talks about the things that need to be said, that haven’t been said before… and she gives really good advice as to how to get it done!

3. Kiersten White.

Kiersten is my absolute favorite.  I have no idea how I stumbled across her; it wasn’t from her books, because I read those after being charmed by her blog.  She has an amazing sense orf humor, and what you see is what you get with her.  I respect the fact that Kiersten writes in her own voice… whether it be in her blog, or through the words of her protagonist Evie in her Paranormalcy series.  I read her books hoping they were going to be as delightful and charming as her blog, and they are.  Absolutely.

Kiersten White is another writer-who-blogs who feels very human.  It’s like she wants to be everybody’s friend.  She writes amusing anecdotes about her husband (“Hot Stuff”) and her children, while also talking about her writing struggles and successes (like this one time, she wrote a whole book in a week), and cluing us into her behind-the-scenes of writing.  Additionally, she runs some wonderful contests with fabulous prizes and although I personally have never entered them, I very much enjoy reading them because they are different and fun and creative.

You know that thing they do in elementary school when they ask you what three items you would rescue if your house burned down?  If the internet burned down, I’d rescue Kiersten White’s blog.  So much love.


There are plenty of other blogs I read by authors, agents, editors… but these are the three that are my morning coffee – I just cannot do without them.  I have collected so much good information, not to mention smiles (*cough*KierstenWhite!*cough*) from them.


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