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I think that one of my favorite things about writing is getting to create the covers.  There is something terribly exciting about seeing the visual representation of your novel – after all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  The cover of a book is so incredibly important – it is the first thing that a reader sees and the cover design can easily win a reader.  I’m not a professional graphic designer, and I have no intention of self-publishing, so my personal cover designs will not matter… but nonetheless – seeing that glorious picture in attachment to the words is exhilarating.

Then again, maybe my attachment to the cover is related to a writer’s greatest dream – to have a book published.  A cover is halfway to production, after all.

When Borders was going out of business, I had the good fortune to have my hand in cleaning them out of books, a duty I took very, very seriously.  Maybe of the books I ended up bringing home with me were not authors or series I had heard of before.  My choices were based on three aspects:  my current available money, the blurb, and the cover.

1Of all the books I picked up, unarguably the prettiest cover was a book titled Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev.  The artwork was stunning, the texture of the book jacket was wonderful – from all angles it is truly a beautiful book cover.  And I enjoyed it – from one cover to the other!  If not for that alluring, beautiful cover, I would never have purchased or read it.

It makes me wonder – how often do we skip over a book because its cover didn’t stand out to us?  And, of all those missed books – how many of them could we, perhaps, have loved?  The artwork used on a book covers is invaluable in that way.

Do we really judge a book by its cover?  What book have you picked up based on its cover alone?


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