NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 1

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Another year, another NaNo! I woke up early this morning and had all my words pushed out by about 9:00am. I’ll try to write a little more this evening, but things are dragging along a bit and the writer’s greatest nemesis (my cat) is very playful and seems to have acquired a taste for my feet, assuring this will be a long day.

This year, I’m novelling through Novlr, a relatively new cloud-based feature.  The last few years I’ve used OneDrive, and prior to that a trusty flash drive and Microsoft Word.  I’ve nothing against word, but the simplistic design of Novlr is wonderful for me, as well as easy statistics and chapter breakdowns.  I also love the quick-save features (automatic and constant) and the daily DropBox backup.  One can never be too careful.  I was lucky enough to snatch one of the few lifetime subscriptions to Novlr, and I have a feeling I really got my money’s worth.

So that’s the technical side of things.  On the story side, I find I’m already leaning a little too dialogue heavy.  It’s definitely something I have to work on because I hate reading stuff like that.  I have these vivid images in my head of my protagonists, and I need to find better, less clunky ways of getting them out there.  I’m also world building and in my head I’ve got this epic fantasy world.  It actually has the potential to be the biggest and most detailed world I’ve built since Arefuy, and I built that in 6th grade.  I’m not as attached to these characters as I am to Jessica and Sean, but I think there are things that Ember and Night have yet to show me and I really think this one will be a fun one.  I’m excited.

The hardest part will be finding time to write around work, especially since I’m at a computer all day.  I’m hoping to split the writing time between morning and evening and hopefully by demanding less on myself all at once, I’ll get a better result.

In the meantime, I built a cover for it and I am hoping it prints reasonably well.  The image I used was not meant to be so large, but it was absolutely perfect and I can’t tear myself from it.  Either way, my final printed copy is just for my collection anyway, and last year the cover was all topsy-turvy so it can’t be any worse than that!

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