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Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Billy on Ramblings of a Coffee Addict.  This week’s question is:

“How many books have you started, but just couldn’t finish?”


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It’s difficult for me to put a book down.  I know how much work goes into writing them.

There’s the drafting.

Then the editing.

Then the redrafting.

Then submission and cover letters and inquiries and reading and rewrites prompted by agents, editors, publishing houses.  There’s title changes, cover releases, marketing, promotion, book readings and signings.  A lot of work and love goes into a story, so much that tossing it on a whim feels unfair.

Self-publishing has changed that for me.

I know, I know.  It’s unfair.  The writers have to do all that work themselves, or pay someone to do it for them.  The thing is – as a writer, I don’t believe that we’re necessarily qualified to edit our own work.  We’re close to it – we know the characters’ motives, but aren’t always able to see if we’ve made them clear to the audience.  We’ve seen it a gazillion times – we’ll glaze over typoes and poor wording.  We’re attached, and a better copy comes out when a skilled, impartial party takes a whack at the editing.

Every book I’ve dropped – and I think there’s only been about five – have been self-published.  Every one of them were sloppy, ridiculously cliched, and poorly plotted and designed.  Shallow.  I don’t feel bad about dropping a single one of them.  Just because one can publish does not mean one should.  At any rate, I’ve got a few hundred books I definitively want to read, and I need to use my time wisely.

Books I struggled to reach the end?  Don Quixote was a real challenge.  I was ready to put Theodosia down, too.  There have been dozens of non-fictions that were so dry I dragged through them like it was torture.  But I finished them all.

Present a book with the incorrect spelling of your/you’re and a love triangle with two incredibly handsome men after just breaking up with this guy who cheated on you and you’re moving into an incredible house and… no.  I’m done.  I’m sure at some point, this will have something to do with ghosts like it said in the blurb, but I’m not going to stick around that long.


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9 responses to “Finishing Books – #BookBloggerHop

  1. I like the writer’s perspective in your answer. I hadn’t thought of it quite like that. I do try and be kind when writing reviews because I figure every book is someone’s baby and there’s nice ways to say that the book wasn’t for me. I stopped taking almost all self-published books because it’s hard to not just say I hated it when it’s the 2 gorgeous guy 1 girl (who never feels like she’s particularly attractive) triangle nonsense!

    • I agree so much with this. I’ve absolutely stopped with self-published and have even slowed down on my YA (which I typically enjoy very much) just because all these love triangles are getting out of control!

  2. Yes, some self-published works are rushed out without editing etc. However, I have also read some wonderful self-published works, with solid editing and an excellent, original plot. You just have to pick and choose carefully. Even the big publishers release books with occasional typos. I work as an editor, so I always spot them. I agree that bad editing is incredibly off-putting, but it’s a shame to abandon all self-published books from a reading list because of that as there are some real gems out there too.
    Like you, I am over the YA love triangle trope though.

    • I’m very fortunate in that I’m quite skeptical and I don’t come across many books I cannot push through. Usually there’s at least one character I’m rooting for!

      Thanks for stopping in! 🙂