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It’s Monday, What are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by The Book Date.  It’s a great way to catch up on all the literary ins-and-outs of the previous week, and see what everyone is up to.  Check out this week’s linkup!

Happy Monday y’all!

I finished up The Ocean at the End of the Lane mid-last week!  It was a good, quick listen although it definitely doesn’t rank super high in my personal lists; Neil Gaiman’s imagination continues to be excellent but his writing style continues to require some effort on my part.  But that’s okay! He has plenty of fans.

With that all finished, I jumped back into a re-read I’ve been intending to visit for some time… about fifteen years to be exact!

I first read The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien as a middle schooler when the films were first released.  At the time, it was sort of a game or competition, a merit of achievement amongst my peers.  Who can actually finish it!  Well I did.  Once.  A couple years later, I picked the book back up again and promptly got bored in the middle of the Council of Elrond.  Tolkien uses so many descriptors… and well, anyway, I’ll save it for my review.

This week in Fellowship, we’ve had three birthday parties of various grandiose. We’ve tricked the Sackville Bagginses.  We’ve trespassed on a farm, gotten swallowed by a tree, captured by a barrow wight, and with great effort managed to get to Bree.  Success and continued life are 100% owed to one Tom Bombadil.



1984 by George Orwell

In other less perilous news, 1984 by George Orwell continues on swimmingly.  Winston has begun his love affair with the rebellious and vivacious Julia.  They’ve met in the woods, in crowds, and finally landed an upstairs apartment seriously infested with bugs and even one rat (“Get out of here, you brute!” Julia says as she flings a shoe at him.  They have a zero-tolerance policy on rats).  We learn bits and pieces of Winston’s wife Katherine and we grow angry and puzzled over the loss of history.

More interestingly than the forbidden love affair is the long awaited interaction with O’Brien.  Winston has long suspected that O’Brien is with the resistance (“The Brotherhood” as we learn it is called) and a meeting is arranged.  Both Winston and Julia are initiated into this Brotherhood, and it’s all quite mysterious and exciting (for them, anyway).  Right now, I’m in the middle of the very long central passage that outlines Goldstein’s manifesto.

Effort continues through The Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling!  Not only did Harry win the match against Ravenclaw, but he got to scare Draco and his cronies at the same time.  An overall good day.  The joy doesn’t last long, however, as Buckbeak loses his appeal and is sentenced to death, rediscovering Ron’s pet rat leads to a dangerous confrontations, and right now, the trio is listening to Remus Lupin’s side of the story.  It was the first time that we arrived home and my husband said, “Oh… I wanted to know what happened….”  He’s officially invested, folks!

Two stories were read in Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath this week – one about a river mermaid who eats men, and another about an archaeologist and her husband.

Only one lecture in Myths in Human History by The Great Courses this week.  I tried listening to another one, and I fell asleep.  It happens….  The first was about the great floods, and discussed both the “Noah’s Ark” story as well as the flood in Gilgamesh.

Having finished The Name of the Wind, my husband is back into the Sword of Truth series; I believe he’s on Chainfire by Terry Goodkind.  He’s also immensely frustrated that Kahlan is missing.  It’s his go-to conversation topic right now.  He makes me laugh.  Finally he is beginning to truly understand my love-hate relationship with books!


What has everyone else been reading this week?

Has anyone else read these books?

What did you think of them?

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8 responses to “The Fellowship of 1984 Princesses of Azkaban in Human History – IMWAYR

  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is on my “Read Soon” list – maybe I’ll make a drive to read it once I finish my current read. It will be a tough act to follow after The Graveyard Book, which is my favourite Gaiman novel.
    Happy reading!

    • The Graveyard Book is one I haven’t tried yet, and of course he’s just dropped his Norse Mythology book which I am sorely tempted by…. I hope you enjoy Ocean! It’s a lovely, quick read.

  2. I started The Ocean at the End of the Lane a while ago…and didn’t get very far. I might try again, but the writing style didn’t grab me.

    I read 1984 many years ago…I should probably reread it.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Enjoy your week!

  3. Kathy Martin

    Nice variety of books. I have some issues with Gaiman’s writing style. I don’t think I’ve ever been persistent enough to finish one of his books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    • I definitely understand the issues with his writing style, but I’m so in love with his imagination, I persist. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!