February Round Up!

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Well folks, that’s two months down, ten more to go.  How’s the TBR pile going?

February was a pretty bookish month for me, both regarding the incoming and the outgoing novels!  Firstly, I received my first ARC-for-review in February!


Drawn Away by Holly Bennett

One minute Jack’s in math class. The next, he’s on a dark, cobblestoned, empty street. Empty, that is, except for a skinny girl wrapped in a threadbare shawl. “Matches, mister?” she asks, and just like that, Jack’s life collides with one of Hans Christian Andersen’s grimmest tales. And just when he has almost convinced himself it was just a weird dream, it happens again.

Suddenly, Jack’s ideas about what is “real” or “possible” no longer apply. While he and his new girlfriend, Lucy, struggle to understand who or what the Match Girl is, they come to realize they must also find a way to keep Jack away from her. The Match Girl is not just a sad, lonely soul; she’s dangerous. And each time Jack is drawn into her gray, solitary world, she becomes stronger, more alive…and more attached to Jack.

She wants to keep Jack for her very own, even if that means he will die.


I’m working through reading that one now and am hoping to have a review up either this weekend or next, depending on how much free time I have.  So that’s exciting!  You can check out Drawn Away on Goodreads for more information.  It was published on January 17th.

The February Haul

I’ve had a great haul of physical books and digital audiobooks this month.  These are mostly thanks to subscriptions (Audible, OwlCrate, Uppercase Box).  The haul is as follows:

I can assure you this is a rarity – I know lots of book bloggers get dozens of books monthly, and many of them simply ARCs for review, but I don’t have the time and space to have the personal library I want.  In fact, this month I got rid of 133 books!

Yes, you read that number correctly: 133.  It was not easy.  Fact of the matter is, I really needed to consider what would be read again and what wouldn’t.  A lot of my non-fiction from college got cut, as well as most the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton and my Star Wars books.  Those alone made up a pretty good chunk.  Otherwise, everything from book club reads to well-meaning but unwanted gifts got the hook.  Sorry, mum!

Cutting into the library wasn’t fun, but unfortunately we need the space.  More on that another time.

What I’ve Read

As far as reading this month, it was just as productive as usual for me.  I don’t know how y’all do it with your five books a week or whatnot.  My excuse is that I spend approximately 14 hours at work (9 working, 1/2 hour lunch, about 4 1/2 total commute time).  Honestly, though, it’s also because I go to bed pretty early (I get up pretty early) and I like to spend my weekends doing things with my husband and friends.  But I do admire all you souls that balance all that and still read so much!  Kudos!

So this month I read:

6 books found






Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo


This puts me at 13/24 books for my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge.  Why just 24?  Because I fully expect to read 24 hardcopy books this year, making the audiobooks icing on the cake.  Don’t worry!  When I hit 24, I’ll up it!  In regards to hardcopy books, I’ve only actually read a total of 4, which puts me right where I expect.

In Other News….

In my personal life, February has been a pretty hectic month for me.  There’s been planning and activities for my best friend’s upcoming wedding in October.  She picked out her dress and it is absolutely stunning.  I can’t wait to see her in it when it’s all tailored and ready to go!

I got a promotion at work that went into effect yesterday, right at the end of the month.  I’ve known about this since just before Thanksgiving and kept it under my hat, so now I’m pretty excited it’s out in the open!  I’m a Team Lead now, which is a low level manager that helps oversee daily production.  Considering the fact that they offered me the position directly and that it didn’t exist previously, I’m taking it as a reflection on my hard work and dedication to the department (the other TL says I’m a workaholic, which is probably true).

That’s about all I’ve had going on!  Hopefully March will be just as exciting if not more in all sorts of good ways!


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8 responses to “February Round Up!

  1. I spy The Handmaid’s Tale. That book has been on my TBR pile for years now. Hopefully I will get around to picking up a copy before the year is out. 10 months? That sounds like enough time :L
    And congratulations on your promotion. You must be so happy ^_^

    • Thank you so much! It’s always nice to be recognized!

      I’ve been meaning to pick up The Handmaid’s Tale for years as well… I’m pretty excited to have a copy. I’ve heard nothing but good things.

  2. Firstly – I love your blog header! It’s gorgeous!

    As for my TBR pile….. I’d rather not talk about it!!!!!!!! Ha ha.

    Some really lovely books in this month! And I can’t believe you moved out 133!!! Wow.

    Best of luck for your BFFs wedding! and congrats on the promotion!

    I hope that March brings more of the good stuff! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Aw, thanks so much! I’m excited to be moving up the ladder… and I love my blog header too, haha, so thanks for the compliment there!

      Ugh, it was not fun. But now at least I have space for new ones? We’re trying to clear out the room a bit to repurpose the space, so all my bookshelves are moving into the living room, so I can only fit 3/4. Since the 4th is going into the attic… I didn’t want books to go into the attic to get ruined, so I thought they’d thrive better in a new home. They went to the local library, so I hope they’ll be loved!

      Thanks so much for your well wishes and have a nice weekend yourself!