So Many Classics! #MailboxMonday

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Mailbox Mondays are hosted by the ladies over on the Mailbox Monday blog.  What finds have you added to your collection this week?


I am so excited because it’s been an ETERNITY since I bought books for myself.

Like, real books.  Audible gives me two audiobooks a month, but those cannot grace my glorious bookshelves!



But seriously, the reason I never buy books anymore is, frankly, I AM OUT OF ROOM.  It’s tragic.  I have 2.5 bookcases now in our small apartment, and the third is empty in the office that was supposed to be a nursery and someday, hopefully, will be.  At any rate SOMEDAY that will get filled with children’s books, so… yup.  I’m out of space.

This is why all thirteen books of A Series of Unfortunate Events is blocking my “authors whose last name begins with T” section.



And they are nearly all classics.  SO MANY CLASSICS.  Actually, truthfully, these were mostly replacements of ratty old copies that I wanted to update… such as…


Really, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a clean copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in particular, for ages.  Barnes & Noble was running a special on their paperback classics, so I loaded up on crisp, new copies of The Scarlet LetterThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and A Christmas Carol as well.

Why I had really gone to B&N’s website, though, was seeking the rest of the Oz series.  A couple weeks ago, I picked up Oz:  The Complete Collection, Volume One to replace ratty copies of books two and three, and now I needed them all.  I don’t usually go for collections, but these were just too pretty to resist.


Seriously, aren’t they just beautiful!!!

On top of all those, I occasionally stab at my “To Buy” list.  These are typically audiobooks I’ve listened to and adored, and want to add to my home library.  There aren’t too many, and I always try to get them on ThriftBooks, so it’s fairly hit-or-miss what I’ll find.  When it comes to used books, I look for them in hardcover if possible, since those hold up better, and regardless I try to find things in “Very Good” or “Like New” condition.  This plays out pretty well for me, although sometimes the book covers are a little smudgy or there’s drawings in them.

My copy of The Midnight Thief has a phallus drawn in it… in red pen. Ex-library copy, so I suppose it’s not surprising… gotta replace that one someday….

Anyways, my “To Buy” list grabs!


My husband and I both loved Menagerie and I’m pumped to add this one to the library.  Additionally, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald was the 1920s historical fiction piece I was looking for all my life.  So those are great to have.

I’m still expecting one more book from ThriftBooks, as well as my FairyLoot crate that was shipped last week.  I’ve snagged August’s OwlCrate as well (with a theme like “something wicked this way comes” how could I NOT) so there are a few more lovely reads in my future!

This will most likely be my last haul for a while, unless I decide to purge my “To Buy” list… there’s just too many books!

Who am I kidding… there is no such thing.



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15 responses to “So Many Classics! #MailboxMonday

    • I really loved it and highly recommend it… especially if you’re interested in that era or the Fitzgeralds. It’s a work of fiction, but it’s based strongly on research and is very well written!

  1. Great Gifs. Good job getting those classics and I agree those are great covers on the Oz Collection. Very Nice. Thanks for linking at MM. I really like your header. 🙂 Have a good week and Happy Reading!

  2. The covers of the Oz books are so eye-catching! I watched the amazon prime series Z – The Beginning of Everything – based on the book. It’s really good!

  3. LoL Yay for new books. Only bookish peeps understand the need to have physical books just so that you can have them on your shelf. I love my ereader and all but nothing beat the look of a full, and sometimes overflowing, bookcase. 🙂

    • I have a kindle, and it’s been delegated to the kitchen as the recipe machine! I just can’t get past the feeling of a physical book. 🙂 I do love audiobooks, though.

  4. I am out of room too! I now have piles of books on the floor of my office. I will have to give some of them up soon . . . but how to choose!?

    • I usually have to look at books and ask myself – will I read this again, REALLY? And that’s hard! Everyone has different criteria, though!