July FairyLoot Unboxing (+ Kitten)

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If you have ordered July’s “Trickster” FairyLoot box and you haven’t opened it yet, do not continue.  This post is spoilerific.  SO MANY SPOILERS.  AND PICTURES!  Because that’s how I do.

My July FairyLoot box arrived yesterday.  SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.  Since I’m overseas, I wasn’t expecting the box for another couple of weeks at least.


Even the kitten was trying to look at everything.  Mostly the purple paper things because srsly those are the best.  She had to have her say as well!  On everything!  Curious kitten. 🙂

So firstly, we have the lovely Sherlock Holmes-themed mug.  Although I’m not a huge Sherlock fan, I love this mug.  It’s more of a tin-cup situation, not ceramic and all breaky.  It’s also quite small and perfect for a proper 8oz.

Kitten approves.  NEXT!

Then, we have some trickster-themed body lotion with little Lokis all over the packaging.  I know I probably should have taken more away from the lotion than this, but they are freaking adorable.  I haven’t opened this yet, but I bet it smells like Tom Hiddleson.

Lady Elizabeth had no opinion on the lotion and was more interested in the purple paper packaging.

Thirdly, the Harry Potter playing cards!

Firstly, these are gorgeous.  And they’re in a tin.  I can carry these in my purse and they will not be reduced to pulp.  At present, I have a different set of Harry Potter playing cards in my purse.  I’ve had them since 2005-ish and they are worse for wear.  I should replace them, but I didn’t want to, because Harry Potter playing cards are not widely available and I like them.  BOOM.  Problem solved.  These are prettier, more resilient, and include Ravenclaw-themed cards. Yessss.

The fun FairyLoot exclusive item this month is an oven mitt!  It’s fortune teller themed and has gold designs all over it.  Very cute, a great match for any kitchen/potion brewing station.

As it turns out, correct use of this device is to handle hot objects.  Petting kittens not recommended.  Lady Elizabeth did not approve.

Actually this is the point where she abandoned me for her long awaited, much anticipated dinner.

Moving on!


This month’s bookmark comes from Six of Crows and is really lovely.  The watercolor background is brooding and slightly murderous, and the calligraphy and feather alike are great.

Last but not least of the swag is this awesome Harley Quinn quote print!  It’s on really nice paper, and the coloring and the quote are both really excellent.  There’s a Suicide Squad vibe to this one and I’m loving it.  The graphic designer in me adores the cohesion and the font choices here.  GORGEOUS.

There’s a 15% off coupon to make fancy soap where you get to choose the name/smell/color/everything as well… I didn’t take a picture of that one. 🙂

And the drumroll….

I squealed when I pulled this book out of the bag.  It startled both cats and my husband because I rarely make loud, high-pitched noises.

Confession:  I really wanted this book.

I don’t chase after new releases the way some folks do.  I’m just not lit, or whatever the kids are saying these days, haha.  But I had come across Daughter of the Burning City and I really wanted it.  What’s more, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to justify buying it because bookshelf + August expenses = nope.  Now I own it and it is beautiful and I can’t wait to read it.

Seriously though, without better lighting and my Nikon, I cannot do enough justice to how pretty this cover is.  The design is subtle and beautiful, and it’s printed on pearlized paper so it has a glittery sheen.  Absolutely gorgeous.

And that’s all for this month!

Unfortunately, I did not snag next month’s Otherworldy box, so I’ll have to wait for my OwlCrate.  If you’re looking for a really good YA book subscription box, I honestly think FairyLoot is the best, with OwlCrate running a close second.  FairyLoot’s swag is always really varied and well thought out, and if you’re on the fence about trying it out… take this as that sign you’ve been waiting for and give it a go*!

August’s FairyLoot is already sold out, but if you want to try the box, get on the September waiting list here!

*I am not paid by anybody to say this, I seriously just love the box.


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