I Can’t Wait For… “The Winds of Winter” by George R. R. Martin (#Can’tWaitWednesday)

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they’re books that have yet to be released.  Find out more here.

Okay, so seriously everyone, raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been waiting your entire life for this book.

*raises hand*

*raises BOTH hands*


The Winds of Winter

by George R. R. Martin

Series: A Song of Ice and Fire (6)
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

The Winds of Winter is the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

The previous installment, A Dance with Dragons, covered less story than Martin intended, omitting at least one planned large battle sequence and leaving several character threads ending in cliffhangers. Martin intends to resolve these cliffhangers “very early” in The Winds of Winter, saying “I’m going to open with the two big battles that I was building up to, the battle in the ice and the battle at Meereen—the battle of Slaver’s Bay. And then take it from there.”


*sigh*  Well, lets jump right into the SPOILERS area, shall we?  If you’ve not read the previous five books, or seen the TV show up-to-date, I’d advise treading with caution.  OR NOT.  LIVE LIFE DANGEROUSLY.

There will be spoilers, though.

Okay, from a writing perspective, I understand that writing an epic fantasy novel takes a really long time.  I also understand that with so many perspectives, it’s a slow and cautious process.  But seriously, man, come on!  You’re writing a bunch of books, multiple television shows… all your fans want from you, at this point, is The Winds of Winter.

Please.  Please, please, please.

I read an article last week where Martin stated there will be a Westeros book next year.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Also maybe not The Winds of Winter.  I will give serious props to the HBO series – it’s opened up fantasy worlds to the masses and with any luck, epic fantasy will come into the spotlight for a bit.  And it is well done.  And I liked the Ygritte stuck around longer than she did in the books.  Really I did.

But I, like many others, wish this book would have a release date.  I know he’s not even finished writing it yet… and my understanding of the industry is that there’s the editing process and rewrites and whatnot because production begins and frankly… I’m expecting the earliest release date at this point to be 2019.

Also I quite understand the George R. R. Martin is tired of being pestered about it.

Here’s what I’m angsty about (book-wise):

  • Winter is freaking finally here.
  • Where are all the living direwolves?
  • When is Daenerys going to ascend to the throne? Because srsly.
  • RICKON?!

It’s a short list.  Honestly, it’s been a while since A Dance of Dragons….

Pretty please with a cherry on top, sugar and spice and everything nice?  Treat yourself to a month-long retreat into solitude and whip up some chapters?

I hear Maine is nice.


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14 responses to “I Can’t Wait For… “The Winds of Winter” by George R. R. Martin (#Can’tWaitWednesday)

  1. Leeve

    I haven’t finished this series but I am also all kinds of excited for The Winds of Winter to be released! And GOD DO I LOVE GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS! I knew some of the ones you mentioned but omg, others made me get even more excited! I need to continue this series but I’m waiting for “TWOW” to be released to continue, ughh!

    Great post!
    L. @ Reviews by Leeve

  2. Jenea

    I sadly haven’t read this series, but I would certainly love to. Great choice! Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    • If you’re watching the TV show… you can skip the first book! Season one is that book just about word-for-word. 🙂 It’s an undertaking, but very good!

      Thanks yourself for swinging by!

  3. I know so many people waiting on this one! I had seen something saying possibly the beginning of 2018 for this book, but now it doesn’t look like it. 🙁 George RR Martin is killing his fans! I am just wishing I had HBO right now to watch the new season. Oh well. Great pick!
    Check out my CWW

    • GoT fans are the WORST too, in regards to spoilers. The big stuff is all over the internet within hours of airing… I hope no big twists are revealed to you before you get the chance to watch them! <3

  4. Greg Hill

    Oh my gosh the wait is killing me for this book! Stannis stuck in the snow, Rickon at a certain… place- yikes I gotta watch I don’t leave a spoilery comment! Suffice to say so many hanging threads! And the show is great but no substitute for the book. Hard to believe the last one came out in 2011!!!

    Have you read the sample chapters he’s released or read at cons? Every once in a while I go back and read ’em, to tide me over lol.


    • You know, I haven’t read any of those! I’m a little hesitant… I don’t want to get overexcited or too attached to the idea of having any piece of WoW to read. I imagine it must be a bit like having just one M&M and leaves you aching for at least a *little* more. 🙂