July Wrap Up

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July is gone, and I’m posting this today so I can focus on Harry Potter’s birthday tomorrow.  I swear, I’m not a Harry Potter nerd.

LIES! #Ravenclaw4Life

I’ve had mixed feelings about this month’s books.  There’ve been a couple of DNFs, but on the other hand there were books that I really loved!  It was a high/low month and nothing inbetween.


I had a good run at Barnes & Noble earlier in the month, and I’m beginning to clear out my audible credits as well.


10 books found







I white vector hand hold a red, black, and white circus tent in it's palm. A black background with white dots like stars and swirling white flourishes compliments the cover. At the top, "The Night Circus" is written in white text, a mix of script and serif. Beneath in red, "a novel" is written in script text. At the very bottom of the cover reads "Erin Morgenstern" in white serif font, all caps




In a touch of insanity, I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this July; I needed a kick in the butt to write.  I pulled out ‘Tweens, a guilty pleasure story I wrote a couple years ago, for revisions.

On a roll, I wrote 30k, realized that the plot was really boring and predictable.  Trashed it, started over.

I wrote the first chapter in six different perspectives.  Trashed all but one.

Realized the plot needed a better outline and went to do that instead.

I’m presently sitting on a complete outline, scene for scene.  Now I just have to write the bloody thing and stay on topic


In which the sparks of popularity, tags, and attempted memes make themselves known.


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So I guess last week was a good week for the blog!  Merci beaucoup, mes amis!




This is what’s been going on in the social media sphere!  I’m on Twitter & Instagram… although my Instagram is not so bookish and contains much cats.


My top tweet this month makes me chuckle, since it was a musing before bed and as I was posting it I was thinking, Well this is super lame.


I guess it wasn’t!


Unsurprisingly, my most-liked Instagram post this month was the one of my silly kitten yawning.

She’s the cutest thing.


I’ve finally connected with BlogLovin’!  I’ve never used the site before, but I hear it’s great, sooo here goes nothing!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin!



My personal life has been pretty *meh* this month.  I CAME BACK TO THE BLOG!  So there’s that.  I’ve also read WAY more books this month than I have in a while.  July has been a get-your-crap-together month so there’s been vet visits, dentist visits, doctors visits.

Family-wise… my dad is trying to set my brother up with a super right wing redneck girl because apparently this is the 1800s and he can’t find his own life partner.  Also, each to their own, but it’s not his jam.  So happy I’m married!

My monster-in-law mother-in-law is in convalescence after a long hospital stint.  I want to feel bad for her because it sucks, but she’s being very rude to nurses and assistants and doctors and family members and NOPE.  I’m a bad person.

I was a big girl and dragged myself to my BFFs house for the first time since the miscarriage a couple weeks ago.  She has two adorable girls and I was feeling NOPE NOPE NOPE about children because… yup.  So I went over there and it was fine and the toddler is speaking really well now and I’m proud of her.


August is a month filled with birthdays.  Matt & I have a getaway planned over his birthday weekend, which will be fabulous!  I’m really looking forward to it.

This month you can continue to expect blog reviews.  Top Ten Tuesday will be coming back midway through the month, so I’ll be jumping on those as well.  Since I’m just getting back into the blogging swing, I don’t have any scheduled posts (I KNOW IT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA).  I’ll do better for September and try to promise at least four original thoughts.  Cool?

There will probably be something Harry Potter tomorrow tho.  Because HARRY POTTER IS MY LIFE.  …   ………..

… 🙂

Okay.  That’s all loffs.  If you got this far in reading this post, treat yourself to a cookie.  You deserve it.


Linking up to The Sunday Post, Mailbox Monday, and It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? … because they’re awesome.


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26 responses to “July Wrap Up

  1. I honestly love how much work you put into this post & the openness of tellling others your life. You & your memes are hilarious! I LIVE for gifs lol. Thank you for the sweet tag btw☺️?✨

    • Aw, thanks! I’m not a private person. 😛 I probably should be! I really like doing wrap-up posts. And I thought your post was really great! Happy to include it!

    • YAY! To be honest it took me almost a year to get through the last of my Great Courses – not for lack of interest, but because I wanted to devote the time to it and didn’t have as much as I wanted. I wouldn’t hold your breath on a review about Ancient Egypt, BUT I will share that the Audible reviews for that particular course are really good… people seem really pleased with both the content and the professor.

    • I didn’t particularly love it and ended up putting it down; however, my qualms with it were mostly I didn’t feel that it was the right book for me. The narrator wasn’t bad. I had a little trouble distinguishing the voices of the two main characters, but I DNF’d it only a couple hours in, so they probably became more distinct. 🙂

      I hope you pick it up and love it though!

  2. Greg Hill

    Your book haul reminds me I need to read Menagerie (especially since I think Spectacle is now out, or will be).

    Love the cat pic, wow! Talk about catching just the right moment.

    • Haha, thanks. She’s a goose. I got lucky! She’s usually very interested in the camera and difficult to photograph!

      Spectacle came out and May, so yes good sir, get on top of that! 😉

  3. Wonderfully full wrap up! I love the gifs and your sharing. Could some of your m-i-l’s rudeness be a result of meds? My DH was awful while in the rehab center. Of course he was mostly good with the nurses but was very nasty to me. Good thing I love him. (He apologized when he got home.) Hope this new month is good to you. Happy Reading!

  4. WOW! You did a lot on that revision…and a complete outline should help immensely. I hope you enjoy your reading week…and that cat picture was hilarious.