Disney Treasures “Tiny Town” Unboxing

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I love unboxing days!

I’ve got a full year’s subscription (6 boxes) to Funko’s Disney Treasures box, and the “Tiny Town” box is the third one so far.  If you receive this subscription and haven’t received/opened your box yet, beware!  Thar be spoilers afoot.

Tiny Town Unboxing

The Box

My box arrived a little dinged up, but no worse for wear.  Funko does an excellent job with packaging, so even if your box gets gouged (liked mine), your merch is fine inside.

Opening the box, yo immediately see the map of the Disney Treasures journey, as well as this month’s pin and patch!  The Disney Treasures patches are intended to all go together in a circle to make one large design.

Patch & Pin

Dot Patch & Gus Gus Pin


This month’s pin is Gus Gus from Cinderella, and the patch is Dot from A Bug’s Life.  All the featured characters in this month’s box are supposed to be wee and adorable, so these two fit in great!  The Gus Gus pin is an officially licensed Disney pin, so this is fully tradeable.  Any collectors out there?

The Map

“Tiny Town”

I always like to pull out the “treasure map” first.  Funko outlines little factoids and fun bits about this month’s collectibles.  Sometimes they share part of the design process, but my favorite part are the Disney facts.  This month included a fun one with the It’s A Small World Boat – did you know all the characters in the ride were originally going to sing their own national anthems?

The Pop! Figure

Disney Treasures Exclusive Tinkerbell

The Tinkerbell Pop was my first big thing out of the box.  She’s hoisted on a base of fairy dust, and according to the treasure map above, her wand and wings are glow in the dark.  She was advertised with the box, so we knew she was coming.  She’ll go great with the Disney Treasures exclusive Smee and my Hot Topic exclusive Peter Pan.  Now if I just had Captain Hook….

This Month’s “Other” Collectible

“It’s A Small World” Dorbz Ride ft. Holland & Mexico

I was pumped when I pulled this out of the box.  I love the Dorbz Ridez.  This It’s A Small World Dorbz Ride is the first one I’ve ever seen with two Dorbz included!  This one features Holland and Mexico in one of the little boats you go in on the actual ride.  There’s a Disney Parks companion piece featuring Dorbz from Africa and Asia (though the treasure map didn’t specify which countries).

I have a small collection of Dorbz Ridez already, and since we got one in the first Disney Treasures box, I really wasn’t expecting another.  This one is on my shelf between Vanellope in her Candy Kart, and my husband’s Star Lord in his Milano.


Tiny Town ft. Casey Jr.

As always, the Disney Treasures box includes a sticker to match the one on the box.  I don’t really do much with the stickers, but apparently Lady Elizabeth likes them…err…more on that later.

Mystery Mini & Tin

Jiminy Cricket


Every Disney Treasures box comes with an exclusive mystery mini in a tin that you can’t get anywhere else – and the tins themselves are exclusive to this subscription.  The Pinocchio Tin is illustrated to suit its inhabitant and I was really hoping for Figaro since my less troublesome kitty looks just like him, but the Mystery Mini Jiminy Cricket looks great!


Also, this is about the time Lady Elizabeth, troublesome kitten extraordinaire, sauntered in.

After the troublesome fiasco I had with her and last month’s FairyLoot unboxing, I figured doing the unboxing on the bed would be safe.  She never jumps on our bed, though not for lack of us encouraging her.  NOPE.

She assured me she would be no trouble at all and would just sit there and be darling.

I, the fool, believed her.



After sampling the various delectables offered in this month’s crate and finally declaring the Tiny Town sticker to be absolutely delicious and without equal, the naughty kitten ran off with the sticker and declared the box was suitable.

Don’t worry, I retrieved the sticker and she did not devour it… though not for lack of trying.

Wrap Up

There you have it – the Tiny Town Disney Treasure Crate curated by Funko.  It gets my star of approval, and it gets Lizzie’s as well.

The next crate is “Haunted Forest”.  Judging by the silhouette, I believe there’s a Maleficent-as-a-Dragon Pop in my future.  I just hope it’s oversized! <3

Is anyone else getting the Disney Treasures subscription?  What do you like in this month’s crate?  WHO HERE COLLECTS FUNKO? *raises hand*. Tell me all the things, my sweets. <3


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10 responses to “Disney Treasures “Tiny Town” Unboxing

  1. I…I have never heard of this. HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS. Omigosh, I want this all. That little Jimney. The adorable Small World (OMG, I WANT THAT SO BADLY). The cute little Tink. Omigoshhhhhh. I have recently discovered the amazingness of Dorbz, and this might be the thing to help my new obsession. Thank you showing me this incredible box, but also I don’t think you because I need to track this down and subscribe.

    • ISN’T IT WONDERFUL?! I really like the Dorbz; I have Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on my desk at work and it is just ❤️❤️❤️. Sorry/not sorry for the introduction, lol. The neck box should be villany and we haven’t had princesses yet!!!