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So I’ve been reading a lot more books than I usually do, and I’m quite proud of myself.


I think it’s because I have stumbled into the section of my TBR with a bunch of MG, short, and light and fluffy novels.  But that’s cool – I’m really enjoying them.  Percy Jackson was WONDERFUL and I’m nearly done with Ruby Red right now, and YUM.  How have I not gotten to these before? #shame

I’m going to start with the older books first, then move on to the newer ones, yes?  Yes.


This is the book that just keeps giving.

I love all the stories in this book. First of all, Jason Porath’s writing style is 100% me.  He’s witty and sarcastic and tells it like it is, and it’s great.  AND THE ARTWORK.  I keep posting pictures of the illustrations on Instagram and Twitter because they’re so well-done, well-thought-out, and frankly… gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.46.43 AM.png

This one is my favorite.  Just… so pretty.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.46.55 AM.png

But this one is really impressive because he’s used all the other incredible women from the rest of the book in this spread and just… yes.  Yes, yes, yes.  I fell in love with Porath on his Instagram page, and I still love reading about the other women he posts about.

I’ve been seeing so many collections pop up lately about badass women, women in history, forgotten women… and this collection never seems to come up in those discussion.  OMG READ IT PLEASE.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

My husband and I are still working through this one.

On the way home from work Wednesday, we were listening to the scene of Aragog’s funeral and Harry’s on Felix Felicis and it it just an abso-friggin-lute delight.  This section of the book makes HBP one of my favorites in the series.

Harry Potter clapping excited Felix felicis

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier.

This is the latest audiobook I’ve picked up and am listening on my own.

FOR SOME REASON this was in my brain as a fairytale retelling and it is NOT.  Nope, it’s a truly excellent time travel story and I ADORE Gwenyth.  It love her enduring, silly mental monologue and active distractedness and she’s just great.

ruby red gwenyth Shepard dancing twirl

I’ll be done with this quite soon, so expect a sparkly review, because seriously, I’m loving it.


I’m also finally picking up The Monstrous Child.

I got this BACK IN MARCH for review through LibraryThing and I am THE WORST because I haven’t read it yet.  I got REALLY stuck on Pistols and Petticoats and my ARCs got crazy behind.  I just received an unsolicited ARC as well, too, so there’s that to read as well now *sigh*.

I’ve heard really mixed things about The Monstrous Child, mostly being that it’s the THIRD book in a series, a memo I didn’t get when I requested it either (um, why is it not listed in a series on the cover? Ugh.) but there’s still an edge of Norse goddesses, so we’ll see!

I had a pretty good reading week last week as well, finishing and reviewing Of Jenny and the Aliens, Caraval, Die for Me, and The Graveyard Book.  Of these, the highlight was DEFINITELY The Graveyard Book, and I really can’t recommend it enough.

Et maintenant?  Now, I am going to listen to “Overkill” by Men at Work, open that package I just got in the mail which I think is my Twitter book trade, and maybe have some tea then read.

Because, obviously.


Speak to me, my lovelies!

What delicious novels have been in your hands this last week?  Have you watched any bookish movies?  Tempt me to grow my TBR. <3

goodbye see you in the future back to the future doc Marty

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4 responses to “The Monstrous, Half-Blood, Ruby Princess – #IMWAYR

  1. Kathy Martin

    I am not a big fan of time travel but I did enjoy the Ruby Read series. I really hate it when I get a review copy and find out that it isn’t the first book in a series. I am really in favor of reading books in a series IN ORDER. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    • Fortunately it looks like THE MONSTROUS CHILD is more like an alternative perspective on another one of Simon’s books, so I got away easy on that one!

    • I know that, which is lovely. I do review the LT ones and those I have control over which I request. 🙂 I just felt bad for taking so long about it! 🙂