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Top Ten Tuesday is BACK!

The ladies at the Broke and the Bookish have posted the first prompt in months!

Raise your hand if you’re excited!


The topic this week is “Ten Book Recommendations for _______”.  Immediately, this read in my head as a Hogwarts house, so I’m going with SLYTHERINS*.

(Wait, what?  I thought you were a Ravenclaw.  WHY SLYTHERIN?)

Okay, well first of all, Slytherins need some love.  They get a pretty bad rap, what with Voldemort and all.


If we get really specific, I’m actually a Slytherclaw.  Oh yes, I who take so much pride in my Ravenclaw sorting am a better mixture of both houses.  So, you know, I gotta represent for the Slytherin part of me ONCE AND A WHILE.


I chose books that have Slytherins in them, and therefore, the Slytherins may enjoy.  The villains may be sneaky and twisted and liars or horrible, or maybe the main character is an ambitious, self-promoting prat.  OR BOTH.


Books with a Slytherin Villain from the Very Beginning

The Ban Beginning   Devil in the White City

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Count Olaf never tries very hard to pretend he’s a good person.  He wastes no time in making it very clear that he wants to be a rich and famous actor and at the moment, he’s just a famous actor (erm, according to him).  He will stop at NO ENDS to get the Baudelaire fortune and that seems like a very Slytherin thing to do.

Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

I’m gonna mix it up already and throw in a really good non-fiction book.  I think we can all agree that a serial killer would probably land in Slytherin.  No offense to Slytherins, but well, he’s not going to be a Hufflepuff, is he?


Books with Characters that Seem Nice and Definitely End Up as Slytherins

daughteroftheburningcity   The Red Queen   The Darkest Minds   The Amber Spyglass   Eldest

In order to avoid SPOILERS! I’m just going to list these books without good reasons attached.  Seemingly good guys actually being bad is an AWESOME twist.  Even when it makes me want to throw things out windows.

I am Lord Voldemort reveal letters chamber of secrets

Books with Ambitious Slytherin Characters

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory   Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy   The Laughing Corpse

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Elizabeth Woodville starts off sweet, but as her position becomes more and more precarious, she turns to the dark history of her family to save herself, her husband, her sons and daughters.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Zaphod Beeblebrox is president of the galaxy and probably ought not be.  He’s selfish, arrogant, and a thief.  He also makes an incredible fun but definitely Slytherin character to read.  If you’ve never read this before, you can check out my review of the whole trilogy.

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

Another serial killer, but this one on the side of good.  Edward is a bounty hunter and Anita Blake never really knows if he’s around to kill her or ask for her help.  He appears multiple times throughout the series, but this is his introduction.

a very potter musical Draco Malfoy pride

Well, that’s it my perfect pixies!

Don’t forget to check out the other lists on the linkups and tell me – what other books would you recommend for Slytherins based on a Slytherin character?




Malfoy run away Harry Potter Lucius mic drop out*

*Haha, sorry, couldn’t resist.


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30 responses to “Ten Book Recommendations for Slytherins – #TTT

  1. Hey, no shame in representing in your secondary house. I also take full pride as a Ravenclaw, but I show off my Hufflepuff side from time to time as well 🙂

        • Well, not most of us anyway! I suppose there are some people that are solid and true Hufflepuffs (for example) but I definitely had this issue with the Hogwarts houses and with Ilvermorny as well. I was put in Wampus, which is all about physical prowess and warriors… which is not me? I am the laziest beast on earth.

  2. Ahhh I’m a Ravenhuff buuut WOO for Slytherin representation! (Slytherin rep? Is that a thing? I’ll say it’s a thing.) These are such great book recommendations ahah, I haven’t read Daughter of the Burning City yet but I totally want to! Super excited now. 😆 Great list!!

    • IT IS NOW! *runs around chanting Slytherin REPRESENT!!!!”

      There seems to be a lot of Ravenhuffs… I’m starting to feel outnumbered. *hides behind wall of books and trickery*.

      DotBC was WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL. I really liked it. My only criticism is that you REALLY hit the ground running, but then it gobbles up your soul, so it’s cool.

  3. Excellent choices! I completely agree that Slytherins deserve a little more love…I’ve always had a soft spot for Draco, even when he’s a little turd-monger! And now I’ve added some new books to my MASSIVE TBR…

    *Stopping by from TTT 🙂

    • I’ve always liked Draco too and I’ve been listening to the series over with my husband and I can’t justify my love for him in ANY WAY. He is actually terrible! XD Still love him.

      Oooh, do tell me how you’ve liked the books you’ve added once you get to them. 😀

  4. The Red Queen and Eldest totally have slytherin characters! I am planning to read Daughter of the Burning City soon so hearing it has a slytherin character in it totally makes me want to read it sooner.

    • TBH, there is sort of TWO Slytherin characters in that one, but the one I am thinking of made me SO MAD. I spent a great deal of time demanding bad things happen to him. 😛 #NoSpoilers. I hope you like DotBC!

  5. hah I love all the gifs! What a fun idea! I was sorted in Slytherin first and then Hufflepuff, so I’m a Slytherpuff. 🙂 I tend to rep my Slytherin side more though.


  6. Zoe

    YES to Red Queen and The Darkest Minds – those are definitely two perfect books for Slytherins. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

    • In Darkest Minds, you sort of knew the whole time that the Slytherin character was Slytherin… and you didn’t want him to be, but MAN was he HORRIBLE. Thanks for dropping in, Zoe! 🙂

  7. EEP I’m Gryffindor so maybe that’s why I didn’t like Red Queen (Now i have to go and check if my friends who liked it are slytherins bahahah)
    Also this is awesome! A Series of Unfortunate Events fits perfectly in here! And I totally can’t remember a thing of what happens in Eldest.
    I haven’t read the books in so long!

  8. I’m technically a Hufflepuff, but I still this is a pretty fabulous list! I still need to read Daughter of the Burning City but I’m even more excited about it now after seeing how you’ve categorized the main character.

  9. This reminds me that I really need to read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It also reminds me that I’ve started the Amber Spyglass some 10 years ago and have never finished it. Not because I lost interest, just… because. I’m a bit scattered, it happens. ^^;

    I’ll add some of those to my “want to read” list, thank you!

    • Isn’t EVERYONE’S TBR a mile high these days? XD. I thought mine was impressive, then I ran across someone last week with 1k+ books!!!!