THE WORST SUMMER READING EVER – or – “Dune”, My Memories

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Summer reading can be THE WORST.

Have you ever had a summer reading assignment for a class starting in the fall that you just HATED?

Okay, so most people don’t like being told which books they MUST read, but I’ve always been a reader and picked up a lot of books willingly.  Most my summer reading books (which, yes, I did do! #bibliophile) were okay books, ones that I don’t remember specifically.

There is one I DO remember.

What is this kid even doing?



But Dune shattered my dreams.

His eyes weren’t blue enough so they put a filter on them.  SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS BOOK IS SUPER INTO BLUE EYES.

My archnemesis.

I hated this book.


I thought it was boring and wordy and I didn’t really feel like writing a five page essay about the importance of spice to the people in this world and about blue eyes and it’s been ten years and I still remember my burning frustration for having to read this book.

And what really killed me was that EVERYONE ELSE in the class loved it.

Dune by Frank Herbert is considered a science fiction classic.  It’s apparently the world’s best-selling science fiction novel.  Half a million people on Goodreads think it is the bees knees.  I should probably love it but NOPE.  NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Well, I have lots of feelings about you, and they are not good.

I think I might have liked Jessica, but probably only for her name.  Gosh, did I find this book boring.  And I liked Roger Zelanzy, who wrote science fiction around the same time as Frank Herbert.


Are any of you working through summer reading right now?

Are you in love with it?  IS IT THE WORST THING EVER.

Oh goose, please tell me you do not have to read Dune.  My poor dragonmites!  If you are reading Dune, stop now, head over to the Goodreads page for the synopsis, then sneak over to SparkNotes.  I’VE GOT YOUR BACK.

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t fair.

I clearly have strong opinions about this book.  I have this weird thing where I like to read books I ENJOY and books that are in my genre.  Most books in my favorite genres I can read, and I can appreciate.  This was just… not… one of them.

The movie had Patrick Stewart, right?  So there’s that?


Speak to me, my lovelies.

Tell me all about your summer reading assignments.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Present and past.  I want to hear redeeming stories about assigned books!  I want to hear about books you wanted to drown in a vat of molten lava.

And if you want to read about properly good reading I had to do for school, you can check out this Top Ten Tuesday list….



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10 responses to “THE WORST SUMMER READING EVER – or – “Dune”, My Memories

  1. Em

    First of all: WHY DID I NOT HAVE THAT COURSE OPTION IN HS?!?!?!?! So jealous.
    But yeah. I had to read The Awakening by Kate Chopin for AP 11 English and it was honestly one of the worst books I’ve ever read. I hated everything about it. Even after we did all the analysis and stuff that usually makes me at least *appreciate* literature books, I still hated it.

  2. Omg they should offer that course in every high school??? But like…with modern fantasy novels like Nevernight and A Darker Shade of Magic. THAT WOULD BE A CLASS PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKED. I actually often finding myself disliking these ‘classic’ fantasy or sifi novels. I feel like maybe it’s just too old for us?!?!? Or we are just weird. WHO CAN KNOW.

    • Our “modern” books were FEED by M.T. Anderson and THE COLOR OF MAGIC by Terry Pratchett – not TOO old, but definitely not new. I think that using classics like Frankenstein and Dune (gah) is how they got the class approved! XD. The way classic sci-fi was written is much different than it is now, especially since we know more science things than we did 50-200 years ago. That, and a lot of books these days are fantasy! Not high fantasy a la LoTR, but definitely alternate worlds and magic and stabbing.

  3. I actually had a positive experience with summer reading this week among horrible experiences for the other three books I’ve read (for Honors English 2 we have to read 5. FIVE!) I had to read the Four Agreements and I actually really enjoyed the book and I’m excited to write the essay about it. However I also had to read The Alchemist, Man’s Search for Meaning and King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table and let me tell you, I hated those. But I have one more to go so fingers crossed!

  4. Okay, that class sounds amazing! Except that the books are old, which is too bad! I’ve never heard of Dune. My problem with a lot of classic fantasy/scifi books is that sometimes they’re written in a specific style, like how 1984 and Farenheit 451 are written in the same style.
    Awesome post! Also, I have to admit I clicked on this mostly because it had a picture of James Mcavoy. 😀

    • Ray Bradbury and George Orwell do have a specific style of writing common in the era – although I’m sure 40 years from now people will read Leigh Bardugo and V.E. Schwab and dislike their writing style because it feels dated as well. And so the wheel turns. 🙂

      Happy I could provide your daily dose of Mcavoy. 😉