I’m Trying Aesthetic Boards Because Why Not?

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I’ve noted that a lot of the writerly blogpeople I follow like to make aesthetic boards on Pinterest to inspire their souls.  I have NEVER tried this before, but the conscensus seems to be that it’s the BEES KNEES. So I’m pretty good and stuck on The Land of Dark and Broken Things so I figured – HEY, WHY NOT?


In short – The Land of Dark and Broken Things

It evolved from ‘Tweens (which is now a quartet because remember that old plot? Gone).  There’s a four-part world of imagination that is rotting and becoming corrupted as its source (human imagination) is cut off.  In a desperate attempt, the world ITSELF snatches Lucy, an eight-year-old girl with a wild imagination to save it.

Of course, worlds don’t talk typically, so all Lucy knows is that she wakes up in a haunted forest and a wolf tries to eat her.  YAY GOOD TIMES.

This first book involves the battle for Lucy’s assistance, a Djinn named George (or Georj – undecided), Rumplestiltzkin causing trouble, and Lulu’s older brother riding out with small band of fairytale knights to rescue her from Fairytale Forest.

He’s a good brother.

(I hate writing summaries.)

30 rock liz lemon yay

I made FIVE aesthetic boards.

I’m sort of a Go Big Or Go Home person.  Why try out ONE when there could be five?  I could probably have done more but you know… work.

I made two “setting” boards – there are four main areas that Lulu and her companions touch on in TLoDaBT.

  1. Fairytale Forest
  2. Oz
  3. Wonderland
  4. The Unclaimed Lands

The Unclaimed lands are sort of in-between-ish and are cluttered with unexciting tidbits of discarded imagination.  The others, more or less, speak for themselves.  ONLY THIS IS MODERN DAY AND THERE IS NO MAD HATTER OR GLINDA THERE IS ONLY ZUUL.

zuul ghostbusters rawr

There is not really Zuul.


Setting Boards

I made boards for Fairytale Forest and Oz but only Oz because fabulous pictures of this abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in South Carolina kept popping up?  That is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

So I’m on WordPress and apparently WordPress and Useful Scripts are at war, so I’ll just throw pictures here.

Fairytale Forest

I really expected there to be most creepy looking gingerbread houses than I found… mostly I just found legit gingerbread house with frosting and gumdrops and the like.  Yummy, but not helpful.


All those yellow brick road pictures are from the aforementioned theme park.  Aren’t they nifty?  I kind of want to go see it, but at the same time, South Carolina is FAR from me and I want to go other places more?  But if I end up in SC, I’ll definitely be visiting.  I have this thing for abandoned theme parks….

Character Boards

I started stumbling upon useful images for the three voices in the book as well: Lucy, Olive, and Delusia.

I found these more exciting, and also not because there are so many different people gahhh AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE DOING CHARACTER AESTHETIC BOARDS?

I did it anyway.

So first we have Lucy.

Eight-years-old.  Dreamy and observant.  SO MUCH ATTITUDE but absolutely lovable (because of course).

Often seen with a random animal (often horse or raven) which is actually George/Georj, her loyal Djinn companion and friend.

Then, there’s Delusia, the villain of this tale.

Daughter of Ozma.  Sister of Verity.  Totally selfish and angry.

Traded bits of her soul here and there for magick tricks and it shows in her, erm, WINNING PERSONALITY.

And my favorite, Olive.

Olive is fun.

She was created accidentally.  All the best characters are.

She’s sharp, witty, and pulling more of the strings than she lets on.

I am particularly proud of the Anne Bonny pictures because that is 3000% Olive and I didn’t even seek it on purpose.  YAY.

For this month’s Beautiful People, I actually did a post about Olive, so if you want to know more about here, you can check it out here.

So.  Clearly these are baby aesthetic boards and I need some guidance.

Do you make aesthetic boards for your WIP?  How do you go about it?  What inspires you?  Leave me your favorites in the comments!

Also tips and hints and tricks.  I’m not feeling particularly inspired, just frustrated that I think I’m doing it wrong.

Send help.


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11 responses to “I’m Trying Aesthetic Boards Because Why Not?

  1. Em

    This is so cool! I’ve never tried to make an aesthetic board, but I love looking at the ones other people make!! Yours are really cool! But I have to say, I totally got a temple run vibe from the Oz one (not a bad thing though)!!

    • Aw, you’re sweet, thanks! I wasn’t feeling very good about them! I didn’t feel inspired and still don’t haha! Once I get a perfect first line I’ll do better. 😀

  2. Ahhh aesthetic boards are great!! I’ve made a few before for past projects (which ultimately didn’t go anywhere, oh well) and they’re so much fun haha. Mostly I’m in love with Pinterest but shhh details. Your boards look so great!! The Fairytale Forest looks so cool and Olive sounds lovely ahah. <3

    • Amber

      Thanks! I like them and I feel like they come off better when I write them but yup I LOVE Olive. I wrote a chapter in Lucy’s POV this morning, and it was very much: “NOPE. I’M READY FOR OLIVE NOW.” 😛