“If you wanted to play with fire, milady, you could have simply asked me for a kiss or three.” – #ThursdayQuotables

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I haven’t done this meme for a while (I’m not even sure if it’s still properly active?) but I am reading the third book in a trilogy that is SERIOUSLY under appreciated.  Don’t believe me?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of the Théâtre Illuminata.


The first book in this trilogy came out in 2009.  It’s about a girl named Beatrice Shakespeare who was raised by a theatre company and is friends with classic characters from Shakespeare and other plays of the time.  This trilogy is FILLED with puns, witty banter, and just plain cleverness and ought to be appreciated.  Really guys, the faeries quotes are the best.

Eyes Like Stars   Perchance to Dream   So Silver Bright

Please take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous cover art.  I know I do.

I’ve been pitching it to Cait @ PaperFury for weeks because there is so much cake-mentioning it’s almost like she shadow wrote it.

I’ve had this trilogy for YEARS and only now started reading the last book.  Honestly?  It’s like coming home to an old friend.  No re-reads necessary, I fell right back into the story.

I’m only a few chapters in* to So Silver Bright, but I want to share some of the quotes so far because they are hilarious, smart, and fun.

*Probably by the time this posts, I will be finished with this book and on to something else, BUT WE WON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW.

Mustardseed grinned at Bertie. “I was never any good at geometry, but you’re stuck in a triangle, aren’t you?”

“You’re missing the point! … We could make it rain cupcakes from the sky! Raspberry-jam pies would grow on trees, and chocolate rabbits would poop chocolate buttons!”

“A cupcake temple?’ Her chest still tight with anxiety, Bertie forced herself to imagine it: bricks of pound cake mortared with buttercream and chocolate ganache, torches like striped birthday candles set into the walls, pilgrims upon the Path of Delectable Righteousness delivering daily tributes of almond paste and raspberry filling. . . .

“I have flown and fallen, and I have swum deep and drowned, but there should be more to love than ‘I survived it.’ “

“And what are six people in love?” Cobweb demanded. Mustardseed thought it over for a moment. “Manslaughter, I suppose.”

“Shh,” Cobweb said with a well-time jab of the elbow, “we might be able to get some dignity out of this, if we play our cards right.”

Bertie didn’t like the idea that there were stories without words; words were unpredictable enough.

Obviously, the faeries are the best.

If you haven’t read this trilogy, I really, really recommend it.  It is a light read, fun and silly with a small love triangle and a lovely protagonists that makes her stories real by writing them down.

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5 responses to ““If you wanted to play with fire, milady, you could have simply asked me for a kiss or three.” – #ThursdayQuotables

  1. *raises hand* I actually had this book, started it, put it down for some odd reason, and then I passed it on to my other friend…who passed it on to my other friend. So we all failed with this book. I do like the quotes that you put up there. I might have missed out. Wonderful post! 🙂

    • This PARTICULAR books was not strong in the trilogy. The first two books were good – this was a 3-star. But the faeries and their dialogue are PRECIOUS. <3 I gave you the best bits here. 😉

  2. Such fun quotes — and adorable covers! Yes, Thursday Quotables is still active — but I took a little break for summer, so TQ has been kind of resting. 🙂 It’ll be back soon!