August OwlCrate Unboxing! – SPOILERS! – Something Wicked This Way Comes!

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As soon as I saw the theme for the August OwlCrate, I knew I had to have it.  “Something Wicked This Way Comes”? Sign me UP!  Then it was announced there would be TWO books in this box and my heart melted.  I was SO SO SO excited for this box to arrive, and it did not disappoint!

There’s nothing quite like coming home to an OwlCrate box sitting on your front step.  On the day mine arrived, I was having a particularly bad day, so I was THRILLED to see it there.  I should also warn you, before we even get started, that Lady Elizabeth did not partake in this unboxing, as she was tragically locked out of the room.  I’m a monster, I know.

Am I the only one who gets SUPER relieved when she sees the box travelled well and isn’t smashed to pieces?  QUICK ASIDE.  I once had a book box with a lovely mug included that got smashed because the box was squished.  Most sad.

POE-ka Dot Socks

The first item in the box is a pair of clever, funny POE-ka Dot socks.  These feature the ever-grumpy visage of Edgar Allan Poe and are sure to have you reciting “Annabel Lee” in no time.  These funny socks come from Out of Print Clothing and if you missed the box, FEAR NOT.  You can still buy them here.

Dark Arts Roast

Enjoy torturing Muggles while you sip your morning brew?  If so, this coffee is just for you!  Happenstance Coffee has brewed up a Dark Arts Coffee, which they sell right online as well.  Our version has Nagini, but the FULL version also features Severus Snape and advertises as “Defense Against Mornings”!  I’m a tea drinker, so I don’t have an opinion on the flavor of this coffee, but I can appreciate their advertising slogans.

Fountain Pen

My personal favorite item in this box?  Ooly‘s fountain pen.  I’m a sucker for interesting pens and I’ve never bought a fountain pen because I could never justify the need. HAHA NOW I HAVE ONE.  It seems deliciously perfect for writing melodramatic poetry and plotting world domination – I’m down.  Ooly calls these pens “Splendid”.  Sounds about right.  If you MUST have one of these, or seventy, you can order them from Ooly’s website.

Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Okay, maybe THIS was my favorite extra item in the box.  Don’t you LOVE this cover art?  Rock Paper Books does a fantastic job creating cover art for their classics.  I was also EXTRA thrilled because I have most the classics on their websites, but this was one of the few I didn’t have!  I do, however, have an excellent version of Sleepy Hollow Audible gave away a few years ago read by Tom Mison (he played Ichabod in the television show) and it’s perfection.

This cover of Sleepy Hollow was exclusive to OwlCrate subscribers, but you can get their alternate cover here.

Little Goodies

Sometime the small stuff in these boxes can be the best of it.  Of course, we have the OwlCrate monthly pin.  This month it’s an Owl flying spookily in front of the moon; my favorite of their pins so far.  We also have another little pin in a baggie… curious… whatever could this be about? 🙂 (It’s related to this month’s book).

The pretty vinyl sticker inspired by The Savage Song comes from Evie Bookish.  While I don’t see this particular design on her shop (OWLCRATE EXCLUSIVE WOO) I’ve actually purchased from her designs before and didn’t put two and two together until writing this post!  We have one of those giant floor pillows and my cats love it and fight over it.  I recommend her artwork, she’s GORGEOUS.

Every OwlCrate includes a bookmark and this month’s is inspired by Six of Crows and was designed by Treehouse of Books.  I can’t find these guys online to link back to them, but the design is really pretty.  Someone shoot me a link to their shop, if you’ve got one!

Finally, we have the SNEAK PEAK for September’s box!  MYTHICAL CREATURES!  The folks at OwlCrate keep hinting about dragons.

The Book of the Month!

This month’s book is The Hearts We Sold by Emily Llyod-Jones and it includes all the usual fixings.  I REALLY like the alternate cover on this one.  It’s a little thing, but they’ve inverted the white and red in the embroidered text in the title and the red looks so much more MENACING.  This book was on my TBR before the box arrived, so I’m thrilled to have it.  It looks like it’s about demons and regret and probably a bit of love, too, because this is YA.

So that’s it!  All the goodies set all in a row, and no meddling kitten to eat the paper bits.  She came in looking for it as soon as she could, but I’m too clever for her now and I had it all cleaned up.  Seriously, though, the girl has so many toys.  PLAY WITH THEM.

If you haven’t ordered your September OwlCrate box yet, head on over to their website!  The September box closes in about 16 days.  I’m not a rep *sniff* so I’m sorry I don’t have a coupon code for you!  I know Cait @ Paperfury does, though!  I think it’s CAIT10?  Check out her blog – I might be wrong.  Mine just renewed, and they’re giving away a fancy book sock I guess in the next box?  I don’t know – everyone is really excited about it!  All I want are candles, dammit.

If you like this box and are woefully regretting not having it, keep an eye on the website, because they often sell leftover boxes!

Random plug for OwlCrate/Frostbeard Candles… I was just rifling through their shop and they have the ‘Reading at the Cafe’ Chocolate Scented Mini Candle on sale right now.  It’s a mini one, $3.99.  I actually bought a full-size of this a while back and it smells AMAZING.  Highly recommend.  I love Frostbeard Candles… I have like 10 of them.


Speak to me, my lovelies!

Do you subscribe to OwlCrate?  What do you think about the August OwlCrate box?  Do you plan to read The Hearts We Sold?  Spill your secrets. <3


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3 responses to “August OwlCrate Unboxing! – SPOILERS! – Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    • Amber

      Hi Abbey! The OwlCrate boxes are @$29.99 + shipping… but all the reps have discount coupons so with a little Googling you can usually find one and save about 10% on your first box. I’ve always been really happy with them and have only paused when I didn’t have the extra funds. I REALLY recommend them – they do a great job curating!