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This week’s Book Blogger Hop question is the silliest ever.

Are you ready?  The silliness of it will blow your mind.  Put on your anti-mind-blowing helmet for extra protection.

Have you ever bought a book because you liked its cover art?


I’m just going to wait here a moment while everyone in the room raises their hand.

This one was added by the host of the hop, Billy @ Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  I’m being a little mean about it, but honestly?  Have you ever met a reader who hasn’t said, at least once, “Yeah, I really liked the cover so I thought I’d give it a go”?  NO.  NO YOU HAVEN’T.

Covers are the #1 trick in the book marketing biz

There’s a reason why there are so many different covers on different editions of books.  We’re a visual people and we like pretty things.

As for me, I grab books by their cover art all the time.  They pop up on Goodreads as “You just finished The Handmaid’s Tale!  Here are some other books you might like!” and I’m just like “Yup, okay, all of them.”

As for buying the book, though?  I’m SO GUILTY about this at liquidation sales and the like.

When Borders went out of business here, I spent all my extra pennies from a MONTH of paychecks buying whatever books were decently priced.  I was a college student at time and living at home, so my bills were fairly minimal.  A lot of those books, I still have.  I read them and ended up loving them.  Eyes Like Stars comes to mind and I will advocate for the beauty of that cover until the end of time.  I also picked up An Abundance of Katherines for the cover (although I’d heard I ought to try John Green), and The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud.  All of these books I loved, so impulse cover buys might not always be a bad thing!


Speak to me, my lovelies!

How many books have your bought based on the cover alone?  Did you like them?  Have you learned your lesson?  Share your secrets. <3


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29 responses to “Cover Buys, ARE YOU A VICTIM?

  1. I am an absolute sucker for a beautiful cover. It’s a bit embarrassing really lol. I bought Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman the week it came out because I loved the cover so much…… still haven’t read it though. I’m an awful human 😂

    • Amber

      SO MANY of us readers are! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a good cover will hook us in a second! Unfortunately, a lot of covers aren’t good representation of what is actually in the book… so it can be a bit misleading….

      The Vengeance Road cover is TO DIE FOR. I don’t blame you in the least!

  2. I HAVE BOUGHT & REQUESTED BOOKS ON NETGALLEY just because of their pretty covers AND their pretty blurbs! I admit that I have regretted doing so many times, but there are also times where I find myself surprised because the book ends up BETTER THAN EXPECTED so I’m not that hard on myself about it, haha. I just…it’s impossible not to check out books because of their pretty and intriguing covers!

    • Amber

      I’d say the regret to delight ratio is about 10:1, but you’re right! Sometimes we do get lucky! Do you remember any of the ones that were really pretty and you ended up LOVING?

  3. I can strongly and passionately attest to this. I have, on multiple occasions, been PERSONALLY VICTIMIZED by gorgeous cover that just called out to me. It was like all those books were whispering my name. :”) I gave in, as usual, but my wallet is NOT thanking me. :””)

  4. OH I LOVE COVERS! I do admit, I do sometimes buy books just because of their covers. Ink by Alice Broadway is an example and SADLY THE COVER LIED. the beautiful cover promised an AMAZING BOOK but guess what? It was very ‘meh’ and not as engaging as I would have liked *sigh* the downsides to aesthetic.

    However for bloggers who have bookstagram (not me then!) covers can also be really useful for them. Cover changes are quite annoying but I do think that a book having a nice cover is kind of VERY IMPIRTANT these days!

    • Amber

      VERY VERY TRUE. But then a pretty cover is all in the eye of the beholder? There used to be a lot of YA covers where EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. was a pretty girl in a pretty dress. And at first they were AMAZING. And then they all started to look alike. Which was a bummer? Now everything is quite testy which I PERSONALLY like, but sometimes I also miss the pretty illustrations on the covers.

  5. It’s like the pretty color is a magnet and the other magnet is attached to my finger. I see the pretty cover, make sure it’s in my genre (don’t wanna end up with a slasher-type if you want mushy romance lol) and by this point my finger is already migrating to the Buy Now button. And sometimes it’s like…oops, did you not want that? Oh well, pretty cover! Lol

  6. Unless I heard good things about a book with an ugly/okay cover, I probably won’t pick it up, though if I know there’s an edition out there with a pretty cover? I won’t buy the ugly/okay-ish one. I mean, I don’t have a money tree in my backyard (I don’t even have a backyard lol) so if I’m going to spend money on a book, I think it’s okay if you’re spending it on a pretty one. Though I never buy a book solely for it’s cover, if the summary sounds meh I won’t buy it. Though I still get lured in by pretty covers a lot lol

    • Amber

      I think the only covers I would buy are on classics? For some reason, it’s like gorgeous covers are illegal on those, and with some of them, your options are pretty limited as to what you can find second-hand. I’m STILL looking for a nicer hardcover version of Gone with the Wind that isn’t all messed up inside? Because that happens too with classics or self-published books… the interior formatting is all weird?

    • Amber

      Oh, I don’t know. I still get wary with a bad cover. Although there’s a difference between a not-appealing-to-me cover (which I forgive) and a just-plain-sloppy cover (which I don’t).

        • Amber

          EXACTLY. Photoshop is fun for WIP, but by the time it’s on the shelves it should look professional. It also makes me cringe when I can Photoshop a better looking cover just as a light hobbyist………

          • Amber

            Like I’m not that good… it’s more the ones that use Arial font and no images. or in a box in the middle… I’m sort of at the point where I can tell IMMEDIATELY from the cover if it’s a self-published (and therefore poorly formatted) book just by the lack of professionalism.

  7. Danielle Pitter

    Yeah and I’m friends with a lot of self pub authors who do put their time, effort and money into finding good covers for their stories. But there are so many out there that are just plain BAD!! 😅😂

    • Amber

      True, there are a lot of pretty ones. The one I’m reading now, THE INFINITE NOW… I love that cover, and it’s a small press. Also A PLACE BEYOND THE MAP had a nice, appropriate cover and that was self-pubbed. 🙂 STORYKILLER had a great one and the book was ALMOST awesome… I think it really lines up with the quality of book… the better self-pubbed books really do have nicer covers.

  8. Danielle Pitter

    Yeah that’s true, very true! Tonya Kuper’s ANOMALY series has some pretty covers. She’s promoted by Entangled Teen, her label, but I still consider her indie because not a lot of people know about her.