Anna Dressed In Blood // MYOBB #2

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Last week, I posted a Make-Your-Own Book Box using the Ravenclaw edition of Sorcerer’s Stone.  Based on the fact that people like book boxes, I’m going to try to post one of these boxes a week so that WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES there are lots of good ideas out there about books that people like.

For this week’s book, I’ve selected the popular Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake as the featured book.

Anna Dressed in Blood Box

A Ghost Story Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

Harry Potter was an easy fandom to use.  Anna Dressed in Blood is a little more difficult, given that there’s not a movie and million products about it.  If you search “Anna Dressed in Blood” on Etsy or Society6, you don’t get much (read: anything).  So I had to get creative.  Ready?

The Book

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

I’ve made it fairly clear that I was not a huge fan of this book?  However, I felt an Anna Dressed in Blood box would be a good idea given how many people enjoy it.  AND HALLOWEEN IS COMING.  In a couple months.  SO IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK… forward this blog post to your mother/husband/children/dog and make sure they get on top of this.

You’ve got to include the book in the box and I recommend the hardcover version from IndieBound, because it’s better to support local bookstores if you can.




The Bling

Blood-Drop Glass Necklace

Anna is her most terrifying when she is hovering over you, her white dress dripping rivers of blood.  That’s why they call her “Anna Dressed in Blood”.  The Anna Dressed in Blood box has to include something that looks like dripping blood, and I thought this subtle glass pendant was perfect.


The Bookmark

Ghostbusters-Themed Magnetic Bookmarks

Even though Cas originally insists that he is NOT a Ghostbuster, he eventually gives in and even starts referring to himself that way… in his head, or course.  Ghostbusters-themed bookmarks are the PERFECT companions to this book, just in case you need a little help with a ghost.  Hopefully not Slimer!

These adorable bookmarks are made by Paperly & Co., and if you contact them because you want a DIFFERENT Ghostbuster… they might even be able to accommodate that.

The Companion

Black Cat Stuffed Animal

This fluffy friend reminds me of Tybalt, Cas’ loyal cat.  WE WILL NOT SPEAK OF WHAT BECAME OF HIM.  This little Tybalt is happy and alive and can protect you in unknown, stuffed-animal ways.  Plus isn’t it just nice to have something or someone to cuddle when you’re reading horror? 100% necessary.

This adorable fluff ball is made by Douglas Cuddle Toys.  They used to have an HQ near where I live, so I’m partial to this stuffed animal company.  Their products are well made, soft, and too cute.  I love them and advise much cuddles.



The Mood Lighting

“Ghost Stories” Candle

It is a universal understanding that ghost stories are best told by firelight.  Unless you are camping in front of a glorious campfire or have one of those MAGNIFICENT fireplaces, a candle will have to do.  It will help by casting eerie shadows everywhere and freaking you out when you least expect it.

The candle I would recommend for the Anna Dressed in Blood box is the “Ghost Stories” candle from Once Upon a Yeti on Etsy.  It promises to smell like campfires which will double the illusion of telling ghost stories with your friends while roughing it under the stars.  Remember, if you smell sulfur that means REAL GHOST and get some salt. #supernaturalgeek

The Family Business

Wayward Sons T-Shirt

“Hunting things, saving people – you know, the family business.”


This book had “Made for Fans of Supernatural” written all over it.  It would be remiss not to include something that points to the Winchester Boys in this box!  I went with the Wayward Sons t-shirt design on TeePublic.  What I love about TeePublic is that the artists get decent commission and the options for designs are endless.  This particular design by Whitebison is perfect on a white shirt – it’s the brothers, but with the Anna vibe.  This artist has a lot of good designs but I LOVE the Pokemon ones.

Fan of Anna Dressed in Blood and haven’t watched Supernatural?  Get on top of that, you’ll like it.

Speak to me, my lovelies!

Are you an Anna Dressed in Blood fan?  What other items would you include?  What book would you like to see next?  Share you secrets. <3

Don’t forget to vote in the poll at the bottom of my sidebar for upcoming book boxes!

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6 responses to “Anna Dressed In Blood // MYOBB #2

  1. This is such a cool idea! I’m definitely gonna have to try this sometime (I’ll probably only make it for me but that’s ok) and I love this box, although I’ve never actually read Anna Dressed in Blood. Anyways, I love this box and I’m definitely gonna make myself one!

    • Amber

      Aw, I’m glad you like it! I did a Ravenclaw one last week, and I’m doing an Ella Enchanted one next week. These are loads of fun to put together, and it’s justice for the lovely books that didn’t get their own subscription box! 🙂