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Ladies and gentlemen, THE VOTE IS IN.

Make-Your-Own Book Box #3 is ELLA ENCHANTED!  I’m really excited to put this one together – as a fairytale, Ella Enchanted has a lot of really fun ideas to put in the box AND this one is appropriate for younger readers as well! (Although maybe less glass and more plastic?).


The Ella Enchanted Box includes a copy of the book, a necklace, a trinket, some bath bombs, and more!  I hope you guys like it!  Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and vote for the featured book two weeks from today!

Ella Enchanted Box

A Cinderella Story Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

The Book

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Ella Enchanted is the story of a girl who was given a terrible gift at birth… the gift of OBEDIENCE.  Anything she is told to do, she MUST, otherwise she gets very sick.  Ella would do anything to break this curse, but she doesn’t know how!  Armed with a few fairy items, her cleverness, and her determination to be free, Ella sets off on an adventure to find the fairy that gave her this gift and to escape this curse.

I suggest the cover shown here because it’s my favorite one.  We see Ella, with her knowing, mischievous smile.  The book she carries is a magic book she is given in the story.  Behind her we see Charmont’s castle.  You can grab this book from The Book Depository and have it shipped anywhere in the world!


The Bling

Ella’s Mother’s Necklace

One of the two gifts that Mandy gives Ella when she is going off to finishing school is a beautiful necklace that used to belong to Ella’s mother.  This necklace is very precious to Ella and she wouldn’t misplace it or give it away for ANYTHING. … Except, of course, the horrible curse that forces her to.

This particular necklace is made with sterling silver and contains a blue topaz crystal in the center.  It comes with your choice of chain-length and is sold by ShootingStarBeads on Etsy.

The Bookmark

Disney’s Cinderella Bookmark

Since Ella Enchanted is a Cinderella story, it seems only fair that some of Disney’s Cinderella makes it into this box!

This bookmark features a sketch drawing of Cinderella with a multi-shade blue theme that I am really digging.  Plus, it comes with a tassel which is awesome if you’re like me and tend to lose your bookmark INSIDE of books.

You can grab this bookmark from Hollyvanderswands – and check out the rest of her shop!  She’s got loads of cool, bookish things INCLUDING her own Game of Thrones box!  Too cool!

The Companion

Glass Centaur Figurine

Near the middle of the book, Ella is visiting the Elves and they give her a remarkable centaur figurine that reminds her of the centaur, Apple, that Charmont gave her after she left for finishing school.  The figurine shows exquisite craftsmanship and almost appears alive as Ella regards it.  This little figurine is one of her most treasured possessions.

This particular item is handblown glass and sold by the Glass Symphony Family Workshop out of the Ukraine.  However, if you were making this box for a younger person, I’d suggest subbing this item out for a the Safari Plastic Toy Centaur instead.

The Mood Lighting

“Lunar Fairytales” Soy Candle

I’m a HUGE fan of getting candles in subscription boxes, so it’s pretty likely one will always be featured here.  This GORGEOUS bright blue candle is made completely of soy, which means it will be fragrant and burn cleanly… soy candles are THE BEST.  To tell you what it smells like, I’m going to quote the seller, because they put it so eloquently.

“A captivating floriental accord opening with vibrant top notes of kumquat, green apple and bergamot enwrapped in a whimsical floral heart of jasmine, white lily, magnolia and violet. All this is nestled amidst a sweet fond of precious woods, amber, powdery vanilla and sheer musk.”

So, basically guys, this candle smells like a fantasy dreamland, okay?  Somewhere magical.  Since Ella Enchanted is brimming with small magic, I think this is a perfect fit.  The candle itself was inspired by Cinder by Marissa Meyer and you can grab it over at Quacker Candle.  BY THE WAY.  For bookish candles?  This shop is AMAZING.  I just bought the Autumn Sampler while I was writing this post because there was a Cinnamon Roll candle?  Um, yes?

Something Practical

Glass Slipper Keychain

As in any Cinderella story, the glass slipper is HUGELY important in Ella Enchanted.  Right down to the wicked stepsisters insisting that it’s their shoe and REALLY it just fit YESTERDAY!  Of course, the shoe fits Ella, because this is a Cinderella story and we knew how it was going to end.

This keychain has it all – a magic wand to represent Lucinda and Mandy, the pumpkin that turns into a coach, and of course, the famous glass slipper.  All the charm of Cinderella, and something to put your house key on as well!  This fun piece is made by Fripparie.

Something Just For You

Cinderella Mini Bath Bombs

I bet that Ella would give ANYTHING to be able to relax in a hot bath after a long day in the kitchens working as a scullery maid.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have that luxury, until the very end (and goodness knows, after all that, a long, luxurious hot bath was probably just what the girl needed).  I think that Ella would have 100% approved of these mini bath bombs.

These are homemade, scented with essential oils, and they do not include any chemical or unnatural products.  Each one smells a little different, depending on your mood.  My personal favorite is The Glass Slipper, which is not only FILLED with glitter, but smells like vanilla and peppermint, two of my favorite aromas.

These bath bombs are made PixieDustGrotto, who also makes donut bath bombs?  Those are pretty cool.

Are you an Ella Enchanted fan?  What other items would you include?  What book would you like to see next? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, changes weekly! <3


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6 responses to “Ella Enchanted // MYOBB #3

    • Amber

      I did! It’s actually a lot of fun to piece these together – I really like looking through peoples’ Etsy shops and Society6 stores and whatnot finding related items (although sometimes I have to go retail when I have a very clear idea of what I want to include). I feel like so many great books came out before subscription boxes were a thing, and I think if I had someone in my life who’s as bookish as me, I’d definitely put something like this together for them – because it’s exactly the sort of gift basket I’d like to receive!

    • Amber

      I really, really LOVE the Anne Hathaway film, and it’s definitely charming and magical… but it’s a completely different story than the book! I hope you find you like them both. 🙂 I do!

    • Amber

      I’m glad you think so! I was hoping to make up something that would be a good “gift basket” idea too, because Christmas is just a couple months away and what bookworm DOESN’T want a bunch of bookish loot?