My Autumn TBR!

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I’m Making a Reading Plan.

Usually I’m not one to commit to books, since I’m a mood reader, but this week’s Top Ten Tuesday encouraged us all to talk about our autumn TBR, and heck… I can commit to 10 specific books over three months, right?  I mean, five of these I already know I’m going to be reading ASAP, so what’s so difficult about picking another five?  I CAN DO THIS.

Thank you to the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly meme.  They always have such great prompts and I really enjoy participating!

Without further ado….

Books I Have Coming

Most of these books are preorders, some just with new covers/collectors editions.  I won The Big Lie in a LibraryThing Early Reviewers giveaway and although it’s a re-release, I’m looking forward to reading this one!

Books I Already Own

Three of these books have been on my reading list for ages.  Two of them are OwlCrate box books that I’m been hearing about FOREVER *cough*ELIZAANDHERMONSTERS*cough* or am really interested in.  Either way, I hope to read these ones before it snows!

These are the books that your can look forward to seeing reviews on, going forward.  Please note that these are ALL hard copy books I own, so you’ll see different reviews for audiobooks and any eBooks I may receive in the meanwhile.  Plus any additional wins through EarlyReviewers.  EITHER WAY I’m looking forward to ALL of these and it should be a great autumn!


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24 responses to “My Autumn TBR!

    • Amber

      I am the same way! I love the surprise of the boxes and everything in them, and I’m usually thrilled about the books that come… but then I’m in the middle of another book, and then I forget about it, and look at my shelf WAIT I REMEMBER THIS BOOK. It took me 5 months to get to Caraval!

    • Amber

      Interesting! Contemporaries do seem to sing spring, don’t they? I don’t know why, but they’re usually winter books for me. I probably won’t get to Eliza until November, at least.

    • Amber

      I completely forgive you for not liking Pullman – his style can be clunky. I had to force my husband through the first four hours of The Golden Compass on audiobook before he started getting interested. There’s a definite hill to get over, even if you like that kind of book! 🙂

      Thanks kindly, I look forward to reading them. I’m actually in the middle of The Big Lie right now, and it’s really good!

    • Amber

      Autumn seems to be the best time for books (my opinion 🙂 ). I think it’s because it’s starting to get chilly and more people are spending time inside… either way, I’m not complaining!

  1. I love making lists like this, but know the chances are following it aren’t always the greatest. One can hope though! I really do want to read them all, after all.

    This is a great list! Schwab is an author I really want to read at some point. I’ve hear great thing about the series. I’ve only read the first book in the Thursday Next series and loved it. I need to read the rest of the series.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Reading!

    • Amber

      I adore Thursday Next, and I read about one book a year. It took me nearly ten years to read the first one after I discovered it! The good news about being behind is that Fforde has a bunch of books he seems to be working on, so I don’t have to wait in anticipation! 🙂

      I really need to read Schwab. When she announced her Collector’s edition on Twitter, I bit the bullet. I really hope I love it, goodness knows everyone else does!

  2. I’ve wanted to read Beautiful Creatures for years now. My older daughter read Shiver for school a couple years ago and fell in love with the series. Made me buy the next book just because (and she hates reading).

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    • Amber

      I remember watching the Beautiful Creatures movie ages ago, and while overall the movie was pretty MEH, there were bits and pieces of the dialogue that just HIT me. The book has been on my TBR ever since, with the knowledge that the book is usually better than the movie. 🙂

    • Amber

      Everybody seems to LOVE Eliza!

      That cover is the American version of her Collector’s Edition of A Darker Shade of Magic. I’ve not read any of her books, but between knowing the series is really well-loved, that beautiful cover, and the fact she’s signing all of them… I couldn’t help myself. 😀

    • Amber

      My husband and I listened to it early this year! I couldn’t believe it when I first found it… it’s been SO LONG. Then I did some research and learned he’s been writing it for a really, really, really long time. 🙂