Bloodlines // MYOBB #4

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This fourth box means I’ve done a MYOBB for a full month!  Yay, exciting!

This week’s poll was a little light, so remember to vote every week so I am giving you the book boxes you want to see.  This week?  We’re focusing on Bloodlines by Richelle Mead!

Bloodlines Box

A Vampire & Alchemy Story Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

The Book

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead is well known for her popular Vampire Academy series, but Bloodlines is the spinoff series so fans could get more vampires, more alchemists, and just generally more of the world she created.  Instead of following Rose, we’re following an alchemist, Sydney, as she navigates her precarious path between her beliefs and her responsibilities.

In this first book of this series, Sydney is charged with protecting Jill Dragomir, sister to the Moroi queen.  We get cameos from VA favorites, a fashion show, coffee runs, and even a little bit of magic.

This particular novel doesn’t have a lot of cover options.  The paperback and the hardcover are the same, even!  Nonetheless, it’s your traditional YA vampire cover, and I’m guessing we have Sydney and Adrian on the cover.  You can grab this book from The Book Depository and have it shipped anywhere in the world!

The Bling

Purple High Heels

Okay, so right off the bat I’m going to say that a lot of the gentlemen out there aren’t going to be particularly interested in this item, but there’s a decent amount of importance placed upon Jill’s opportunity to be a model, and the purple high heels lent to her to practice with stuck out in my mind!

For this box, I’m heading over to my personal favorite shoe shopping website and advising these adorable lavender heels made by Chinese Laundry.  DSW always has great sales so honestly, if you’re only here for the shoes, you’ll find a bargain.

The Bookmark

Quote Bookmark

I’m a sucker for quotation bookmarks.  I actually used to have my own quote bookmark shop on Etsy, and did okay for a while.  Then I lost access to my inexpensive production materials and the shop closed up, boo!  Fortunately, though, there are a lot more talented bookmark-makers out there than me.

This week’s featured bookmark comes from The Bookmark Library!  She had draws these bookmarks, and there are even cooler ones in her shop, but really?  I had to go with the Bloodlines quotes.  May I suggest “My God, Sage. Your eyes. How have I never noticed them?” for this box?  It’s one of Adrian’s better moments.

The Companion(ish)

Gold Temporary Tattoo

Tattoos play a major part in this book’s plot.    For the alchemists, there are special recipes in metallic inks that imbue the person being tattooed with certain abilities.  In the book, there are booze tattoos that give you “the perfect day” and steel tattoos that grant incredible athletic prowess.  The alchemists, however, are the only ones with gold tattoos.  These keep them from sharing the secrets of the alchemists, and give them some protection from strigoi and moroi.

While you can choose any temporary tattoo for this box, I particularly like the gold sun from FashionTats, a temporary tattoo company from California.  If gold gives you protection from vampires, the sun seems like an extra goodie.

The Mood Lighting

“Lestat de Lioncourt” Soy Candle

We can’t talk vampire books without at least a small salute to Anne Rice.  Her Vampire Chronicles are wonderful, and Lestat is the quintessential vampire (after Dracula, of course).

This candle is a more masculine aroma.  It smells like spices and musk with an edge of leather and citrus.  Definitely a manly candle – I think that Adrian would approve.  However, Get Fictional has lots of other options for vampire-esque candles if this scent is not for you!


Something Practical

“My Heart Belongs to a Fictional Character” Mug

Adrian is one of those characters that will make you drool.  He’s a moody vampire who paints and drinks and he wants to be better.  He’s super protective of Jill and in most way completely BAD boyfriend material, but you get a definite total hunk vibe from him.  So, really?  I wouldn’t blame you if you lost your heart.

This 12oz metal travel mug was designed by Bookworm Boutique and I’m sure even if it’s not true with Adrian, you’ve lost your heart to some fictional character along the way.  This fabulous mug will keep your beverage hot (or cold!) for hours.


Something Just For You

Decaf Moonlight Roast

I am a tea drinker through-and-through, but I hear there are lots of people out there who like coffee? Well, Sydney is one of them!  Aside from Adrian’s constant complaints about “healthy” foods, the food mentioned in this book is largely coffee.  Sydney needs coffee to function.  Micah works at the local coffee shop and once Sydney starts her elective course, Mrs. Terwilliger (her history teacher) insists upon coffee.  Including late night calls to deliver coffee.

So I’d say coffee is kind of important in this book?  It’s definitely the fuel the keeps the magic going!

For this box, I’ve chosen a a Moonlight Roast (because vampires).  This is a dessert coffee, so it goes GREAT with chocolate chip cookies.  Trailhead is a small roastery out of Portland, Oregon.


Are you an Bloodlines fan?  What other items would you include?  What book would you like to see next? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, changes weekly! <3

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2 responses to “Bloodlines // MYOBB #4

  1. Ali

    Love these “make your own box” posts. They’re so much fun! I love seeing the different stuff you put in them, and I always wish I could order the box myself!!

    • Amber

      I’m so glad you enjoy them! They’re a lot of fun to put together. If you ever have a specific book you want to see, and if I’ve read it (it’s hard to recommend products for a book I haven’t read!) I’ll add it to the poll! <3