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Happy Saturday, everyone!  I’m in a lovely mood today, even though the next week is going to be crazy busy!  My best friends are getting married in about a week and everything is coming together, really exciting!  This week I’ve done fun things like get a haircut, play with my cats (#favorite) and OMG DID YOU GUYS KNOW IT’S AUTUMN.  I had hot apple cider on my way home from work the other day and I was in heaven.

Saturdays mean another book box!  This week’s poll was a close one – Percy Jackson only won by one vote!  Make sure to scroll down and vote now before you forget!  This week’s poll reflects Book Box #7!

This box was loads of fun to put together because Percy Jackson is such a popular franchise – I had loads of options to choose from.  It was really difficult to narrow it down to my typical six items, there’s so much great Percy Jackson merch out there!  If you aren’t familiar with Percy Jackson (WHY?) you can check out my book review from earlier this year.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Box

A Greek Mythology Story Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

The Book

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Meet Percy Jackson, the impossible child with a terrible step-father and who keeps getting kicked out of schools.  Along with his best friend Grover, Percy manages a good enough existence.  Then his terrible teacher turns into a monster and tries to kill him and things get crazy.

At the risk of giving too much away about this book for those unfamiliar, Percy Jackson turns out to be the child of a Greek God.  Along with Annabelle (daughter of Athena) and Grover (who is actually a satyr: half man, half goat), Percy embarks on an epic journey across the country to retrieve Zeus’ stolen lightning and rescue his mother.

I really like the recently released covers for the Percy Jackson novels.  They’re incredibly epic. On this cover, we have a green and gold wash and you can see Percy standing on the head of Poseidon (or a statue of him, anyway).  This particular cover is themed with the rest of the books in this series, so if you like to keep things uniform, this paperback fits into the collection really well.   You can grab this book from The Book Depository and have it shipped anywhere in the world!

The Bling

Annabeth’s Camp Half-Blood Necklace

Every year at Camp Half-Blood, campers are given a painted bead representing the most incredible thing that has happened that summer.  Annabeth, who lives at Camp Half-Blood full time and has since she was little, has a lot of these beads, making her commemorative necklace pretty interesting.

You can find a lot of these necklaces through the creative markets, but I really like the detail and the hand-painted quality of this one made by Ange the Artist.


The Bookmark

Magnetic Character Bookmarks

These cute character magnetic bookmarks are popping up everywhere, and I think they are the cutest thing.  Obviously, you’d need Percy and the gang to help you keep your spot.

These bookmarks are made by Bonitismoland and you can get the set of three so you don’t have to pick between your favorite characters!  Personally, I really like Annabeth, Yankee’s cap and all (Go Sox!).

The Companion

Cerberus Squishable

Okay well first of all if you’re not familiar with Squishables, you’re really missing out.  These guys are big, goofy cuddly stuffed animals that can double as pillows or any squishy thing you need… but honestly, why bother when you can cuddle it?

Cerberus is definitely the best monster in this book.  Pro-tip – bring a red rubber ball if you’re heading on a visit to see Hades.  The right-most head is my favorite… too cute.


The Mood Lighting

“Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies” Soy Candle

Percy’s mother had an argument with his step father.  His step-father insisted there were no blue foods. Percy’s mom not only vehemently disagreed, but made it her own personal rebellion to dye as many foods as she could.  She brings Percy blue candy and, naturally, bakes blue chocolate chip cookies.

The first time Percy tries nectar, it tastes like blue chocolate chip cookies.

This candle smells exactly like you would expect, and is made by the lovely folks at In the Wick of Time.  If you get OwlCrate or FairyLoot, you’ve seen this brand before!

Something Practical

“Ocean Cabin and Sea Breezes” Soap

You know that smell when you step on to the ocean shore?  The sharp salty aroma, the fresh vastness of the ocean?  Now you can smell like that too!  Far preferable to smelling like rotten seaweed!

This bar of soap is made by Story Scentsations and made of natural products.  All reviews say that these folks’ soap is highly aromatic, so save it for a special occasion when you really want to smell like the sea.


Something Just For You

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Accessories Case

Okay look me in the eye and tell me this isn’t cool?

So while this bag is marketed as an accessories case, all you need to do is add straps and you have a seriously bookish purse.  Obviously for this box, I’ve chosen the Percy Jackson book, but this company has loads of other options for this product as well as computer cases.

This Percy Jackson bag/purse/whatever you want it to be is made by iSleeves and is an international product, so shipping takes a while.  Still, you have to drool a bit at how neat this is.


Are you a Percy Jackson fan?

What other items would you include?

What book would you like to see next? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, changes weekly! <3

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3 responses to “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief // MYOBB #5

    • Amber

      Oh, I hope it is helpful! 🙂

      I’ve only read the first book so far but I really liked it. My husband started reading them too… we missed them when we were younger so we’re catching up now! :P. It’s kind of fun to have a snarky male lead, considering how many snarky female leads there are right now!