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Happy Saturday everybody!

This weekend is crazy for me.  Yesterday I spent half the day at a rehearsal and dinner.  This morning, I’m getting my nails done because TOMORROW my best friend’s are getting married!  I think I bring this up at least once a week?  But it’s a big, exciting thing.  I have to be at the hairdresser’s at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  I volunteered for the early shift because I have really long hair… and because I’m the most local to the salon and I don’t have any younglings to wrangle in the morning.  I really, really hope the weather is good tomorrow….

This week’s book box is the throwbackiest of them all so far!  This week was a dead tie between Monstrous Beauty and Matilda… but I thought I’d go with a classic.  I’ve never met a person who said: “Matilda?  Yeah… that’s a stupid book.”  Because this is definitely a children’s book and one of the big books of MY childhood, I’m making this box really kid-friendly.

Matilda Box

A Sweet, Magical Story Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

The Book

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda Wormwood’s father thinks she’s a little scab. Matilda’s mother spends all afternoon playing bingo. And Matilda’s headmistress Miss Trunchbull? Well, she’s the worst of all. She is a big bully, who thinks all her pupils are rotten and locks them in the dreaded Chokey. As for Matilda, she’s an extraordinary little girl with a magical mind – and now she’s had enough. So all these grown-ups had better watch out, because Matilda is going to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.


This book is a staple in any book lover’s collection, especially those who have children and want to share this little story from their childhood.  I grew up on this one, and it’s a fun one to revisit as an adult, and it’s positively magical for kids.

This book is a classic and comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Any one will do, and while I’d encourage folks to visit their local book stores, this book is available on Book Depository and they

The Bling

Matilda Book Locket

This adorable little locket features one of the many covers of this book and it opens up like a book as well!  You can store pictures inside, or put in your favorite book quote, or anything at all!

Etsy store Childhood Pendants makes this locket, as well as many other book-themed ones.  The locket supports two photos and comes with an 18″ chain.

The Bookmark

Matilda Roald Dahl Quote Bookmark

This nice, wide bookmark features one of the nicest quotes from the book that resonates with a lot of people.  Books can be the best friends and companions that a youngling could have.  They never betray you, never change their minds, never say mean things about you behind your back… they can be a real comfort.

This bookmark is single sided and laminated, so it’s safe from water damage and will suffer less wear and tear over time.  Personally, I really prefer laminated bookmarks as my paper bookmarks get a little worn with use!  This bookmark is made by Lovely Bookish on Etsy.

The Companion

Princess Plush Doll Color Me Doodle It Stuffie

In the book, one of Matilda’s adventures includes retrieving her teacher’s Lissy Doll from the horrible Miss Trunchbull’s house!  This doll was very important to Miss Honey.  While a lot of children these days aren’t big into dolls, especially as they get a little older – colorables are ALWAYS fun.  This princess comes with two markers… but if you want something a bit less girly, the seller has a dragon, a pirate, and a bunch of other colorables.

These plush colorables are hand-stitched by Lillianna Marie Designs, who specialized in children’s toys and clothing.

The Mood Lighting

Mini LED Flashlight

When you’re climbing on roofs and rescuing treasured toys and whatnot, it’s absolutely important that you can see what you’re doing!  This little flashlight with show the way, and besides, the color rings on the outside glow!  So that’s pretty cool.  Every kids needs a flashlight, even if they do have magical telekinetic powers.

Any flashlight will do for this box, but these ones can be purchased on Amazon.


Something Practical

Lindt Chocolate Truffles

Another horrible thing that Miss Trunchbull denies Miss Honey?  Chocolates!  Every night she used to have one with her dad, but not since her aunt took everything over!  While chocolate may not be the most practical item… some days you just need chocolate.

I am a huge fan of Lindt and I think their truffles are AMAZING so obviously I’m going to recommend them.  You can get these online, or even somewhere as simple as the grocery store.


Something Just For You

Matilda Movie

I will almost never recommend a movie with a book, and almost never include one in a book box.  In fact, I can nearly promise you this will never happen again.  But this movie is excellent.  From Mara Wilson to Danny DeVito… it’s a must see.  I would recommend indulging in your truffles and perhaps some popcorn and setting this up for a family movie night.  Because even though it’s a film about a children’s book, it’s still really good.

Literally, they say it right on the cover?  “Matilda is a family classic for all generations.”  It’s true.  So after you’ve read this book, this film is a must-watch.

You can get this pretty much anywhere.  Amazon has the BluRay for $9.99, I got my copy second hand for $5.  Or if you’re perfectly modern like most people these days, you can skip this item in the box altogether and include a voucher for a “Movie Night, Featuring MATILDA” and throw in a bag of (unpopped) microwave popcorn and stream it from AmazonPrime or Netflix (if available in your country – as I write this it is not steaming in the US, UK, or AU.  It is in France!).


Have you read Matilda?

Do you think the film is worthy of inclusion in the box?

What book would you like to see next? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, changes weekly! <3

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6 responses to “Matilda // MYOBB #6

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the day is perfect for your friends!
    Your boxes are always so cute & perfect. I would definitely add the movie, I watched that a bunch as a kid. I haven’t read the book though, to know if it does it justice.

    • Amber

      Thanks, Katie! You’re so sweet. 🙂 I’m sure that tomorrow will be wonderful, rain or shine.

      The film and book are really well balanced! It definitely does it justice. 🙂

  2. Danielle

    I LOVEEE Matilda even though I haven’t read the book lol. I’ve seen the movie more times than anyone. This box set is so cute!!

    • Amber

      It’s such a great story! You just have to love Matilda, she’s so sweet. The book is a cute read, really quick and easy.