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It’s pretty rare for me to stumble upon a subscription box where I like everything included.  Usually there’s one or two items I feel pretty MEH about it.  I loved every piece of the September OwlCrate.  There are some items that I’m note sure when I’ll use, but honestly?  So much love for this month.  The curation was super awesome.

The Box

The box is always the same, but I am happy to report that this month’s OwlCrate arrived cheerfully in one piece – no bumps or dents or bruises or rain damage.  Huzzah!

The Loot List

Every month, OwlCrate gives us an awesome Loot List so you know what you’re getting and where it came from.  It’s always at the top of the box, but I never look at the details until everything’s been pulled out.  I like the element of surprise!  This month’s loot list is constellation themed.  Isn’t it neat?  The theme this month was mythological creatures so this totally makes sense.

The Pin

Every OwlCrate includes an Owl-ish pin that ties in with that month’s theme.  This month’s pin is of the constellation owl from the artwork on the loot list.  I’m not going to lie, this owl is a little creepy.  He’d definitely be a scary monster, and not a friendly one… not the type of mythical beast I’d want to encounter on an epic quest!

Son of Poseidon Bath Salts by The Soap Librarian

So my husband is kind of terrible, because when I showed him this item, he told me, “so you can snort it and be a zombie crazy person!” … or something along those lines.


These bath salts smell incredible.  Every ingredient in them screams “RELAX!”.  From eucalyptus (one of my favorite aromas ever) to the gentle lavender and bitter orange peels… these are awesome.  I haven’t used mine yet (I don’t take many baths) but I’m planning to use them soon!

Mermaid Unicorn Book Sleeve from Book Beau

This book sleeve was the BIG ITEM this month.  It was also the reveal item at the beginning of the month, before the boxes shipped.  The folks over at OwlCrate were SUPER EXCITED for this item and in all the advertising, I couldn’t tell why.  Why in the world would you cover your beautiful book in a fabric sleeve?

Guys… now that I’ve got this item?  I get it.

These book sleeves aren’t for display or anything like that.  They’re to protect your books from your purse (or black hole of choice).  It won’t fit all books, but it will fit a lot of them.  I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had a book absolutely abused inside the confined of my oversized purse.  I don’t do it on purpose – I swear!  But somehow, pages get squashed… the cover gets scratched.  Even the hardcovers take a beating.

Next time I have a traveling paperback, it’s going in this.  OMG thank you OwlCrate.

Hagrid and Buckbeak Vinyl Sticker

I really appreciate this sticker on two levels.  One, obviously an adorable design.  Two?  Hagrid.  There was definitely an opportunity to go full-magical creatures on this box, and while Hagrid is half-giant, he’s ultimately the caretaker.  Also the Care of Magical Creatures professor?  So it’s really suitable that he was in some way included in this box.

Plus, look at how much he loves Buckbeak! Awww.

Dragon Coin Pouch

I never use these adorable pouches for the things I ought to.  Loose coins?  Go into my car for parking meters (am I the only one who hates $0.60 charges on my card for parking?  Ugh.). Pennies usually magically disappear.  The other cloth zip bag I have is filled with medical necessities… excedrin, Allegra, my inhaler, chap stick.  I have no idea what I’m going to put in this one!  Maybe emergency makeup and extra earring backs…

This little pouch is simple and earthly.  I really like the rough material.  It’s also pretty small, so it won’t fit a lot – it would probably be perfect for a little emergency makeup.  Or coins, I suppose.

“I Am the Blood of the Dragon” Bookmark by Ink & Wonder Designs

Every book box you will ever get includes a bookmark.  It’s a staple.  This month’s I really like.  For two reasons!  One, it’s wood.  I love non-paper bookmarks.  The one I used most the time is metal.  Secondly, I actually have read A Game of Thrones and I know the fandom!  It’s a little disappointing for me to get an absolutely GORGEOUS bookmark, but have it be about a book I haven’t read.  For example, the last two bookmarks I’ve gotten have both been about Six of Crows, which I hear is marvelous… but I haven’t gotten there yet.  So they meant nothing to me.

The artwork on this is gorgeous.  I like the tattoo-style drawing and line art.  It’s also fairly flexible – I bent it pretty good and no splintering.

Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

We were promised a dragon book and here it is!

I was super pleased to get this book, because I had just added it to my TBR a day before.  We’re getting a lot of romance and assassins and magic users lately (not complaining!  Mages are my favorite) and it will be a nice respite to read something a little different!  Not to mention that OwlCrate has exclusive colors, so they altered the text on this one from silver to gold, which I think it really perfect. I think that the gold suits the cover better and gives is a warmer feel.  Overall, I’ve been really happy with OwlCrate’s cover alterations and find they’ve made really good aesthetic choices.

This book also comes with a guide and exclusive interview with the author as well as a couple of the vendors.  This was a really neat addition to the box that I don’t believe I’ve seen before personally.


Do you subscribe to OwlCrate?

What do you think about the September OwlCrate box?

Do you plan to read Before She Ignites?

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17 responses to “September OwlCrate Unboxing // Mythological Creatures

    • Amber

      Are you international? The international boxes KILL me. I wish I could order FairyLoot every month but the box doubles in price when you add international shipping. There’s a box coming in the UK for a book and bookish tea with free shipping (Wildest Dreams Box) – starting out in December!

    • Amber

      These book boxes really get pricey if you’re not in their origin country – that’s for sure! I love the FairyLoot box but it comes in around $60/mo. if I order it all the time, so I totally understand! I’ve even switched my OwlCrate on and off again when funds didn’t allow so… totally get it! Still, they’re a nice treat. I hope you get one for your birthday!

  1. Danielle

    I remember book sleeves from my days of high school! I cant believe theyre still around lol. I wish I could afford Owlcrate every month but no money… 🙁 But this box looks so fun and cute!

    • Amber

      This particular box was loads of fun. 🙂

      OwlCrate does this thing where it will sell extras of past boxes, too, so if one comes out and you really like it, but don’t want to spring for a monthly subscription not knowing what you’ll get, you can buy the old boxes on their store if they have surplus. It’s nice, because depending on who you are and what you like, a box could be a total dud.

  2. UGH This box is so freaking awesome I CRY. I actually just became a rep for OwlCrate for the next three months so I am #excite!! Unfortunately my September OwlCrate has been stuck in some hall in Frankfurt for 3 weeks so I’ve already been spoiled for the whole box and they won’t even tell me how much longer it could take…

    • Amber

      Ooooh, congratulations on repping! *streamers and confetti!*

      That is THE WORST about Frankfurt. They need to stop reading the book and passing it around and get it to you already!

  3. AAAH I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO OWLCRATE SO BAD. I don’t know if my mom allows me to, and I’m too scared to ask (is there free shipping though? Because I live on the other side of the world, lol)

    THE HAGRID AND BUCKBEAK STICKER IS SO ADORABLE. #WANT Also, I’ve heard wonderful things about Before She Ignites. Can’t wait to read your review of it!

    Chloe @ Blushing Bibliophile recently posted: The Would You Rather Book Tag // listen to me ramble!
    • Amber

      Nope, not free shipping. Which is the bane of us bookish peoples’ existence!!! It’s a good one to ask for a birthday or holiday gift… and maybe look into Fairyloot or Illumicrate? Those are Europe-based. And Wildest Dreams Box is starting in the UK in December! 🙂

        • Amber

          Oh no! Yes, Hong Kong may be rough. Wildest Dreams Box may not be too bad though as right now they’re advertising free shipping. They haven’t gone international yet, though.

          I really hope there’s an Asia-based one soon! A lot of these book subscription boxes are only in their first year or two, and the craze is definitely catching!