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The last couple weeks were exhausting, but rewarding.

These are the times that I am so grateful that I have pre-scheduled SO MANY posts.  The first week of October saw a lot of last minute wedding planning that had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  The first weekend of the month saw 12-14 hours with my best friends helping them bring the last of things together.  It was worth it, though, because their wedding was perfect and beautiful.

The wedding

I don’t have any proper wedding pictures to share with you, so I’ll wait for the photographer to send out the link and then I’ll show y’all a few of those… but after the wedding the bride and groom decided to go bowling!  With as many people as would come with them.  I’m not gonna lie, I was dead.  I did not want to go.  But my husband did, and I’m glad we went, because it was ridiculous and fun.  Most my pictures are on my (still dead) DSLR, but here are a couple of fun phone shots of me, my husband, and the bride and groom.


It was much more glamorous in real life, I promise.  Someday I’ll charge my DSLR battery, but today is not that day!  Rest assured it was a lovely affair and that I’m very happy for my friends and glad I could help them, and glad I will never have to do it again, haha.

Because the next day, I was so, so sick.

Get down with the sickness.

It’s been over a week, and I still don’t feel 100%, not gonna lie.  As I type this, I’m at maybe 80%.  I still have a bad cough and add my asthma to that and it sucks.  But I don’t have a fever.  Last Monday, I couldn’t stand without being very lightheaded.  I had a mild fever, and a terrible cough.  Asthma attacks.  It was horrible.

Instead of getting better though, I’m a stubborn monkey, so I went to the grocery store and did my laundry.  Then I drove into the office on Tuesday, because I’m dumb, and worked a half day and then called it.  Made the two hour trek home.  Slept for six hours.  Worked from home the next day.  At this point I’m just dealing with the cough and the breathing, and I’m getting a bit better, but slowly.  It sucked, hardcore.

Work is about to get crazy.

I work at a financial broker dealer, and things are about to get really busy.  My department has hired 30% of our workforce over again in temp workers for the next 3-6 months.  I love having new people in the department, and it’s really interesting because they’re all such different people.  One girl I absolutely adore, and I’m trying not to be all !!! about her because she’s a fantasy writer and she likes cats and seriously.

I want to talk about ANYTHING BUT WORK WITH HER.  But I can’t, because there’s still work drama.  BUT SHE’S SO NICE AND EFFICIENT AND CAN WE KEEP HER PLEEEEEASE.

Seriously though we’re calling for “as much overtime as you can give” and it’s already started but TODAY is supposed to be D-Day so I just want to apologize if I’m super bad about responding to comments and reading any posts.  For the foreseeable future, I’m losing my work from home days while we tackle this monster, so my good days are going to be 13 hours and my bad days are going to be 18 hours, including commute.  But I have ALL my posts for the next two weeks pre-written, and I’m going to try and bust out as many posts as I can on the weekend, and on 10/23 when I’m off (but have a dentist appointment, ew).

Thankfully, there is always books.

Since my birthday was a week or so ago, YAY, I got myself my favorite birthday present.  IT’S NOT MY FAULT.  Bookstores send COUPONS when it’s your birthday, and then I went and bought Moxie because I really want to read it.  I’m getting 8 books trickling in from ThriftBooks and then I accidentally bought a LEGITIMATE BOX OF BOOKS (plus two grocery bags) at my library’s twice annual book sale.


This is an actual transcript of the event.

ME: I’ll just look quick.
BOOKS: *casts magic spell*
ME: *hypnotized*
ME: *picks up a bunch of books I read in grade school*
ALSO ME: *picks up shiny books to replace grimy copies*
MY HUSBAND: This box is heavy.
STILL ME: *picks up a dozen hardcover books by authors I’ve heard of*
MY HUSBAND: I am literally dying.
ME AGAIN: *picks up an armful more of books*
ME: Okay, I think I have enough.
ME: *picks up two more books on the way out*

I haven’t gone through them yet because it’s actually daunting, but I think I may have ended up with about 50 books.  All for $45, which supports my local library as all books are donated.

It was such a bad bad idea because I have nowhere to put them, and so little time to read hardcopy.  The “books acquired” section in my October wrap up is going to be infinite.

Upcoming goodness.

Just a quick, “this is what’s happening here” bit – lots of book reviews coming up!  I also want to warn you all again that my miscarriage story is coming up next Monday so if you want to read or avoid that for any reason, it’s there!

Wish me luck for the next six weeks at work, guys!


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