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My FairyLoot boxes always surprise me.  I know they’re coming eventually because I paid for them, but I’m international, so I don’t really get the shipping notification until a day or two before I actually receive the box.  This one, I am delighted to announce, came on a wonderful day for me.  I had been having just an awful couple weeks and I needed some happy book mail… and FairyLoot delivered!

September 2017’s theme was “All That Sass”.  Let’s see what we got!

The Box

Considering the fact that this box comes to me from overseas, I’m always pleased with how little damage it takes.  The box is almost impeccable, and I’m never had an issue where one of the items I received was dented or broken or in anything other than perfect condition.

The Loot List

This month’s Loot List features a very sassy looking lady… I’m getting a definite assassin vibe from her.  FairyLoot always uses custom artwork for the back side of their loot lists, so it doubles as a character card, almost.  The artwork is always stunning, and this month is no exception.  On the backside of the card is all the good stuff from the box!

High Warlock Candle

This candle has a much more cologne-esque smell than I’m accustomed to in these box candles!  The aroma is incense, sandalwood, and lavender.  This candle is an exclusive for the FairyLoot box, so you can’t get it anywhere else.  It is in honor of Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments and made by In The Wick of Time.  I actually really like this candlemaker and I featured one of their candles in my Percy Jackson MYOBB!

Rattle the Stars Beanie

This was the item in the box that wasn’t really for me BUT it’s rally nicely made!  I just don’t wear hats?  Even when we’re in the middle of an intense blizzard?  The material of this beanie is really thick and warm and of course it was inspired by none other than Calaena Sordothien from Throne of Glass.  Reverie and Ink designed this piece, and it’s another exclusive to the FairyLoot box.

Nonsense Tote Bag

Okay so even though I’m not a huge fan of The Infernal Devices, I really like the design of this tote bag!  It’s interesting and busy and loads of fun and very classic and steampunkish.  Miss Phi designed this piece and it’s another item that is exclusive to this FairyLoot box and not available elsewhere!  I also really like the size of this tote?  It’s a bigger one, which is nice… a lot of them are sort of smallish and not a great size for a lot of books.

Bad Ideas Notebook

When I pulled out this item, I chuckled.  Firstly, one can always use a notebook!  But I’m seriously tempted to actually use this one to write down bad ideas.  Just to get them out of my system!  This awesome and again exclusive item was designed by Alexis Lampley.

Hot Chocolate for Sassy Demigods

Oh my goose finally.  So, so, so many boxes send coffee.  I’ve gotten tea once?  This hot chocolate was much desired and I was SO EXCITED when I pulled it out and (thinking it was more coffee) found out it was hot chocolate!  This is themed for Percy Jackson (obviously!) and I haven’t had any yet BUT IT WILL HAPPEN YAY.  This comes to us from Brontie & Co. which is an awesome vegan chocolatier, so check them out and if you MUST have this hot chocolate, you can order their hot chocolate from their website!

Solemnly Swear Magnet

An item inspired by Fred and George Weasley?  Yes please, sign me up!  This gorgeous magnet actually reminds me a bit of a tattoo in design and features the winged key from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the infamous line first spoken by the twins in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when they give Harry the Marauder’s Map.  This magnet was designed my Ink and Wonder Designs and is exclusive to this box!  These are the same folks that did the woodmark in September’s OwlCrate!

Artwork & Goodies

There’s two illustrations in this month’s box of Carswell Thorne and Delilah Bard designed by Taratjah!  And as if we didn’t have enough foodstuff, there’s also a Tower of Dawn bookmark and  a sampler from The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.

Even The Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett

I’ve been looking forward to this month’s book for a while, so I was really glad to see it included!  Not only is this book supposed to include sassy characters (according to the theme!) but there’s been a miniature illuminating dragon as well?  And I didn’t see that mentioned in any reviews so far?  Not sure how I missed that, but now I’m even more pleased about it.  The book also includes a signed bookplate and letter from the author!


What did you think of this box?  Was there a favorite item that was included here?  Or favorite fandom?  Let me know in the comments!

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