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Good morning everyone one!  Happy Saturday!  How was your week?  Mine was long and tiring, but I made some extra money working overtime and getting stuff done and now I’m really happy to be here at the end of it!  It’s a long weekend for me as well – today I’m making gumbo again, then tomorrow I’ve got my niece’s birthday party, and Monday I have off but another dentist appointment!  I hope y’all have something a little more relaxing planned!

This week’s book box is a timeless favorite.  It was so hard for me not to include just about everything because the typography art around Anne of Green Gables is beautiful.  It’s a story we read as children and becomes dearer as we grow into adults.  Anne is such an easy character to love.  I really hope y’all enjoy the products I picked based on my usual themes, but if you’re looking for something Anne of Green Gables-esque, please don’t let your search end here!  There’s a whole world of wonderful products out there on this topic by hundreds of talented artisans.

Anne of Green Gables Box

An Avonlea Inspired Gift Box for Book Lovers.

The Book

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

“She’ll have to go back.” Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert had decided to adopt an orphan. They wanted a nice sturdy boy to help Matthew with the farm chores. The orphanage sent a girl instead – a mischievous, talkative redhead who the Cuthberts thought would be no use at all. But as soon as Anne arrived at the snug, white farmhouse called Green Gables, she knew she wanted to stay forever. And the longer Anne stayed, the harder it was for anyone to imagine Green Gables without her.

Everyone has a book character that completely and utterly steals their heart.  Anne Shirley is mine.  This book is made up Anne’s misadventures in her new life at Avonlea.  She’s a sweet, talkative, honest, troublesome child and everything anyone could every want in a friend, daughter, and book character.  Anne of Green Gables is a really quick read.  It’s completely heartwarming.  You must read it.

This book is available on Book Depository and they ship for free worldwide!  I reviewed this book earlier this year, so if you want to read more of my opinions of it (GUSHING.  SO MUCH GUSHING.) you can find it here.

The Bling

Anne of Green Gables Book Scarf

The language of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved tale is enchanting.  As October winds down and we enter the first chills of November, a scarf becomes an essential accessory.  I can doubly recommend this particular item, because I bought it last year.  It’s a thick cotton scarf – light enough for fall or casual wear, but it may be a little thin for the throes of winter (at least, up north where I live).

What’s awesome about this scarf is the typography on it.  At first glance it doesn’t seem very Anne of Green Gables-y, but printed right on this scarf is the scene where Gilbert call Anne “Carrots”, one of the most memorable scenes in the book.  This scarf is sold by Storiarts, who specialize in classic lit typography clothing.  I also have Alice in Wonderland reading gloves by them!

The Bookmark

Anne & Quote Magnetic Bookmark Pair

Anne Shirley says some of the most endearing, most insightful things.  Her quote “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.” is one that can resonate with many of us.  Some days, doesn’t it feel like we can’t do anything right?  That’s Anne’s problem, more days than not.  She’s prone to big, beautiful, dramatic mistakes.

I am so in love with magnetic bookmarks.  Not necessarily because they are the best type of bookmark ever, but because I can’t get past how adorable the artwork is.  The endearing little Anne is perfect.  This particular set comes from Beyond the Pages.

The Companion

“Bosom Friend” Locket

One of Anne’s greatest wishes is to find a bosom friend.  A kindred spirit.  A kind soul who completes hers.  She is certain that there must be bosom friends out there, but as an orphan who has been shuttled around from house to house as it is useful, she has yet to find one.  In the meanwhile, she has used her imagination to create bosom friends.  They are girls who always have puffed sleeves and never red hair.  And then?  She meets Diana.

This locket contains the phrase “bosom friend” to remind us always to cherish ours.  There are two charms near the locket, but otherwise this is a very simple, sweet little locket.  It is sold by akinto.

The Mood Lighting

Marilla’s Raspberry Cordial Candle

When Marilla goes to town and gives Anne permission to let Diana come over for a proper tea, Anne could not be more delighted.  She even gives Anne permission to give Diana a bit of raspberry cordial.  That, unfortunately, goes terribly and horrible wrong….

This candle smells of raspberries, lemonade, lavender, and amazingness.  It is made by Good Book Hunting.

Something Practical

“Octobers” Mug

So again, it’s getting cold outside.  Where I am, and further north on Prince Edward Island where Anne lives.  And I know October is over but like Anne, I love this month so much.  The temperature is perfect.  The leaves are a rainbow of orange, yellow, and crimson.  The air smells of cider and woodsmoke and amazing and can we just go back to October pleeeeease.

Anne, like me, is a big fan of Octobers.  Another one of her sweet quotations.  This mug is perfect for literally anything.  Today my recommendation is sweet, creamy hot chocolate mixed with a cinnamon stick and topped with a small mountain of airy whipped cream.  Ponder and Dream created this lovely mug and seriously go have an amazing hot chocolate now.

Something Just For You

Anne of Green Gables Rose Bath Bomb

This time of year, it’s really important to relax.  Life is hard.  Autumn is busy.  The holidays are coming.  We really need to step back, relax, and take a little bit of time for ourselves.

Baths are literally the best for this.  You can take deep breaths!  Close the door!  Read a book!  Not run around like a chicken with your head cut off because you’re in the bath and it’s your time, gosh darn it.

This bath bomb, made by The MacBath, is intended to illicit the aromas of Green Gables.  The roses blooming in spring.  You’re back on the Cuthbert’s simple farm, in a time before frantic business meetings and broken computers.  Sit back.  Relax.


Have you read Anne of Green Gables?

How did you meet your bosom friend?

What book would you like to see next? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, changes weekly! <3

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      Aw, thank you!!!

      As I wrote this one up at the end of October, I was so bummed out about the end of the month. It’s really so pretty and the weather is perfect. There’s this lovely energy about Octobers and I was so busy this year I feel like I missed it! I hope you were able to take full advantage!