October OwlCrate Unboxing // MEET ME IN THE FOREST

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Another month, another OwlCrate!  OwlCrate is the only subscription box I get consistently – it’s US based, so it’s really affordable for me.  On top of all that, it’s typically really good!  They put a lot of thought into every box.  I really recommend their OwlCrate Jr. box as well.

Anywho, this month’s theme was “Meet Me in the Forest”.  The Hansel & Gretel fan in me was ecstatic when this theme was announced (it has nothing to do with Hansel & Gretel – boo).  Forests are the best places to have a fantasy novel because anything can happen in the forest….

Let’s see what the folks at OwlCrate sent!


The Box

Ugh, no!  My box came a little beat up.  It always makes me nervous!  Lets cross our fingers to make sure that everything inside is well packed and well protected!


The Loot List

This month’s Loot List artwork is a treehouse (Magic Treehouse vibes, anyone?) on the edge of the forest.  Sunlight streams through the sparse trees.  This is definitely not the dark, angsty forests of fairytales.  Maybe this won’t be such a scary afternoon stroll after all?


Cabeswater Candle by In The Wick of Time.

Subscription boxes must keep the crew at In The Wick of Time busy.  This is the second month in a row we’ve had a candle by them featured – the previous was September’s FairyLoot box!  Fans of The Raven Cycle will be over the moon about this one – the aromas in this candle are inspired by the woods of Cabeswater… a sentient forest.


Where the Wilds Things Are Magnetic Bookmark by CraftedVan

If any of y’all watch my weekly Make Your Own Book Box feature, then you know I love magnetic bookmarks.  I think they’re the cutest darn things.  But I’ve never owned one!  Well, now I do, and these are so freaking cute… 🙂  Where the Wild Things Are is a great choice for this box’s theme.


Exclusive Forbidden Forest Mug by Cara Kozik

Well, this is terribly exciting.

This is OwlCrate’s first mug!  And what a delightful mug it is.  A wrap around bit of artwork that starts at Hagrid’s hut and ends deep in the Forbidden Forest, this mug is an absolute delight.

OwlCrate gets many extra brownie points for the box.  Rather than chance breakage, this ceramic mug was stored in a box with bubble wrap, which means that no matter how beat up my package got, this beautiful bit of magic was perfectly preserved.  Excellent packing, OwlCrate team! +10.


Sherwood Forest Loose Leaf Tea from Riddle’s Tea Shop


I am a huge fan of including a beverage in any box that includes a mug.  And since I’m not a coffee drinker, I appreciate the tea and cocoa options.  So, this one!  Tea!  From Sherwood Forest!  How can you not love a little bit of Robin Hood!  A perfect inclusion in a forest-themed box!


Forest Animals Coaster by Kristin Askland

Talk about a complete package!  We get a mug, we get tea, and we get a coaster, too!  This adorable fox illustration will protect your lovely tables from hot and cold beverages alike.  I don’t think this is based on a particular book, but it’s cute.


Princess Mononoke Art Print by Audra Auclair

I can’t think of a more perfect art print to include in this box than something from Princess Mononoke.  It’s a good reminder to do what we can to protect our world.  As readers, unless you’re 100% in eBooks (I’m not) then we carry some weight of deforestation on our shoulders.  As far as this art print goes, it’s beautiful.  I don’t have much of a venue for art prints at the moment, but for the first time ever, my husband snagged this item.  He’s a Studio Ghibli fan, and it was great fun to share this piece with him.


OwlCrate Goodies

OwlCrate always includes a little of this and thank in their boxes.  This month’s pin features the illuminated treehouse from this month’s illustration.  We have our activity book with the word search (yay!) and interviews.  We also have a little sneak peek for next month.


Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

Hmm, this one wasn’t on my radar at all?  But it sounds really good!  It’s about the women of a family who care for its magical garden, but they suffer a curse because every time they fall in love the men disappear.  Then one day one appears?  Shenanigans follow.

Again, I LOVE this exclusive cover?  The beige (instead of publisher’s dark purple) reminds me of a pathway or sidewalk and really gives it that garden feel.

Along with the usual letter and signature, this book came with a package of forget-me-not seeds!  I do not have a green thumb, so not quite sure what I’m going to do with these?  But I appreciate their existence!


Do you subscribe to OwlCrate?

Which item is your favorite this month?

Have you ever been lost in a forest?

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2 responses to “October OwlCrate Unboxing // MEET ME IN THE FOREST

  1. I just subscribed to Owlcrate and this box was my first one! I WAS SO EXCITED!! I loved everything in it, but I was SUUUUUUUPER excited about the mug!!! It’s so cute and I love the artwork on it. The Princess Mononoke print was beautiful too. And I’ve been wanting to read Wild Beauty for a little while, so I was really happy to see it in the box. I agree, the exclusive cover is beautiful!

    Alas, I have never been lost in a forest, but this owlcrate box sure did make me want to wader around in some trees. Can’t wait for this month’s Castle, Courts & Kingdoms box!

    Loretta recently posted: Sneak Peeks: Red Queen
    • Amber

      The mug is AWESOME. The only other “mugs” I’ve gotten from book boxes are more like tin cups, which are fine, but a proper mug is so much better. And the design is FANTASTIC.

      I HIGHLY recommend forest adventures. I HAVE been lost in a forest, but that’s only one of many possible adventures. The forest is really serene, it’s my favorite place in the world. 🙂