Disney Treasures “HAUNTED FOREST” Unboxing + Cats

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I had such trouble taking these pictures, guys.  I want to apologize in advance for the Pop! being practically invisible inside it’s box, and also for the cats because I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS ABOUT THIS BOX but the cats, and ESPECIALLY Lady Elizabeth love the Disney Treasures Box.  Seriously, I have 5 different monthly subscription things?  And this is the box Lizzie wants every time.


Sir Reginald, on the other hand, just likes boxes in general.  He likes sitting on them, sitting in them, and lying next to them.  He usually stays out of my hair when I’m unboxing, and waits for the spoils (which I always let him play in for a couple days), but this month he was 100% all about this box.  And as you can see above, they decided to fight for it.


Eventually I kicked them out because seriously kitties I’m trying to work here stop being excited and cute and chewing on things?

Here are the pictures I was able to sneak out.  This was a really great box!  I was really excited about a couple of the items. 🙂

The Box

This month, we’ve got a Haunted Forest sticker on the box.  I really like how this box develops (and I’ve only just noticed) where you can see the remnants of the last box’s sticker.  But the time the year is out, it’ll be covered!  I wonder if this is a theme they’ll continue with into the next year’s subscriptions?

The Patch

This month’s patch features the Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I’m a bit ashamed I had to look this one up on the guide, as I stared at it for a while and wasn’t sure!  Naturally I felt like a fool afterwards, because it’s so obvious.  The mirror’s frame threw me – I thought it was just decorative!

The Pin

Getting a picture of this pin was such a challenge.  Lizzie really, really thought it was her new toy.  One of the pictures of the cats being troublesome up top features her delighted attempts to swipe it off the box.  My cats are jerks sometimes.

This collectible Disney pin features a Funko-ized version of Jafar, the dark and nefarious villain from Aladdin.  While Aladdin doesn’t scream “haunted forest” to me, this pin made LOADS more sense when I saw in October that Funko was releasing a new line of Aladdin Pops!  I do like that he’s got the outline of the Agrabah palace behind him – it gives the pin a bit more dimension.

The Pop

This month was extra special and we got an oversize Pop! I  thought this may be the case when the sneak preview showed a Maleficent outline – if you’re going to do Maleficent in dragon form, she better be big!  So that was lovely.  I’m also pretty sure she glows in the dark?  I don’t remember reading that, but she’s still sitting in the box on my dresser and there was SOMETHING glowing there last night so I’m about 99.8% sure and guys this is awesome.

I recently got a blue dress chase of Aurora (blue > pink; I’m sorry guys), and I kind of want to set up a vicious Sleeping Beauty scene with the two of them….  YES I AM AN UNBOXER I RUIN THE MINTNESS OF THINGS LET ALL COLLECTIBLE LOVERS SCORN ME ETERNALLY.

The Dorbz

Disney Treasures is just digging the Dorbz figures – which is fine with me, since I really like that line.  Funko’s subscription boxes will always include a Pop! figure, and one other figure from their line.  This includes their keychains, plushes, Dorbz, VYNL, mystery minis, Rock Candy… whatever the company decides.  With the exception of the Big Top box back in June, every box I’ve received has included Dorbz.  I’d like to see princess Rock Candy, guys!

But on to this month’s extra figure!  Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.  As far as this franchise goes, Funko has NOTHING.  There’s maybe one other Pop! of Cruella, but nothing of the dogs, or Horace and Jasper, or anything.  Given that information, it was SUPER EXCITING to see a 101 Dalmatians piece in this box.

Aristocats next guys?  I need those three adorable kittens.

The Sticker

This is Lady Elizabeth’s favorite part of the box.  She’s such a little fiend, chewing on paper.  I managed to get this one away from her before she devoured it (unlike the Tiny Town box a couple months ago… trouble)

The Haunted Forest sticker is a perfect match to the one on the outside of the box!

The Tin

As soon as I saw this tin, I KNEW what was inside and I am PUMPED.

For anyone who knows a bit about the history and the legends of Disney World, you’ll know all about the induction of the Haunted Mansion and it’s inhabitants….  This and the mystery mini are doubly exciting because they’re the third Disney Parks featured item (with “It’s A Small World” in August and “Pirates of the Caribbean” back in February).  We only get Parks stuff every few boxes, and they’re SUCH fun.

The Mystery Mini


Quick tidbit of Disney history.

The Hatbox ghost was featured on ALL the marketing materials when Disney was putting together the Haunted Mansion, including a story record in the 1960s.  He was the mascot, basically – he  was an animatronic BUT his head would disappear and reappear in his little hatbox.  He was in a couple of the preview rides, but when the ride opened to the public, he was GONE.  WHAT?!  So it was this big mystery forever and this whole thing where everyone was trying to find him in the house of 999 haunts, and nobody could.  Finally Disney came out and admitted they removed him because the animatronic wasn’t working correctly.  But you know, fans will be fans and we all got OBSESSED and in 2015 they recreated the animatronic with new technology and he’s in the Disneyland version of the Haunted Mansion.


Anyway, if you want to see cool pictures and stuff he has his own little fan website which is fun.

I’m really excited about this item. SO MUCH.

The Bag

Because this was the October Box, the crew included a little something extra and threw in a trick-or-treat bag for Halloween featuring Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  A lot of people forget that Nightmare is a Disney film (not just a Tim Burton one).  I have this Zero Pop! and it’s so adorable.  And yes, in the film, his nose really is a jack-o-lantern!

And that, my lovelies, is the whole box!  I think that Funko did a fabulous job on this month’s box.  The only small thing I’m disappointed about is that in the “spooky” box, we didn’t have any rep for Disney’s upcoming Coco film, which I think would have fit really well here.  The movie looks so pretty and sweet and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m excited for December’s box, “Snowflake Mountain”.  It’ll be the fifth box… which means my subscription only has a couple more!  The preview Pop! for “Snowflake Mountain” looked to me like Bambi sliding on the ice (please let me be right, that would be too cute).  I’m sure we can also expect some merch from Frozen and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t another The Nightmare Before Christmas item, and maybe a Parks item from Expedition Everest?  I don’t know… what are your thoughts?

If you’re interested in Snowflake Mountain, the cut-off date to order is December 2!


What was your favorite item this month?

What would you have included?

Do you subscribe to Disney Treasures?

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4 responses to “Disney Treasures “HAUNTED FOREST” Unboxing + Cats

  1. AAAAHHHH THIS SUBSCRIPTION BOX IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME. There’s a Disneyland where I live (Hong Kong) and we don’t have the Haunted Mansion ride! I visited Orlando this summer and got to get onto a Doom Buggy and discover the amazing treasures (+ ghosts) of the Haunted Mansion. AND WHAAAT THE HATBOX GHOST IS NOT IN THE ORLANDO HAUNTED MANSION RIDE?! Aaahh he looks so spookily delightful I really wish I could see him in the Disneyland version of the ride.
    I would love to subscribe to this box – I was drooling all over my laptop when I saw the pictures of your goodies! Sadly my parents think my obsession with Funko Pops is silly and there is no way they’re going to let me subscribe to the box. 🙁

    Chloe @ Blushing Bibliophile recently posted: [Blog Tour] Review: Saving It by Monica Murphy
    • Amber

      Iknorite? He’s a Disney legend, I keep watching to see if they throw him in. Rumors have been circulating about it for years, but I don’t think he’s a likely addition until they go in and upgrade/repair the whole thing. But I feel like they did that back in 2012 (the waiting queue is interactive, as you know, much better than it used to be….) so it may be a while. :/

      For what it’s worth, my parents think the Funkos are dumb, too. XD Perks of living on my own is that I get to waste my money in my own way? Haha. This box has actually culled my Pop buying a lot, which is good because I’m running out of space!

    • Amber

      Aw, thanks!!! I like this box best of all Funko’s subscription boxes, although we get the Marvel one as a one-off sometimes. My husband got the Ragnarok one and I was impressed by how much it had improved over the last Marvel box we got.

      My cats are trouble, is what they are. XD. Right now they are play-fighting about three feet away because every time the tuxedo wants to take a nap, the tiger decides it prime playtime. 🙁