Illumicrate: THE GRISHA EDITION Unboxing!

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Wow guys.

Just, wow.

So this box was a long time coming.  If you were following it on Twitter and Instagram, then you know Daphne had a difficult time with a few different aspects of putting this special edition box together.  It was absolutely worth the wait and she should be really, really proud of it.  Every item in this box is gorgeous, and she’s included everything.  I’m amazed by the detail and the quality of every item.  They’re stunning and her curation is so detailed and careful and as a consumer, I really appreciate it.

The quality and love that went into this Grisha Box has inspired me to keep an Illumicrate subscription, even though I am international.  It’s only quarterly – so four boxes a year – but the quality was so good I feel like my money is well spent.  Serious, 100% fan.  Do consider checking out Illumicrate.  The Grisha Edition was a special edition box, so it’s got more items than normal, but in watching this box over the last six months, I’m confident enough to recommend the regular subscription – especially now I’ve seen it myself.

I believe all these items are exclusive, but I do recommend checking out the creators, because their products are gorgeous.

The Box

I will admit – this box took a bit of a beating.  I always get nervous when my subscription book boxes look a bit beat up, because you never know how well packed the innards are.  Good news!  Everything inside this box is packed meticulously.  No damage, and also a large box so the cats were thrilled with the entertainment value once it was empty.

Daphne’s put the “Grisha Edition” artwork directly on the box so we all know to be excited for what is inside.

Grishaverse Oversize Postcards by Posternaut

Now you too can pretend you’re from the Grishaverse!  With these postcards, you can send you well wishes from Djerholm, Ketterdam, and Os Alta.  The artwork is reminiscent of 1950s style “Wish You Were Here” postcards and it’s loads of fun.  If you don’t want to send them, however, they’re about 5″x7″ and make great art prints.

Nikolai Wooden Bookmark by Ink and Wonder

So excited to have another Ink and Wonder woodmark!  There was a Game of Thrones one included in the September OwlCrate, and now I also have this gorgeous Nikolai bookmark.  I really like this quote, so I’m thrilled to add this one to my bookmark collection.

The Tailor Lip Balm by Literary Lip Balms

If you’ve never tried handmade lip balm, it’s a treat.  For whatever reason, I’ve never received lip balm in one of my boxes, so I’m thrilled to have some finally!  This particular item is inspired by Genya, who cane work magic on you no matter what sorry state you’re in.  As I’m in New England and we’re nearing cold weather, this will be particularly useful.

Ketterdam Enamel Mug by Hannah Detterbeck

This small mug is perfect for a single serving drink.  The drawing is of Ketterdam city with the text “THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN IN KETTERDAM”.  These enamel mugs can be used with hot drinks, but if you do – be careful.  The handles can get a bit hot.

Dirtyhand Soap by Butter Bar Soapery

One of the things I really like about this box is that things are full-sized.  This isn’t a small travel-sized soap.  This is a full out big soap bar and it contains charcoal.  Although seeming a bit enigmatic, charcoal soap does an amazing job cleaning.  This soap bar is inspired by Kaz Brekker.

Sun Summoner Tea by T-Ology

Oh tea.  I am still so excited when I get not-coffee in a box.  This “Sun Summoner” themed loose leaf tea comes with ideal steeping instructions and is speckled with bits of delicious fruit, like apple and blackberry.  It’s exactly the sort of thing Alina would choose first thing in the morning.

Amplifier Book Sleeve by Sparrow & Wolf

I was not expecting a book sleeve in this box.  Having just learned about the magic of book sleeves, I was thrilled with the one!  This one is big and cushy and perfectly fits The Language of Thorns.  It features the three magical amplifiers in geometrical, constellation-esque design on both sides.

Midnight Tales Candle by Book & Glow

Another full size item!  This candle isn’t just a sampler – it’s a full 8oz soy candle with swirled amazing aromas.  The sea storm and gingerbread mix feels like Christmas by the shore and I just love it.  I don’t have any candles by Book & Glow, so I’m really looking forward to trying this one out.

The Six Tote Bag by Charlie Bowater

This high quality tote bag features the lovely artwork of Charlie Bowater of the six from Six of Crows.  A perfect carry-along tote for the next book signing even you are attending!  This picture was a bit of a struggle – Sir Reginald diced he really wanted to sit on the tote although he showed no other interest in the box items!  Silly cat.

Grishaverse Enamel Pins by Fable & Black

love love love enamel pins and am delighted whenever they’re included in a book box!  This box includes two so double the fun!  Fable & Black makes fabulous enamel pins.  These two are for each of the two series – one for Six of Crows and one for The Grisha Trilogy.

Illumicrate Exclusive Socks

It’s always important to keep your feet warm!  These Illumicrate exclusive socks are black and red and feature grey and white silhouettes of crows.  They’re long and warm and perfect for the incoming wonder season or for walking around in your fabulous stockinged feet for no reason.

Themed Foil Notebook by Team Bkmrk

Included as an extra perk with the book, Team Bkmrk has provided a foil notebook.  I love notebooks.  I can never have enough of them.  Although the cover of this one is fairly simple, it has many pages and is lined, perfect for plotting the end of the world.  Or, you know, whatever?

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

The long awaited short story collection by the legendary Leigh Bardugo!

This book appeared in multiple book boxes in October (FairyLoot included it as well).  I’m glad I went with the Illumicrate special because I really feel like the included items have been so well thought out and fabulous.  I was surprised by the book itself.  It’s a hardback copy, printed directly on the book sans book jacket.  It feels like an old-style fairytale book, and I really love that choice.

I’ll be looking forward to reading it!  I hear that you don’t need to have read all her anthology (I’ve only read Shadow and Bone so far… I know, I know!) to get the book, and that there are a couple of previously published short stories in it as well.


Did anyone else splurge on this special edition Illumicrate?  I’d love to hear about other experiences with the box and if you were happy with it as well!


Have you already read The Language of Thorns?

Which of these items is your favorite?

Do you subscribe to any book boxes?

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10 responses to “Illumicrate: THE GRISHA EDITION Unboxing!

  1. OMG. I’m insanely jealous. This box is a book lover’s dream. I love all the Grisha books, but I haven’t read that Language of Thorns yet. Such a cool book box!

    • Amber

      This was really amazing – I definitely recommend Illumicrate’s specialty boxes. They’re doing another one now based on Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series. 🙂

  2. Aaaa I’ve never bought a subscription book before!! I feel like shipping would be too expensive (and the box is a bit much as it is for me) but I love reading/watching unboxings!! It’s cute how excited you all get about it.
    Also I bought Language of Thornes in hardcover too and asdfghjkl that never happenes I’M PUMPED TO READ IT!!

    • Amber

      Aie, yeah, to Romania it would be a bit much. It was actually sort of an “oh lord what did I just do” to me in the States… but the UK has such amazing book boxes, I want to try them all. I was so impressed though that I signed up for the quarterly once since it’s a bit more affordable than monthly like FairyLoot. Their November boxes are shipping soonish, actually, and I hope it’s still amazing. 🙂

    • Amber

      Illumicrate is a quarterly instead of monthly box, but now they do specialty boxes like this one! They’ve got a Red Rising one available now and just announced an upcoming Court of Thrones and Roses box! I found it through Cait @ Paperfury… she’s a rep for the box.

      I am so terrible, I don’t even know when I’ll start it. 🙁 It’s soooo pretty though and everyone is so excited!

    • Amber

      She really outdid herself, it is perfectly magnificent. 🙂 I’m a sucker for the enamel pins, myself… but my goodness, just EVERYTHING! This box is sooooo jam packed with goodness.

    • Amber

      I’ve actually only read the first book in the Grisha Trilogy – not even Six of Crows – but when I saw all this stuff I figured it was an excellent time to try Illumicrate and maaaan it did not disappoint! I definitely recommend this book ESPECIALLY since you’re in Europe and I feel like shipping would be better for you than it is for me. XD