Bookstores: The World of All the Best Things

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Every Christmas, I watch The Santa Clause.  It’s an older Christmas movie now, starring Tim Allen as its lead.  A busy businessman knocks Santa off his roof and is forced to take up the mantle.  There’s a scene in this film where they arrive at the north pole and it’s magical.  There’s a train that goes between the different sections and a sweet little elf brings them the best hot chocolate in the world.  That seems like one of the best places in the world.  The little boy, Charlie, thinks it’s basically heaven.

Book stores are a little like that.

Books stores smells like a thousand dreams in metallic ink and fresh paper.  The flush of color, and the sharp perfect wooden bookcases.  Those are my favorite book stores.

There’s this one book store I went to in Salem, Massachusetts that piled books in chaotic stacks.  As you wandered through the bookshop, you had a sense of getting lost in a labyrinth.  It was magic.  Not great if you’re looking for a specific book, but a delight to wander through.

As a bibliophile, I delight in bookstores.  Between the books themselves, and the beautiful journals waiting to be filled with dreams, and the fact that so many bookstores have cafes in them now!?  How amazing is that?!  Just like the North Pole, I can get amazing cocoa surrounded by all my favorite things.

You walk in, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.  You can almost see the glittering Emerald City of Oz.  Taste the incredible recipes in the many recipe books.  Hear the “dark duet”.  A millions worlds at your fingertips.

Bienvenue and welcome.

This week’s Book Blogger Hop asked:

“What’s your immediate feeling when entering a bookstore, as compared to how you feel when entering a department store?”



Do you like bookstores?

Do you do more shopping online or in store?

What is your favorite type of store?

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12 responses to “Bookstores: The World of All the Best Things

  1. I just love bookstores… they’re so magical! I mean, I usually come out of them even more broke than I already was, but it’s worth it. I think the most amazing bookstore I’ve ever been in is Powells in Portland, Oregon. It’s huge (We got lost in it. I’m not even kidding.), and has a great selection of both new and used books. If ever you’re anywhere near Portland, it’s well worth a visit.

    • Amber

      I couldn’t be much further from Portland, actually! I’m in New England! But I came across a bookstore you can definitely get lost in a few years ago in Newton, MA called The New England Mobile Book Fair. It was like the Tardis… SO much bigger inside.

  2. Oh, what a magical post!! LOVE it!! Bookstores are indeed magical places! For me, entering a bookstore is like stepping into another world. I can be in a bookstore for HOURS. Not so with a department store! Plus, I’ve noticed that people in bookstores — clerks and customers alike — are MUCH nicer than people in department stores. YAY FOR BOOKSTORES!!

    Thanks for sharing! <3 🙂

    • Amber

      I’ve actually noticed it’s REALLY HARD to get a job in a bookstore. It may be we’ve only ever had a couple local ones here, but it’s so difficult to find an opening. Honestly if I could afford to live on the salary and a job opened up, I would work retail in a bookstore in a heartbeat. They are definitely like their own little worlds, full of magic and comfort. It’s so easy to get lost in even the smallest ones.

  3. I love this description of bookstores and that comparison with The Santa Clause (which is a great film btw I love it) ❤️ You made me want to go out and visit every bookstore in the world haha (not that I don’t already want to do that, but now I feel I NEED TO GO RIGHT NOW)

    • Amber


      In all seriousness, they all have their charm… even the chain ones like Barnes and Noble have this sort of amazing feel to them that make them magical. Bookstores are always #win.