November Wrap Up

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Well this is going to be a short post.

Remember last month when I got a gazillion books and everything was busy and I read all the posts and was awesome?  This month is the exact opposites.  My beautiful people, I have been DYING to finish La Belle Sauvage.  To catch up on NCIS or Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  None of these things are happening.

On the bright side, I am making a little bit of pocket change working overtime.  So there’s that?  My brother-in-law told me a couple weeks ago, “You always find the silver lining, huh?” and I told him, “You have to!  Otherwise things suck.”  And that’s my life philosophy.

This Month’s Book Haul

The only books I added to my collection this month was a preorder (actually arrived on Halloween!  Close enough) and ARCs I got from NetGalley.  This is probably what I should be doing every month….

I’m really looking forward to diving into A Darker Shade of Magic.  Everyone speaks very highly of this book.  It’s on my Autumn TBR as well, which I don’t think is actually going to happen.  I’m a bit bummed, too, because I did so well in October.

This Month’s Reads

My reading month has been just about the same amount of exciting here, guys.  I usually read during my lunch break and at night before bed, but I’ve been skipping my lunch break and I’ve been so exhausted when I get home at night I haven’t been doing anything.  Somehow I managed to read a couple!  Have I mentioned I love audiobooks?  I love audiobooks.

14 books found














The start of the month was pretty *meh* as far as reading went.  The books I wanted to read, I didn’t have time to.  I got The Tethered Mage early in November, but NetGalley was set to archive the book on 11/30 so that one immediately usurped all my time.  Fortunately, it was pretty decent!  My style of book – medieval fantasy world with mages, yes please!

This Month’s Writing

I’ve been working on Ashes to Ashes.  On my commute, actually, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and the characters and their relationships and where I want things to go and I’ve learned that I need to do research and also just sit down and make myself write?  I decided to try out Dabble and I have to say I really like it?  I like the drag-and-drop and the plotting features, as well as the world-building and character sheets.  They have a lot of things I was hoping to see from Novlr and that never happened.

My issue with Dabble is the subscription model.  Ughhhh I hate subscription models.  I got a lifetime membership from Novlr a few years ago but it has gotten a bit unreliable and I’m still waiting on promised features.  I just got on Ulysses, and they switched to a subscription model, too!  I don’t like MS Word anymore because it’s sort of horrible on Mac? Besides I really like cloud features.  Ugh, I don’t know guys.  I have until December 6th to decide if I’m going to stick with Dabble.

All The Blog Things

Not a lot going on this month since work has been so busy.  I’ve barely kept ahead with scheduled posts, and I haven’t really been able to go back and update old posts. I did a little at the beginning of the month with The Great Bookcase Crusade and I’ve got some books in both The Gallery and The Graveyard.

I also added the book page for Ashes to Ashes, something I started last month and just finished.  My intent eventually is to add a page for all of my WIPs at whatever stage.  I have a bunch drafted and a few in current writing… then I have a whole list of ideas.  That’s pretty low priority, though.  I just wanted to add Ashes to Ashes since I talk about it a lot.

What’s New In Publishing

November hasn’t been the craziest month for bookish news, which is fine because all the crazy stuff happened over the summer, right?  Here’s some things that have been on my radar this month.

Great Stuff From The Blogosphere

Real Life Adventures

Work, mes amis!  All the work!  50-60 hour work weeks are my life!

I’ve tried to have time for fun stuff too but in November free time means family.  My niece and nephew both had birthday this month, so there were parties for those.  Then, of course, Thanksgiving!  My little brother got a new job in Philadelphia, so he’s leaving to go out there on Saturday.  It was weird when he moved to Rhode Island, but this is even further.  My brother and I get along pretty well, so I’m going to miss him.

Other things of interest this month?  I saw Thor: Ragnarok and Murder on the Orient Express and they were both really good.  I went to the Rhode Island Comic Con, and wrote a whole post about that and a little about my social anxiety?

Matt and I booked our first two excursions for our transatlantic cruise in April!  We’ll be going to Cahir Castle in Ireland and Westminster Cathedral in England.  Other stuff too, but those are the main stops.  We are so, so excited.  We’ve been checking back every day to see if other excursions have been dropped!  I’m still waiting on France!

Oh, and my results for 23andMe came back?  My brother and I went halfsies on the kit for our birthdays.  Yay genealogy!

This is not something I’m proud of, but holy crap my ancestry is European.  I was hoping for a little diversity, but apparently my ancestors are racist or just really lame because this is so white I’m blinded.

I can’t really say I’ve done better – my husband is super white too.  He’s probably got some Scandinavian?  My brother and I were hoping for more French since that’s the part of our ancestry we relate to.  I wish there was a better breakdown between regions!

Pfft.  Whatever.  It was a fun experiment and I think it’s good to know where you come from.  I’m a bit ashamed, not gonna lie, but you can’t choose your family.

What’s Coming Next

Next is Christmas, silly monsters!

Or Hannukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, or whatever sparkly December holiday you celebrate!

To be perfectly honest, December is going to be a pretty review heavy month. I’m determined to make sure all the books I’ve read this year end up posted this year.  I’ve already got some double posts on the weekends scheduled, so get ready for review mania.

We’ve also got a couple tags, an award, and as on every proper book blog in the month of December, I’ll definitely spend some time discussing my favorite reads of the year.


How was your November?

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving and IF SO what is your favorite dish?

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

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26 responses to “November Wrap Up

  1. Kathy Martin

    I get tired just reading your post. Since retirement there are many days I don’t even leave the house. Your schedule sounds like a killer. Good that you can have a positive attitude about it. I have A Darker Shade of Magic on TBR mountain but have been hesitant to try it because I hear there is time travel which isn’t a favorite. I’ll get to it one of these days as I’m trying to read down the physical TBR mountains before adding more. Come see my week here. Have a great week!

    • Amber

      Not leaving the house once and a while sounds like a DREAM. I feel like every low key day ends up being a dentist, vet, SOMETHING day. I’ll get there someday! 🙂

      I really hope I like ADSoM too! Everyone seems crazy about it… and this edition is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my post in your wrap up. 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it enough to feature it.
    Also wow sounds like you had a great November, filled with some incredible books as well. I can’t wait to get around to The Book of Dust, it’s been brought for me as a Christmas present so the second I have it in my hands I’ll be starting it. Also I really really hope you love A Darker Shade of Magic, that’s one of my all-time favourite books by one of my favourite authors. It’s just amazing in my opinion.
    Great post, and I hope you have a brilliant December as well. 🙂 <3

    • Amber

      Oooh, you made such excellent points and I think it’s really something worth talking about! I was thrilled to feature it!

      The Book of Dust is a lot of fun! It’s not quite the same as his other books, but definitely worth a read and I am sure you’ll love Malcolm and Asta! As for ADSoM – I hope I like it too! My goal was to read it before the season ended, but I’ve gotten loaded down with ARCs that are all due around the same time at the beginning of the year… so I’m dreadfully behind on my autumn TBR. My fault….

  3. Oh, I think you’ll love A Darker Shade of Magic. I’m glad you got this one! I’ve been meaning to get to A Son of a Witch. I loved WIcked – it is one of my all-time favorites. Nice wrap-up!

    • Amber

      I loved Wicked too! I actually got Son of a Witch in one of our local free book exchanges. Usually the box is filled with paperback romance, but this was sitting abandoned in the middle. Every once and a while I get lucky!!!

  4. Awesome post! I’ve always wanted to do one of those genealogy things- I think it’s really interesting. I don’t think it’s bad to get mostly white- it just means your family were from Europe (speaking as an ethnic minority if that helps lol 😉 ) Seems like you got a really good amount of reading done, even if it started off as a slow month.

    • Amber

      I like to believe someone in my family liked to do something… travel, meet new people, fall in love… I guess that’s why I’m a bit bummed. My brother seems to be the one in the family with the most wanderlust, and he’s definitely the sweetest and most open-minded. Both of our parents (and grandparents… aunts and uncles on one side at least) are a bit racist? So knowing that taints my view, because I can’t help going back, thinking about previous generations and wondering… has my family always been sort of horribly racist? *sigh*.Can’t do anything about it, I suppose, but look ahead!

      Most the reading is audiobooks, which I listen to on my long commutes and when I work from home! 🙂 The only book I read in hardcopy this month was The Book of Dust… and that one took a month! 🙂

  5. L

    If this was a slow month for you, I’m scared to see what a busy month looks like. You’ve go so much going on! How do you do it?! This post alone is impressive… so many things! Also, NCIS used to be one of my favorite shows. I miss some of my old favorites, but I like how the show has progressed. It’s been going strong for YEARS, so change is inevitable.

    • Amber

      Haha, a busy month would have been October. So. Many. Books. And other things. 🙂

      I really miss Tony on NCIS. Now that Abby’s leaving too, I’m pretty bummed. I do like Torres and I think he has potential, and I like Delilah even though I’m not big on McGee. I’m on and off with Bishop – I thought she was going to be great when they introduced her, but she’s fallen pretty flat. The episodes this season having been as creative and interesting as in previous years, so I’m beginning to lose interest. And yet, I’ve been watching it since high school so I feel like NCIS is just part of my life, haha.

        • Amber

          No spoilers on me – I’m up to date now! 😉

          I think they’re going to have a difficult time replacing Abby and I REALLY hope they’re not trying to do it with Jack because I don’t think she’s that great. Pfft. Although I definitely respect Pauley Perrette’s decision to leave the show… that’s a LONG run.

    • Amber

      Ughh, trust me I don’t either. You do what you have to! My husband and I don’t have any children, so I suppose I have a little more energy than I would otherwise… although I’d rather use it in not-work-related ways! 🙂

  6. Nice wrap up. And you have a nice new group with lovely covers. 🙂 Good you are working on your writing. Interesting thoughts you shared about Dabble.
    Hope this is a good month for you with lots of Happy Reading!

  7. Oh, I loved reading this post! You’ve had a good November. ? And I’ve always wanted to do the 23andme test! Genealogy has always fascinated me.

    Thanks so much for linking up to my post. 🙂

    • Amber

      The genealogy test was pretty cool. I kind of wish I was able to get more information from it (I have a friend who got LOADS more), but at the same time, I’m not really surprised, since most of my family doesn’t seem interested. The health side was really nice to know. I found out I don’t carry any genes for Alzheimer’s (for example)… so that’s a huge relief.

    • Amber

      World-building is SUCH an underappreciated aspect of fantasy… and nobody, in all the reviews I’ve read, has mentioned that about this book?! Thanks for letting me know – I’m even more excited now!