November OwlCrate Unboxing // CASTLES, COURTS, & KINGDOMS

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Happy OwlCrate Unboxing Day!

This is getting to be a monthly holiday for me, guys.

In the upcoming weeks, you’re going to see a bit of a showdown of boxes.  In the past, I’ve ordered:

And I’m still looking for my OTP book subscription box.  I like OwlCrate, but it’s missing a je ne sais quoi.  I love FairyLoot, but it’s international and that makes it much more expensive than I want to spend monthly.  LitCube and Uppercase box were not for me – Uppercase was a bit more contemporary than my tastes, and LitCube was packaged really badly and my mug came broken.  For November, because of *sales* I’m trying a few more.

  • OwlCrate – yep, still in the running.  It’s decent and affordable.
  • Illumicrate (quarterly) – it’s still international,  but less frequent.  If it has the same quality as the special edition, it’s a strong contender.
  • PageHabit – those annotated books are SO tempting.
  • ShelfLove – another US-based YA fantasy box… color me intrigued.

Here’s hoping I fall in love with something this month! *fingers crossed*

The Box

Same as ever!  This month’s box is in lovely condition.  Moving promptly forward to tear this thang open!

The Loot List

The torch light and the castle illuminated by moonlight… does anyone else get strong Hogwarts vibes?  I’m totally in love with this month’s artwork.

Elven Bread Soap by Fizzy Fairy Apothecary.

Brief moment of appreciation:  Fizzy Fairy Apothecary has some excellent rhyming going on in their shop title.

When I first saw this, 100% of me thought LEMBAS BREAD and I thought I would be able to unwrap it and get Elven food.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT.  This is definitely soap.  It smells amazing.

Side note: They have a Slytherin Gift Chest and I definitely want this for Christmas.

Winter is Here Chapstick by Geek Fire Labs.

I have been hoarding all my book box chapsticks for winter because I’m a New Englander and we go through BUCKETS of Burt’s Bees up here!  I totally appreciate the whole Game of Thrones theme going on here.  The pun gladdens my heart.  Because it’s winter.  And you need chapstick in winter.  Winter is cominggggg … yeah I’m just gonna go over in this corner here.

Squallers Badge by Juniper & Joy Designs.

Guys.  I clearly need to read more of the Grishaverse because EVERY book box EVER has something Grisha-ish in it and I feel like I’m missing out.  This badge is wood, which is really fun and different, but also flammable so I do not recommend running through fire while wearing it.

OwlCrate Exclusive Beanie



This beanie is so well made, it feels delightfully lovely and warm.  I also just really appreciate the whole dementor vibe its got going on, because SAD sucks and is basically a dementor, so having a little extra of this spell is always a good plan.

Quote/NoteBook by Stella’s Bookish Art

I love love love this notebook.  It’s actually a pretty basic notebook, but the art?  Love it.  I’m a sucker for typography.  Plus, this is always good advice, especially because winter, and the holidays, and family… and it’s good to have goodness in your life this time of year.  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t let the hard days win.

BRB off to get lost in the beauty that is Stella’s Society6 Shop (these Slytherin and Ravenclaw designs? omg.).

OwlCrate Goodies

OwlCrate always includes a little of this and that in their boxes.  This month’s pin features the lady wielding the torch from the monthly illustration.  We have our activity book with the word search (yay!) and interviews.  The sneak peek for next month includes the theme announcement “Seize the Day”. Ooooo fancy.

The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano

When I read Wither back-in-the-day, I remember really liking it when nobody else I knew was vaguely interested.  This was years and years ago, and I haven’t read any DeStefano since (I meant to! I even own Fever!).  It’s delightful to uncover a book and go OH.  I KNOW THIS AUTHOR!  Not that I don’t love debuts (omg Daughter of the Burning City … Amanda Foody owns a part of my soul now) but it’s fun to go, “Oh yeah, I remember that, interestinggggg.”  So I’m looking forward to giving this book a try!

This also came with a handwritten (photocopied) letter and doodle, and a set of temporary tattoos, courtesy of the publisher.  Thanks guys!

As usual, OwlCrate has edited the cover a bit.  With the exception of last month, this is usually a subtle change around the text.  This month is the same – the glow on the title is purple instead of blue.


Do you subscribe to OwlCrate?

Which item is your favorite this month?

Have you read any of Lauren DeStafano’s other work?

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6 responses to “November OwlCrate Unboxing // CASTLES, COURTS, & KINGDOMS

  1. I’ve recently subscribed. The beanie is my fav of this box because I was actually about to buy a Hogwarts one online haha.
    I’m interested in how you like ShelfLove. I haven’t heard of it.

    • Amber

      I actually just stumbled across ShelfLove from The Nocturnal Fey‘s blog – she’s a supplier. It came in the mail over the weekend and I’ll have the unboxing up a week from Thursday but without spoiling too much, I was really pleased with it. 🙂

      Aaah! Isn’t it awesome when a book box gifts you with something you were about to buy anyway? That’s my favorite.

  2. Ohh what’s happening here with your layout, I’m curious to see how it all works out in the end, I’m sure it will be GREAT! 😀
    This was a great unboxing! I have read the Wither series by the author and enjoyed it for the most part, I am vey curious to hear your thoughts on The Glass Spare, hope you’ll enjoy it 😀

    • Amber

      Haha, what happened was that my Photoshop and I are no longer getting along and my lag was so bad that it was taking me 30 min/featured image and I don’t have the patience. Back to the drawing board! My old layout really relied on my featured images… so I’m going to go with something a bit simpler. Thank you for your vote of confidence! Right now I’m just trying to go back and fix old posts… I’ve gotten to page 7 out of 29 so far. :/

      I am curious about it. From what I’ve seen. people have found The Glass Spare to be “okay”. Forgettable, a bit cliched. I though Wither was really well done and original, so I find these observations interesting. We’ll see!

    • Amber

      Isn’t OwlCrate WONDERFUL! I adore their custom covers, too. Even when it’s only little changes. 🙂

      I mean, don’t get too excited. It’s pretty much going to look like this. I just have ot go back and reformat scores of old posts so things display properly. I may change my featured images on everything but reviews? It was getting to the point where I was spending HOURS on featured images and stuff and I needed to find a way to cut that down. 🙂