Winter Illumicrate Unboxing

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This is my first regular Illumicrate box!  As far as book boxes go, Illumicrate is interesting and unique.  You get a collection of bookish good quarterly instead of monthly!  If you like previews and samplers, this box is AWESOME!  Daphne has really excellent communication with her subscribers and puts a lot of love into her curation.

Some small things to know:

  • Boxes are shipped in February, May, August, and November.
  • This box is UK based.
  • The cost is 29.99 GBP + shipping
  • Boxes are charged at time of subscription (not time of shipment)

The Box

Due to the distance it travels to me, Illumicrate’s box is a little more beat up than some of the other book boxes I receive.  Fortunately, I haven’t had a broken item in either box!  The boxes are always the same – white with the yellow Illumicrate logo. Lets open it up!

The Loot List

Whereas OwlCrate and ShelfLove will use their loot list to tease themes or showcase artwork, Illumicrate keeps it simple and branded.  The design on the back of the card is always their own.  The Loot List is clear and concise, easy to read.  It’s more like a list than a letter, which makes it really easy to identify your goods!

I like surprises though, so I didn’t look through this ’til the end.

2018 Unicorn Planner by Prism of Starlings

I wonder if planners are going to be a running theme in December book boxes?  Either way, what a great and useful item to have!  I love the design and as soon as I saw it, I decided it was going to be my Writing Accountability Journal.  I use digital calendars for my day-to-day stuff, but this is designed in such a way that it could be used for goals vs. reality and I’m excited.

Also good for planning your life?  Trust me to see an item and create a new use for it.

Reading Print by Nutmeg & Arlo.

OMG you guys.

I love this print SO MUCH that I already featured it on my Instagram and I have it propped up on my bookcase on display.  The simplistic design and gold foil is gorgeous and the quote is on point. +10 points to Gryffindor (Rowling’s house. 🙂 )

Reading in Bed Candle by Meraki Candles

This candle is my VIBE.  I do most of my reading in bed, and the hot chocolate aroma is to die for.  I may or may not have smelled this beauty 25 million times during the unboxing.

Don’t judge me.  It smells like a creamy chocolaterie.

Moon & Stars Necklace by Oh Panda Eyes

You know, I almost always feature necklaces in my Make-Your-Own Book Box posts, but it occurs to me that I almost never get necklaces.  I really like them.  This isn’t Tiffany’s, but it’s small and subtle and the design is right up my alley.  I love it!

Bookish Tea Towel by Evanna Veil Illustration

Maybe it’s just an American thing,  but I never really know what to do with tea towels?  They’re too light to be a proper towel… the design is lovely though!  It’s currently being used under my cats bowls so they don’t get their wet food everywhere?  So that’s good for me?

The Samplers

I’ve never been big on samplers since I’m the sort that likes to wait and enjoy the book in its full amazingness BUT I’ve heard nothing but excitement about This Mortal Coil and Iron Gold.  I know loads of people out there would really like these and Daphne is really good about making sure she always gets really excellent samplers for her subscribers.

Artemis by Andy Weir

I loved The Martian so I was really, really excited to see this book in the box!  This is an absolutely gorgeous edition (omg you should see what’s UNDER the dust jacket) and my only complaint is !!??? sticker on the dust jacket.  One I’m not sure I’ll even be able to cleanly remove? Boo.

This also came with goodies related to the book – a bookmark and a touristy map!

The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty

!!! WOAH!  Surprise here.

This is an ARC of The City of Brass, which I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about.  It’s a little over 1k reviews on Goodreads already, with a 4.27 rating… you know this one is going to be amazing.

I really love Illumicrate, but….

I don’t think I will continue with this one regularly, just because it costs me a lot internationally.  Yay conversion rates and shipping?  I might change my mind before February, because I really like it.

If you are in the UK though?

Illumicrate is AMAZING.  You get so many cool items and special books (a crazy special edition AND an ARC?  Yes yes yes).  Besides, she also curates awesome special edition crates that are worth keeping an eye on.


Do you subscribe to Illumicrate?

Which item is your favorite this month?

Have you already read Artemis or The City of Brass?  What did you think of them?

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4 responses to “Winter Illumicrate Unboxing

  1. I love how you edited the pictures and inserted the gold frames and titles! It looks really good. I also plan my day-to-day life digitally, on my calendar’s phone because I’m sure to have it everywhere, but I love using notebooks for GOALS, achievements, etc.
    Rowling is officially a Gryffindor? How did she determine? Did she take her own test or is she so because she’s the one who knows the house traits the most? Woah it’s so cool that you got two books! I’ve heard AMAZING things about City of Brass, but not so much about Artemis. I liked Andy Weir’s other book though.
    Great post and happy reading!

    Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves) recently posted: Blogmas Day 19: Books I Want My Future Children To Read
    • Amber

      She took the Pottermore test! I made sure to research that before I put it in because it occurred to me I didn’t know. XD It makes sense, though. I guess she’s also a huge fan of Hufflepuffs!

  2. AAAHH THE GOODIES <3 I WANT THEM SO BAD! ESPECIALLY THE READING PRING OMIGOSH Also I got an eARC of The City of Brass but I haven't read it yet? People keep saying how good it is and I can't wait to try it 😀

    (My sister says that The Martian is the most boring book she's ever read. I got the book a long time ago, but I don't know if I should read it because my sister gave up halfway. She's the kind of person who hardly ever DNFs books, so yeahhh. Should I read it?)

    Chloe @ Blushing Bibliophile recently posted: Award: The Real Neat Blogger Award
    • Amber

      Hmm. Well, here’s some things to know about the Martian:

      1. The main character is sarcastic and hilarious. He’s what makes the book enjoyable.
      2. There’s a lot of dry science facts. So many it can get boring.

      The determining factor of whether people love it or hate it is deciding which is more prominent for them. If you’re not sure about it, I’d say at least watch the movie? Especially if you don’t love space-focused sci-fi. The movie is pretty close to the book with a few small changes, and Matt Damon is a perfect Mark Watney. The science facts are coupled with actual scenes rather than info dumps, so it’s easier to swallow.

      All that said, I loved BOTH the film and the book, but I do like sci-fi and knew what I was getting into. Also, because I had already seen the movie, it was Matt Damon’s voice in my head reading Mark Watney’s voice. XD So that helped?