December Wrap Up and MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Merry Christmas my loves!

I hope you are all having a lovely day with friends and family if you celebrate.  It’s okay, you can read this post tomorrow.  I’d rather you celebrated!

And, of course, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re having a lovely Monday.

As you read this, I am at my parents house for Christmas brunch.  Soon enough, we’ll head to my in-laws for Christmas with that half of the family and dinner.  It’s a day off and a day to be with loved ones.  Back to work tomorrow!


My books this month have come chiefly from subscription boxes & SantaThing – it’s a slow month for eARCs, but that’s alright.  I’m well stocked for the next couple months.




I am absolutely thrilled with the book box haul this month.  Especially Artemis.  I read The Martian earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with it.  Most of these books came from my SantaThing.  I was supposed to do an unboxing, but I got excited and put them away.  A couple of choices were a little confusing at first, but then I read the notes and I’m really excited to read all of these!

The only ARC of any format I received this month is The Little Book of Feminist Saints.  This one isn’t out for a few months, but it’s a bunch of short stories by amazing women, about amazing women, and I’m really looking forward to it.


This month has been light on reading.  I’ve slowed down at the end of the year – in part because I’m spending time writing blog posts (my lead dwindled in November) and in part because I’m writing or playing video games.  This month was largely based on catching up on eArcs!

What would it be like if your every thought and emotion was live-streamed to the world?
- ARC -

The 1920s + books + dragons. Perfection

- ARC -

Maya is amazing, the situation here is real and sucks and we need to fix this.

- ARC -

★★★★ 1/2
Four shades of London and one of the most brilliant heroines I've ever read!

My gosh, guys, December was such a good reading month!  I loved The Book of Pearl.  I loved First Test.  I loved A Darker Shade of Magic and Love, Hate, and Other Filters.  It was just an amazing way to end the year!

(psst.  hover over the book covers. magic!)


I’ve been better this month!  Inspired most by the writing advice Twitter chains written by Delilah Dawson, I’ve been making myself write daily this month.  At first, it was just to commit 30 minutes, but now I’m shooting for 1k words as a minimum.  That keeps me on track – sometimes it takes me 20 minutes just to get into the groove.

I am a little frustrated, though.  I never, ever follow my outlines.  I mean to, but the characters take me in a different direction.  I’m committing to Ashes to Ashes because I have to commit to something, but my political witch hunt has turned into a battle of the gods, entwined with mortals.

I’m just going to let it go.  Let the story ride whatever current is on and see where I end up.  I am a pantser and that’s just what works for me.  We’ll fix it in draft two.


For those of you who haven’t noticed, the layout has been completely changed!  I decided to go simpler, cleaner.  I played around with a Bookstagram theme for a week, but then switched to this one.

Believe it or not, this is the same theme I had last month – the coding and imagery is the difference.  I still have to update featured imaged as much as possible (always), but otherwise… what do you think?


December is another family month!  Nothing big and exciting going on.  We’ve got Christmas, of course.  Since my husband and I are young and childless, we travel for Christmas.  Christmas Eve is at my husband’s aunt’s – this is my favorite part of the tradition.  She makes chili and chicken soup and we all sit around and enjoy life.  It’s a good tradition.  After that, we go to my sister-in-laws, give the kids their gifts, and that’s the end.

Christmas morning is … now.  Brunch and dinner and driving and family.  My little brother moved to Pennsylvania at the beginning of December – he got his dream job, and I am so happy for him!  He’ll be coming up for the day.

Oh!  We had a yankee swap at work and I scored a lightsaber.  Because I am an adult and stuff.


Since we’re starting a new year, I’m starting fresh with content and therefore, you won’t have any lingering reviews (except for ARCs).  I have some content planned, as well as Top Ten Tuesdays (I want to get back in the swing of those).  Here’s a couple of upcoming posts:

  • My Least Favorite Reads of 2017
  • How Old is Too Old to Be a Writer? (Discuss!)
  • I’m Making My Own Book Tag!
  • Love, Hate, and Other Filters eARC Review (Spoiler?  So good.)
  • Beautiful Book Covers Hidden Under Dust Jackets.

And other things I haven’t even pre-written yet!  I hope you all enjoy it!


How was everyone’s December?

What are your plans for the new year?

What was your #1 book of 2017?

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5 responses to “December Wrap Up and MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • Amber

      Haha, I don’t blame you! XD Sometimes there is such thing as too much family time. I hope you had a lovely day, tho?

  1. Danielle

    Your post reminded me that I still have to put up my Dec. wrap up lol. The laziness of Christmas morning!! Good to see you had a good writing month. I just found the incentive to write a new chapter of my story yesterday, after almost a year of no updates.

    I never follow my outlines either. I have one for this one story but I just write what I want now lol.

    • Amber

      I really feel like outlines come with the best of intentions, then characters just have a mind of their own! The writing sort of tapered off in the last week, but I blame holiday obligations. 😛

      It’s so awesome that you were able to hop back into yours!!! Isn’t it AWESOME when inspiration strikes?

      • Danielle

        Right, outlines are good for getting ideas down then it’s just up in the air afterward lol. Whatever sticks, sticks!! It’s feels SOO good when the inspo hits!!