December OwlCrate Unboxing // “Seize the Day”

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Guys I am the worst.

In my haste to sweep up the clutter when I unboxed this month, I recycled the Loot List before typing up the unboxing! So unfortunately this month, I won’t be able to link to all the amazing creators, because, umm… I don’t remember who they are.


And I’m bummed out too because there are a couple items I really liked this month.  Gahhhh.

Well, here goes….


The Box

So this month I took the pictures in a different room and with natural light and I feel like things look a little weird.  I have so many different shades of purple in these pictures!  Oh well… The box looks good!  Now, to open it.


The Loot List

It’s so pretty!  Such a wintery vibe!  Too bad I’ll never know what it said on the other side… *weeps*


“The Dreaming Tree” Candle by Novelly Yours.

This candle is sweet and winterly, outdoorsy and clean.  I really, really love the smell of this and I wish it was bigger than just 2oz.!

Also, HAH, I found a creator!  Novelly Yours does a layered candle of the month that is soooo tempting.  This month’s is Deathly Hallows.


“Love is Everything” Ornament

A wood ornament with a pile of books and a good reminder.  Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, but not great for a menorah since wood + fire = bad.


Percy Jackson Quote Magnet

I love this magnet.  It’s huge, it’s strong, and it’s Percy Jackson.  I’m about 75% sure this was made by Ink and Wonder Design, who made the “Solemnly Swear” magnet back in September’s Fairyloot.  Very similar design styles!  Both are sitting on my fridge making themselves useful.


OwlCrate Bookish Planner

I was musing in the Illumicrate Unboxing whether planners were going to be a big theme is December boxes… and that answer is yes.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the ShelfLove and PageHabit boxes I have yet to receive.  The OwlCrate one is neat, y’all.

So this is not so much a LIFE planner as it is a BOOK planner.  You can definitely use it for life stuff, but it includes pages for rating books, writing down your favorites, and making a reading plan.  Um, OwlCrate clearly knows its subscribers’ needs.

For the last couple months I’ve been using a bullet journal for more or less the same purpose and I am STOKED to replace it with this (bullet journals are a lot of work…).


“Don’t Let the Muggles Get You Down” Tote

I. Am. In love. With this tote.

Subscribing to several book boxes, I am well laden with bookish totes.  This one, and the Night Circus one I got in my first ever OwlCrate, are my favorite.  Here’s why I love this one:

  • It’s not black.  Why are all totes black?
  • The quality is really good.
  • Amazing quote.
  • Harry Potter.

Obviously all really logical and sensible reasons.  The backside has a different design, but the quote totally wins.


OwlCrate Goodies

If you’re a Kasie West fan, then you’d be thrilled with the themed bookmark!  I liked the smaller one better – it’s double-sided with two awesome bookish quotes… one side green, the other blue.  And, of course, we have our sneak peek for the next box!  At first, I was thinking the book my end up being Reign of the Fallen, but I’m leaning towards The Hazel Wood now.

I’m actually really bad at guessing these books.  I know most people KNOW them.  I’m just like “okay, theme sounds good!”


Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Romance contemporary YA!  Perfect for a cozy night of reading by the fire (does anyone actually do this?  I would like to – please send me your unused fireplaces).  I don’t typically reach for romance, though I’m working on upping my contemporary game… I’m not sure about this one for my own tastes, but I’ll pass along what I think of it once I read it!

As for the OwlCrate exclusive cover – nailed it again!  The pinks have been replaced with shades of green and I love the sweet, mellow tone it gives off. <3


Do you subscribe to OwlCrate?

Do you keep a bookish planner?

Will you be reading Foolish Hearts?


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4 responses to “December OwlCrate Unboxing // “Seize the Day”

  1. I loved this month’s box! I’ve never heard of this book before, but it sounds like a cute read. *Crosses Fingers* That candle really does smell AMAZING and I love that tote!!!! It’s so cute!! I was reeeeaaallllyyyyy super excited about the planner though. Because apparently I’m a nerd 😂 and I was desperately in need of some blog organization.

    Can’t wait for next month’s 🙌 I’m TERRIBLE at guessing the books though. Every month I try and every month I’m wrong. Lol.

    Loretta @ The Laughing Listener recently posted: The Immortalists Packs a Punch
    • Amber

      Oh my gosh, that planner is just AMAZING, right!!?

      I’m reading Foolish Hearts now – completely by random, I pulled it out of my TBR jar! It’s cute and better than I expected far.

      I can’t wait to hear what you think about next month’s box. I decided to skip it, even though I like the theme, because I don’t know a lot of the fandoms they mention so the swag would be wasted on me and if I’m right about the book, it’s not one I’m very interested in? But, ack, I just feel like I’m gonna regret it, y’know?

      • I know what you mean!!! I ALMOST skipped December’s box because I’m not usually a fan of contemporary books, but I just couldn’t miss an opportunity to get more Harry Potter merch. Lol. Ever time I think about skipping I end up caving and getting it anyway! *Shakes fist* Darn you Owlcrate!!

        • Amber

          I think the tote is AMAZING so I’m glad you didn’t skip! 😛 Only I’ve discovered it’s a little small. I tried to put my niece and nephew’s Christmas gifts in it last weekend and they didn’t fit and I had to go with a much less exciting tote I use for my groceries. Clearly I need more small things to carry around. 🙂