Happy New Years! Blog Resolutions.

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Here’s it is again, by beautiful monsters!  That time of year where we look at the bright, sparkly future and dream of everything we could be, everything we want to be, and resolve that we will become that bright better person.

Small confession?  I loathe New Years Resolutions.  I feel like I’m seeing myself up to fail.  Besides, who needs to wait until New Years to be a better person?  Still, it feels like a fresh page.  A new start. A “maybe I can do something for a full twelve months!” moment.  So while I may not promise to change my eating habits (been working on that/failing for a couple years now) or to start exercising more (agh, time)… I will make a couple goals for The Literary Phoenix at least.


I will not change the blog layout in 2018.

This one is a hard one for me! I love messing around with aesthetics but there comes a point where a girl has got to settle.  This layout it good.  It’s clean.  Not changing it again and revamping all the formatting and featured images AGAIN will help me better focus on content.

I will cut down on the unboxings.

Especially  coming to the end of the year, I’m finding myself frustrated trying to fit all the unboxings in and still be timely about it.  Additionally, I’m running out of hardcopy book space… so there’s that.  I will probably commit to 2 subscriptions max in 2018… something my bank account will thank me for.

I will have more actual content.

Small fact of blogging: discussion posts are the best.  From a statistical standpoint, they get way more views than anything else. From a readership standpoint, this makes perfect sense because they are far more interesting.  I want to try and have an interesting discussion or content-based post (rather than lists and reviews) at least once a week.

I want to revamp my blogging structure.

This may not happen in January – this may not happen until June – but I want to look at my blogging schedule and change things up a bit.  Right now, my schedule is as follows:

Sunday: 15 Minute Ficlets
Monday: Open
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesdays
Wednesday: Open
Thursday: Open
Friday: Book Blogger Hop
Saturday: Make-Your-Own Book Box

The open days get filled with tags and awards and reviews and unboxings.  Tuesdays and Fridays are inconsistent because I don’t always have something to say about the topic.  I want to look closer at my schedule and maybe cut down on posts.

To start with, I’m going to drop the 15 Minute Ficlets (because nobody participates, boo) and Make-Your-Own Book Boxes (because they are time consuming and don’t get many views) and I would like to focus my energy into building better posts for Tuesdays and Fridays.  Plus I am STILL not happy with my review structure?

I may post something MYOBB-ish when inspiration hits, though!

I will finish back-formatting old posts.

This is an ongoing project as I keep changing my layouts, but I want to finish it.  Updating dividers, inputting old reviews into the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin, and optimizing my SEO are all important background things I really want to get done.

I want to blog hop better.

For a while, I was excellent at this, but as the year has come to a close and I’ve gotten busier in real life, it’s fallen to the wayside.  In 2018, I want to make sure I’m visiting a few outside blogs daily and reading new content.  Because when you’re part of a community, that sort of thing is important, you know?

I will stop requesting eARCs from NetGalley until my rating improves.

Okay, my rating isn’t bad.  I think I’m at 69% right now? And nothing has been archived without review.  I have a schedule and I’m sticking to it, but I think I’d prefer to have 1 eARC/month rather than 4 so I can also focus on re-reading my personal library.  I am a strong believer in sharing books that are older rather than harping on just the new and upcoming releases.


I think that’s enough blog resolutions for now!  Some of these will be easier to keep than others – and y’all can hold me accountable.  If you see me tweaking my overall layout, holler at me, okay?


Do you have any resolutions for 2018?  Blog or personal?

What type of posts are your favorite to read (on any blog)?

Have you fallen into any bad blog-related habits this year?


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9 responses to “Happy New Years! Blog Resolutions.

  1. Haha you make me want to subscribe to all the book subscriptions, but sadly some of them ARE really expensive and I just cannot! I do hope to buy maybe one box though? If I like the theme enough?

    Oh wow I cannot imagine reformatting my old posts from like…2013 and 2014, it would be too much work hahaha. but glad to see that you are working on that! Will you have to do it all over again if you change blog layouts, say, in 2019?

    • Amber

      I’m really hoping I won’t have to do them all again! Part of my problem in the past is that I had a BUNCH of themed images and whatnot, and the width of my blog body is different now, so the formatting is all off. I’m trying to make them simple and accommodating for whatever I want to use. Right now my focus is the old reviews, which I’m reformatting through a plugin that won’t go away unless I switch back to free hosting, so HOPEFULLY that’s a non-issue. XD

      I have fallen victim to skipping boxes pretty often. It’s the swag for me, largely? A lot of it just doesn’t interest me, or I have too much of it. And I don’t know what to do with a lot of it! But I think one is pretty good, at least. It’s nice to be surprised with books I wasn’t expecting. So far, I’ve really enjoyed most the ones I’ve gotten!

  2. that first one about not changing blog layout/ template – I made that resolution a million times – I basically forget about it and just do what I want

    I wish I have a blogging structure or schedule but I find it’s best not to have one because I don’t follow it well, I totally envy bloggers like you have can follow a schedule

    I’m not making any resolutions this year. good luck with your resolutions.

    have a lovely new year.

    • Amber

      Everybody works in different ways – I’m definitely a To Do List kinda girl! If it’s not on a list somewhere, it doesn’t get done. I know myself too well. XD

      Sometimes, it’s easier not to make resolutions and go with the flow! Happy New Year, Lissa!

    • Amber

      Thank you so much, Jordan!

      I agree – blogging friends are the best. I’m such an awkward person IRL I’m always worried about that flowing over on to here! Twitter has been a great place to connect with bloggish people too, if you’re on there. Highly recommended! I’ve found a couple bloggers who pretty watch read and watch all the same things as me and it’s been great!

  3. Your layout is so pretty! Please don’t change it! 🙂

    I definitely am guilty of preferring discussion posts to just about anything else. I feel bad sometimes because I KNOW how difficult they can be to come up with and write, but I don’t even care if the author is writing about a topic that’s been done a million times before! I still find them interesting 😀 I’m going to try to write more of them myself this year as well, but let’s see what actually happens.

    • Amber

      I do it to – I will scroll through my feed and pick the discussion ones before all else – really, I only click reviews when I’m really interested in the book. So it’s perfectly fair! I’m trying to look more at the Top Ten Tuesdays, though! While I’m not necessarily on a hunt for more to add to my TBR (they come to me in hoards, I swear), I really love the amount of thought people put into some of the lists. 🙂

      Haha, my layout it staying for now – I promise! It’s not graphic intensive, so that’s the main thing for me. 🙂 I’m glad you like it! <3