2017: My Year In Books

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This is going to be a really long post.  I’ve got nearly 100 linked reviews at the end with hover-over mini reviews, which makes up a lot of it, but I worked hard on this one and I hope you enough my ANNUAL RECAP.

Oh my gosh, guys, 2017 flew by, didn’t it?  I had a pretty crappy start to the year, but I know 2018 will be better!  I’ve already got plans to make it better, and part of that includes reading consistently throughout the year and devouring amazing stories.  I read nearly 100 books this year, most of which in the last five months. I think I  can do better, but I’m setting my 2018 goal conservatively: 52 books.

Why so low? That’s a book a week, and you never know what life will throw at you.

Y’all read for my stats? For the purposes of this post, I am excluding all DNFs and books with reviews that were not posted on my blog, as well as the ARCs with posts that won’t drop until next year.

Bookish Stats

Goodreads does a really excellent job with their graphics and representation of my year in books, so I’m going to share some of mine with you!

Pages Read


This one may not be entirely fair – Goodreads likes to include my DNFs, which I didn’t read through, just because I left an unscarred review on them.  Additionally, a lot of my books were audiobooks.

Longest and Shortest

Quidditch Through the Ages was read for the I Suck At Readathons Readathon, where one of the goals was to read the shortest book on my shelf.  Clearly, I guessed correctly!

As for The Dark Tower, that comes as no surprise either.  Stephen King’s books tend to be on the longer side. Since  I’m going through this series in audiobook format with my husband right now, I wouldn’t be surprised it it pops up as my longest again next year.  Unless I read some George R.R. Martin.

Popularity Contest

Considering the way a lot of people were feeling at the beginning of 2017 with the United States elections still fresh, I’m not surprised 1984 was so popular.  Not to mention – it’s also required reading in a lot of schools.

Coiled was an indie read I received as a NetGalley ARC.  It’s crazy that only 82 people have read it – it was really well done and light, sort of along the lines of Kelly Barnhill.  I’d definitely recommend it.

My Average Rating

This sounds about right. I’m more inc lined to praise a book than I am to bash it.  Also because a lot of books I really hate, I will DNF.  Although my angry reviews get a lot of hits so maybe I should suffer through!  Haha.

My Highest Rated

Again, this comes as no surprise.  Harry Potter is fantastic and the last book is one that people read over and over again.

Other Fun Stats

This year, I read 56 authors who were new to me.

I read 34 standalone books.

I re-read 14 books.

I read books 14 published in 2017.

I read 6 classics.

I read 20 hardcopy books I own.

I listened to 52 audiobooks

I read 17 ARCs.

Bloggish Love

Here on the blog, I’m been so lucky and I am so grateful to have gained a small following.  Thank you to each and every one of you who is here, reading this and supporting my passion.  I love talking to you.  I love hearing what you are all up to.  I love talking about books with you most of all.

In 2018, my most popular post was my September Wrap Up (of all things) and my most popular review was Rejected Princesses by Jason Porath.

Thank you everyone for being here.  Really.  You warm my heart!

All the books!

Okay, so, I read a decent amount of books this year. You can hover for a star rating and mini review/summary… or you can click and it’ll bring you to the full review.

Post-apocalyptic with some of the best world building ever.


2017 was a pretty good year, overall!  I’m really pleased with my progress, and I look forward to what’s new and upcoming in 2018!


Did you hit your reading goals in 2017?

What 2017 books did you mean to read but just didn’t get to?

What’s your 2018 reading goal?

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11 responses to “2017: My Year In Books

  1. I don’t make reading goal, plus I’m only a sometimes book blogger so I never set any reading goals. but it seems I have read 30+ books which is pretty good for me as I have been reading half of that the years before.

    I plan on reading a lot more & that’s pretty much my reading goal for 2018.

    have a lovely new year.

    • Amber

      That’s great – about a book every week and a half! I always set myself up easy and reading goals aren’t as big of a deal for me as many other book bloggers. I just like reading, and am pleased with any story. I do think that rushing through books to hit a goal ruins them… then you’re just skimming and you don’t get engrossed in the world.

      I hope you fall in love with a book this year. <3

  2. Since I started my blog this past summer, my reading goal from last winter was hilariously set to 12 books. Thanks to my blog and new addiction to audiobooks, I ended up reading 44 so at least I surpassed my goal! ? This year I set my goal to 50, but I’m hoping to read more than that *Crosses fingers*

    So many good books on here!! Anne of Green Gables and Night Circus are two of my favorites! ? And I completely agree with what you said about Beautiful Creatures. I was BARELY able to finish that one, it was so slow. It’s interesting you said you couldn’t connect with the characters of Legend because I felt the exact same way about The Young Elites.

    This coming year Shadow and Bone, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Gunslinger (“Very murdery” ???), and Splintered are all on my list! We’ll have to compare notes later!!

    Loretta @ The Laughing Listener recently posted: 2018 Read Your Books Challenge
    • Amber

      Audiobooks are MAGIC for my reading stats, I swear. I get about 50 books just through those alone!

      I’ve heard a lot of disconnect about Legend and the Young Elites, and I’m a little nervous because I have Warcross on my shelf and I love the concept and I really want to like it. Ack.

      Anne and the Night Circus are both on my Desert Island book list… Top 10! I love them both so much my heart weeps.

      The Dark Tower is one of my favorite series (after Harry Potter) – I hope you like it! The tone changes a bit in book two, so stick with it if you’re “meh” about The Gunslinger. I’ve been trying to get my husband to read it for years, and he’s gotten halfway through The Gunslinger twice. I finally threw him into The Drawing of the Three instead and now he LOVES it. Eddie and Susanna are great.

  3. Dang, get it girl! My goal was 30 & I read 50, so I’m going with 40 this year. I have so many series on my list, but I’m hoping to make time for stand alones this year.

    • Amber

      50 is amazing! That’s nearly a book a week!

      I’m learning that standalones are AMAZING… I love series, I really do, but suddenly you’re committing to 3-7 books and that’s a lot. Honestly I usually forget book 1 by the time I get to book 2. I think you’ll reach your goal of 40 no problem, and have some to spare! Good luck!

  4. 97 books? That’s a lot, Amber! Well done 🙂
    My average rating is 4.1 stars ? This was a really good reading year for me as I read a lot of books I liked! I wanted to read TATWD but didn’t have time to 🙁 My 2018 reading goal is 100 books!)
    You’re an amazing blogger, don’t forget that <3 Thanks for being a part of my 2017!

  5. Awesome list! I love the GR end-of-year stats. I had some interesting finds in my own stats. And 97 – wow. I just barely made 60. As per the norm for me. Great job!