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A Publication Journey & Dream Realized – ACE OF SHADES

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I really love reading about publication journeys.  I love research, and learning about the journey from inspiration to novel fascinates me.  Ten years ago, it was a rare moment to find an author sharing their story, but these days, more and more authors are open with the journey.

I love it.  It’s wonderful.  It shows the tides of hope and perseverance.  Hard work and talent.  And, most importantly, never giving up.

As a writer, I have bad days.  I’ll have weeks where I don’t write a fictional word because what’s the point?  In times like those, success stories are amazing.

I came across Amanda Foody’s Ace of Shades publication journey a couple months ago on Tumblr.  It’s not something that I’ve seen shared very often, but I think it’s a lovely journey.  Amanda started writing this novel in high school, but Ace of Shades wasn’t her first project.  She fell in love with it, and it was the book that got her an agent.  As we all know, Daughter of the Burning City was her debut novel, written in 2015… so what happened to Ace of Shades?

This book has been with her heart for years.  Her agent sent it out, but nobody committed.  Eventually, she parted ways with that agent and joined with the one that brought us Daughter of the Burning CityAce of Shades has travelled and grown with her as she has grown as an writer and person and I think that any aspiring author should carry their loves just as she has carried Ace.

My favorite manuscript – the one that is my Ace of Shades – is one I’ve been chipping at and rewriting for twenty years.  Yes, I started this story when I was eight.  Fortunately, the current version of this manuscript barely contains a sliver of its original form (which, frankly, was suspiciously like Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic series, and I had two characters with “sports magic” and just no).  It pops into my mind constantly, like a songbird calling.

When I read about Amanda’s story about Ace of Shades, the first thing I felt was “hope”.  Hope that my story could resurface like hers did.  And more than ever, I am excited to read this book.  Not just for the wild underground, the delightful main character, and the charm… but because you can tell from reading her publication journey that Amanda Foody loves this book.  And she’s sharing it with us.

If you’d like to read Amanda Foody’s publication journey for Ace of Shades, you can find it on her Tumblr.

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Ace of Shades releases on April 10th, 2018

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This is a #ShadowGang Post

As a part of Amanda’s publicity campaign, the #ShadowGang is committed to bring you amazing insight and insider information on Ace of Shades.  We’re also split into teams.  I’m team #Irons, and you’ll be seeing Ace of Shades content on this blog every Saturday.  Are you pumped?  I am!


Do you find author’s stories about their books inspirational?  I love myself a good “I love this book and now it’s real!” story.  I’d love to hear how you feel about it in the comments. <3

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