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December Shelflove Unboxing – “Timeless”

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Shelflove is a monthly book box delivered from Texas in the United States.  Some things to know:

  • Shelflove is a YA book box specializing in fantasy and science-fiction titles.
  • The curators communicate almost exclusively through Instagram.
  • The cost is $29.99 + shipping.
  • They are currently at capacity!  But check back next month.

The Box

The Box

Once again, my Shelflove box arrived early!  Quel surprise!

The Loot List

The Loot List

This month’s loot list teases next month’s theme, “Royal Pains”!  As I mentioned in the opening blurb, Shelflove is already sold out for this crate, so you’ll have to stay tuned to other outlets for the unboxing to see what delights they had in store.

The Planner

Reading Planner

Shelflove’s planner (the third I’ve received in a book box, haha) is beautifully illustrated.  Genuinely, truly gorgeous.

Shelflove has included their anticipated books for each month on the calendar pages.  This planner is fully and brightly colored and lovely. It’s also quite small and easy to carry in your backpack or purse.

The Pillow Cover

Once Upon a Time Pillow Cover

I absolutely adore this design and wish desperately this had been a tote bag instead of a pillow cover, since I don’t have any throw pillows this large nor a dedicated reading/geekery place in which to put it.

This also reminds me that I am hopelessly behind on this show.  As in I only watched the first season, and should probably start from the beginning and rewatch the whole thing.

The Soap

Sassenach Hand Soap

I had to look up the reference on this one… and I think it’s Outlander?  Is that right, fans?  It’s on my TBR, but I haven’t gotten there yet!

Rosemary, mint, and sage soap made from goat’s milk… it sounds perfectly indulgent.

The Necklace

Time Turner

Replicas of Hermione’s Time Turner are popular inclusions in book boxes these days.  This is the third box I’ve gotten one in, although I had my own long before all these.

This particular time turner is fully functional and perfect for the theme of this box.  It is silver, where the one in the films is gold.

The Magnet

“Time is Money” Magnet

This magnet is made exclusively for Shelflove, and I’m not sure of the reference on this one?  I imagine it’s related to the book, which we’ll see in a moment.  It’s a medium-sized magnet, simple and useful.

The Prints

Art Prints

This month’s box came packed with multiple printed goodies.  These were my favorite parts of this box – I like the Miss Peregrine print and the hourglass artwork on the back of the Shelflove postcard in particular.

The Book

Everless by Sara Holland

Yeah, I should have guessed this one.

Timeless, and Everless has a giant hourglass on its cover. *facepalm* And I had already preordered this one!  Oh well!  This one came with a signed book plate and a note from Sara Holland. 🙂

witchy divider

This is my second Shelflove box, and if I’m being really honest, I have to admit that I liked the November box better.  I still have to commend Shelflove for offering different kinds of items, but I suppose if I am being really honest with myself, I am tired of bookish goodies I cannot use or do not understand the reference.  In this entire box, the only item of interest to me was the artwork on the postcard and the Miss Peregrine print.  Even the book I already had?


I think my exhaustion with book boxes simply comes from having too many across 2017.  In 2018, I’ve cut it down to two with the option to skip – OwlCrate (I’m a sucker for their exclusive editions) and PageHabit (because their books are very different and their goodies unique and useful).

I hope my showcasing for various boxes this last year has given you guys a few good options if you decide to subscribe to one!  They are all very good in their own right, depending on what you are looking for (and where you live).


Do you subscribe to ShelfLove?

Which item is your favorite this month?

Have you already read Everless?  What did you think of it?

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2 responses to “December Shelflove Unboxing – “Timeless”

  1. OMG I LOVE THE GOODIES IN THIS BOOK BOX, ESPECIALLY THE PLANNER AND THE TIME TURNER! ? I’ve always wanted to subscribe to a book box but the shipping fees are so expensive so my parents think they cost too much money than they’re worth ?
    I’ve read so many positive reviews of Everless and I think I would enjoy reading it. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the book 🙂

    Chloe @ Blushing Bibliophile recently posted: [Blog Tour] Review: Mad Magic by Nicole Conway
    • Amber

      If you LOVE all the goodies, you make it out pretty much even! 🙂 For a while, newly released hardbacks were costing about $30 anyway, but prices have come down so the split even in the US is about 25% shipping, 40% book, 60% goodies. My experience internationally has been that it’s pretty much 50/50 for shipping/other stuff, which is why I stopped ordering UK boxes (but Fairyloot and Illumicrate = <3 ). So your parents do have a point! Hong Kong needs a box... 😉

      I may be buddy reading Everless with someone for my first ever buddy read - I'm really excited. But I haven't heard back from her yet to confirm. 🙂