Street Team: Levi Glaisyer: A (Very) Brief Character Study

Levi Glaisyer: A (Very Brief) Character Study

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Levi Glaisyer’s reputation precedes him.

Before we meet Levi in the beginning of Ace of Shades, we hear talk about the “lord”  the king of this gang.  My loves, I have read chapter two of Ace of Shades and I so desperately want to share with you the little I know about Levi Glaisyer.  Since this chapter isn’t widely available (only to Shadow Gang members), I’ll give you a few small hints.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but you must know about Levi.

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When Levi was introduced, I was expecting the strong silent type, a la Gale from The Hunger Games or Four from Divergent.  Someone settled into his ways, confident, determined.  Levi… was not like that at all.  I’ve spoken a little bit about Enne’s disposition and how she embraces her femininity in a way most YA heroines don’t.  From the little I’ve read, I gather that Levi is going to break the mold as well.  He seems uncertain.  He wears a mask of confidence, but we are in his head and we see his stops and hesitations.  There is nothing cocky and overconfident about this hero, at least not inwardly.

Levi has made some difficult decisions in his life.  We do get hints of his background… that he’s been in trouble, then in legitimate business, and not he’s the Lord of the Irons gang – the gang of cheats and swindlers.  As of chapter two, we have no indication how he rose to power, but we do know it’s bound to be an interesting story.

Levi Glaisyer strikes me as the type of character who will do what he needs to do to survive, but also has his own set of moral guidelines.

He’s conflicted, cautious, and him and Enne already have a great energy together.  You guys will love him.  I want to say more, but I really don’t want to spoil it for you.  Levi is going to be amazing.

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Ace of Shades releases on April 10th, 2018

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How do you think Levi became the Lord of the Irons?

What would you do to survive in the City of Sin?

What is your favorite type of male lead?

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2 responses to “Levi Glaisyer: A (Very Brief) Character Study

    • Amber

      I really enjoyed his character, too! I had *so* many more things I wanted to say about him after finishing the book! But, ack, spoilers. 🙁