Get to Know the Gangs of Ace of Shades

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In order to survive on the streets of New Reynes, it’s smartest to join a gang.  The city has three major gangs to choose from, each of their own specialty.

Before relocating to New Reynes, you may wish to consider which Lord you’ll be pledging your allegiance to….

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The Doves

The Doves are ruthless mercenaries and assassins.  They die their hair white to stand out.  If you ever find yourself in a dark alley with a Dove, you best say your prayers while running as fast as you can.

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The Scarhands

The Scarhands are smugglers, bringing in all the best illegal wares from all over the world.  The Scar Market moves daily, and the contraband goods range from illegal magics to politically dangerous newspapers.  The Scarhands mark themselves with criss-crossing scars on their palms.

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The Irons

You’ll find the Irons in every casino in the city, gamblers and dealers for hire to make sure that the House always wins.  It’s nearly impossible to lie to an Iron, because they are experts at reading a tell.  The tattoos on their wrists mark the iron gang – keep your eye open for the black club; that’s the Iron Lord.

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Ace of Shades releases on April 10th, 2018

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This is a #ShadowGang Post

As a part of Amanda’s publicity campaign, the #ShadowGang is committed to bring you amazing insights and insider information on Ace of Shades.  We’re also split into teams.  I’m team #Irons, and you’ll be seeing Ace of Shades content on this blog every Saturday.

Don’t forget to check out my other Shadow Gang posts for all the Ace of Shades goodness!


Doves, Scarhands, Irons.

What gang would you prefer to join?

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5 responses to “Get to Know the Gangs of Ace of Shades

    • Amber

      Ah, I’m so glad! Only 8 more days! Keep an eye out on Twitter – the teams are doing #AOStalk and #AOSchat to talk about the themes in the book and whatnot!