Magic & Life & Happy Weekend, Y’all!

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Hi everybody!

I just felt like popping in and saying hi.  Some of my favorite posts to read on other peoples’ blogs are the ones where it’s like sitting down and having a cup of tea with an old friend.  I know I have my March Wrap Up coming tomorrow, which includes some of those things anyway, but I just felt like popping in.

So.  Hi!  How are you all today?

I am luxuriating in a rare Sunday, where my husband is off on Adventures in Skiing and I am cozy at home, able to do as I please.  To be honest, it gets a bit lonely after an hour?  But I don’t ski and have no inclination to learn (gah, winter), so here I am!


Book Talk

I’ve been struggling through my books lately.  I plopped myself in the middle of an awkward situation where I decided to re-read Gone With the Wind and it’s taking me a small eternity.  The thing is, I genuinely like the book, but my favorite parts are early in the story where Scarlett is young and fresh and vivacious.  Frankly at the endshe’s a terrible person.  That’s where my affections switch to the ever sweet Melanie.

But here’s the thing about Gone With the Wind.  It’s a long book.  Listening to it is 48 hours.  I’ve listened to it twice before, but for some reason this time I have no motivation to listen.  I’m seeing this overall in my reading as well.  Everything is taking me several times longer to finish than it ought.  I’m just drudging through things.

I am really enjoying The Magicians though!  Does anyone watch that show?  I don’t, but Matt does so I’ve picked up bits and pieces here and there.  The show has one of those overly dramatic overtones that I don’t love, but I really like the world.

I was gifted the book last Christmas and pulled it out of the TBR Jar earlier this month.  I like it, I really do.  But it’s so dense.  I can usually lightly read through books, but this one I have to carefully ingest each word or I’m lost.

So that’s where I am in books, I guess?  I’m nearly at the end of all the audiobooks – Gone With the Wind, The Vikings, and Wizard and Glass.  Maybe moving on to different audiobooks will help?  I’m just past 50% on The Magicians and I have an ARC I need to read after that.  Don’t get me started on The Phantom Tree.  Good god y’all – do people even do period research on historical fiction anymore?


Life Talk

My world is a series of extremes right now – from awesome moments to exasperating ones.  Never is a need for a vacation so overwhelming as in the last month beforehand.  21 days, but who’s counting.

(I am counting.  I’m almost at the point where I’m considering converting days to hours.)

This week had good  moments and bad moments.  Focusing on the bad moments won’t help things at all, and they won’t make me feel better.  Four things worth appreciating this week (as seen above):

1.  Lady Elizabeth is the cutest thing on this planet.  No, I’m serious.  I love both my cats, but the little tiger we adopted last spring brings more joy to my heart than anything ever.  She’s taken to curling up on my lap every morning before work which means I get absolutely nothing done.  I primarily blame her for my lack of writing – I cannot have both a laptop and small cat on my lap, and how could I possibly turn her away…. 🙂

2.  Tickets for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party arrived.  I adore Disney and I’m giving myself more permission to say that and to not care about what other adults think.  Why does liking Disney have such a stigma?  Because they primarily make children’s films?  Honestly, Pixar’s last two films may have been animated, but both Inside Out and Coco have stories that adults can enjoy more than children, I think.  Besides, who said adults aren’t allowed to have stupid, childish fun?  I am looking forward to MNSSHP.  I am gathering costume pieces to go as the Scarlet Witch.

3.  I read Nimona.  For whatever reason, I typically don’t have patience for graphic novels.  I skim them and get bored and whatever.  This one had me smiling and chuckling.  My favorite panels are in the beginning where she randomly turns into a shark and hahaha I needed those laughs.  Also the hard truth in the panel above?  There should always be time for tea.

4.  I stood up for myself at work and now I have more time to do things I enjoy.  I’ve been working 10-ish hour days, no lunch break, for months.  It started as a struggle to get things done under old management and turned into a daily habit.  The problem?  Things weren’t changing.  It was becoming normal and I was feeling like I had to keep doing EVEN MORE.  So I pulled my manager aside and explained how much unpaid time I’d been putting in.  For myself, and for my co-TL.  We’re both getting burnt out.  As a result, instead of starting work an hour and a half early on Thursday, I was able to read a little over 100 pages of The Magicians.  And it was great.  I felt so pulled in by the story and wrapped up in the world.  Quentin and Alice are adorable.

I’m linking this up to The Sunday Post on the Caffeinated Reviewer.  Sometimes it’s nice to just hunker down and reflect on last week before diving into a new one. <3


I would love to hear all about your week and the little things that stood out to you as wonderful. I know that the world can pull us in sometimes and wrap us up in duct tape and AAH.  We talk about books a lot, but we are more than books.  We are people with cats and children and a penchant for making too many glorious cups of tea just to stay awake.  So pull up a chair and tell me…

How is reading going for y’all?  How’s school, work, home, everything?

What made you laugh this week?  What made you cry?

I hope you all had a magnificent week.  I will work on better structure for posts like this in the future.  I’m cutting corners by making images on Photoshop Express and working to better organize my thoughts.  Trust me, you don’t want to jump into my head – it’s pure chaos in there. 🙂


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16 responses to “Magic & Life & Happy Weekend, Y’all!

  1. I watched The Magicians, and it is good. I just started the newest season they put on Netflix. Good for you on standing up for yourself at work. Those are certainly some long work days and without a break too. Hope you have a great week ahead. And enjoy your quiet Sunday.

    • Amber

      My husband says season 3 is really good! As I’m reading, I’m finding a lot of parts pretty true to season 1 of The Magicians, but somehow I missed the major twist at the end of the season? I JUST read that bit this morning and OMG I am so pleased.

      I hope you’re having a fabulous week!

    • Amber

      The book of Gone With the Wind is HUGE. I read it once through in middle school for the sheer pleasure of being able to say “look at this giant book I have read” but since then, it’s only been audiobooks for me!

    • Amber

      Even though I’m having trouble getting through it at the moment, I really do like Gone With the Wind. The beginning and the end in particular are fantastic, and you can’t help but to admire Scarlett and adore Melanie. 🙂

      Hope your week has been splendid!

  2. Sometimes I think it is hard to get through long books even if they’re favorites. Especially if the favorite parts are early on. And I haven’t read the Magicians but I have watched the first season I think (or maybe first two- I’m not sure. Before they go to Filory, I know that). I’ve wondered how the books compare…

    • Amber

      The first season! I’ve been cross-referencing with my hubby on the parts I’ve read vs. what he’s seen and it seems like they do a good job of covering all the major events from book one into season one. I really thought they went into season two! But I guess not. I’d say overall book one stands up pretty well. Penny’s a lot nicer in the books (mostly). 🙂

  3. AAAHHH that’s such a cute kitten! I think I’m in love with Lady Elizabeth too! I’m so proud that you stood up for yourself at work, AND got something good out of it. Sometimes you just need to take a step back so we don’t get burned out, right?

    • Amber

      Awww, thanks! She warms my heart, she really does. I have SUCH a hard time standing up for myself at work. I think it’s a cultural perspective that one must always work the hardest and work all of the hours or you are Failing At Life and I get caught up in that stigma a lot because I don’t want to be perceived as lazy or uncaring. But, sheesh, a girl needs to breathe!

  4. So sorry to hear you’re struggling with reading lately! I admire you for reading Gone With The Wind though. I never would because classics are just NOT my thing. I have watched part of The Magicians and I enjoy it okay. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the book to begin with except for the fabulous Eliot. Also I’m a HUGE fan of Disney too so I’m jealous of those tickets! Go you for standing up for yourself at work though!

    My month has been very hectic with me doing my internship and moving in with my boyfriend, but I’m looking at the end of it this week so I can get some much-needed rest!

    Bee (Quite The Novel Idea / Novel Ink) recently posted: {Bee Gets Personal} I Moved In With My Boyfriend! + pictures
    • Amber

      This is actually my FOURTH read-through of Gone With the Wind. It’s one of my favorite books at all time, but I usually forget how much I get stuck in the middle. Fortunately I’ve pushed past that in the last couple days and I only have an hour and a half left of the audiobook right now and a broken heart because the end is so gosh darn sad.

      Oh my gosh, Eliot is magical – I really enjoy his character and need more. I do like how real the characters feel to me – they’re not overly shiny or perfect of heroic. They’re just people who work hard and make bad decisions and then burn out. 🙂

      AHHH congratulations on moving in with your boyfriend, that’s always a big, crazy step! 🙂 Moving times are *always* hectic, but so rewarding once all is said and done. I hope that you’re able to get settled and relax soon! <3

  5. I know this is an old post, but good for you for being assertive at work. Sometimes we just feel like we have to get on and not complain, even when we’re burning ourselves out. Also, your cat is adorable.

    • Amber

      Psh, old posts are great. 🙂

      Thanks, I love my kitten. <3. We have two, but Lady Elizabeth is adorable in everything she does. 😀 To the point where she's absolute trouble most the time, tbh. She's in a handful of my unboxing posts when I used to do them, eating the contents... 🙂