April Wrap Up // Anne Shirley, Adventures, and All That Jazz.

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Since I just got back from my European adventures Saturday night, this is going to be short and sweet because my loves, I am back to work today and I need to majorly get back into work mode.  Trust me, I am 100% still soaking at Blue Lagoon. In spirit.

The Monthly Haul

I meant to tone it down with April’s haul, but, haha, I am hilarious.  I found SALES at Barnes & Noble!  I am hopeless.

Y’all should see the condition of my bookcase.  It’s a mess.

So OF COURSE after Anne of the Island, I HAD to get the whole collection of Anne of Green Gables.  I wanted a lovely hardcover version, and I found a couple, but for whatever reason these editions REFUSED to include a couple of the books, including the next one on my TBR: Anne of Windy Poplars.  So I went ahead and got the complete paperback edition because I cannot abide by having 6 gorgeous hardcovers and two sad paperbacks.

I am such a snob.

All the things I’ve been reading

A small reading list this month, largely due to the cruise.  Not a lot of time for reading when you are off having your own adventures!

8 books found









I’m torn this month between Ready Player One and Anne of the Island for my “best read”.  If anything, I’d lean a little more toward Ready Player One just because it was more engaging… but Anne of the Island was really lovely, too.

Magic and Mischief on the Blog

Delightfully?  Nothing to report!  We carry on, my wayward son. 🙂

Actually, in May and June I plan to post bits and pieces of my adventures.  I know this is supposed to be a book blog and not a travel blog, but I am excited about traveling gosh darn it and I want to share pictures.  So keep an eye out for those on Saturdays soon!  The current goal is a post for each stop, one for the boat itself, and one for lazy days at sea (which I love).

What Have I been Scribbling?

When I was plotting Ashes to Ashes, I built in the expectation that I write in multiple perspectives and that it was going to be a thing.  Then I started writing and switched perspectives pretty quickly.  So I’m already off track!  Yay!

I also learned that Dabble is smart, so when I delete two pages of writing, it makes me work it back off before added new words. So basically if I delete 500 words, I have to write 501 before it looks like I’ve made progress.  Sneaky.

Here’s a tidbit of what I’ve written this month.


I’ve been writing complete garbage lately and I don’t want to talk about it.

(I also may have started another story because I’m incorrigible.)

Adventures in the real world!

The cruise could not come at a better time, because the week before we left, a friend of mine shared with me that he had just been diagnosed with tonsil cancer.  It’s operable, it’s very treatable, and he wants life to carry on as normal.

So we are sorta just pretending that conversation never happened.

I have a lot of rage for the universe right now.  I always do when someone gets a diagnosis like that.  I mean, why the heck are we worrying about border control and trade tariffs whenwe should be finding a cure for this?  He’s young, too.  Long enough.  Not a smoker, not a drinker, but of course like most cancer the cause is “ummmmmm we aren’t exactly sure?”.  I am mad, mad, mad.  And helpless.  I’m going to do my gosh darned best to make sure I do the most I can to keep him happy and comfortable and not treat him differently (which is actually easy for me; I’m an unsympathetic nurse and I have a terrible bedside manner) but !!! .  The universe sucks sometimes.

Send him some good vibes, y’all.  Prayers.  Whatever you’ve got in your arsenal.

What’s Coming Next?

First, as previously mentioned, you’ll get to hear about my little European adventure!

Otherwise, we’ve got ARC reviews coming up I read so long ago I’ve nearly forgotten about them (oops).  There’s a Top Ten Tuesday all about colorful books and some book/movie comparisons as a Book Blogger Hop topic and I MAY OR MAY NOT write these depending on my mood.

I’m so unreliable.

I hope everyone has had an equally delicious and delightful April, and that nobody has had any bad news about friends or family members because that would be heartbreaking.

Je vous adore! I can’t wait to spend May with all you beautiful people.


What did everyone do this month?  Did you get a lot of reading done?  Did you start on a new WIP?  Did you go on any grand (or small!) adventures?  I want to hear all about your experiences – let me know in the comments!

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7 responses to “April Wrap Up // Anne Shirley, Adventures, and All That Jazz.

  1. Yayyyy you’re back!! It was lonely without your posts in my email haha! Hope you had fun on your cruise. Your pics with your hubs on IG were so cute!! You and your Anne of Green Gables collection lmao! Everyone has their obsessions.
    Sending so many good vibes to your friend. My friend’s father recently passed from colon cancer, and she’s been taking it pretty hard. So I just talked to her a week ago just to check on her. Cancer is such a bitch, why won’t it just go away?!
    But yeah, I can’t wait to hear about your trip and more posts from you next month. 🙂

    • Amber

      I already scheduled the first post on Saturday! 🙂

      Glad to be missed… but honestly, it’s good to be back. I wrote a couple of book reviews on the plane home, I missed y’all so much. 😉

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend!! Totally know what you mean about anger at the universe. I’ve had to watch friends go through hardships like that too and it makes me crazy. The worst feeling. I’ll be sending him my very best vibes, I got your backs!

    And oh my god, how frustrating is it trying to find a good hardback set of Anne of Green Gables?!?!? I listened to the free versions of the first few audiobooks, but not all of them are in the public domain. To finish the series I wanted to buy a nice set, but it was IMPOSSIBLE. I ended up with the paperback version too. Someone needs to fix this problem. Lol.

    Can’t wait to see pictures from your vacation! I have no money to travel, so I’m living vicariously through you!! Lol.

    Loretta @ The Laughing Listener recently posted: Unique Blogger & Sunshine Awards
    • Amber

      It’s insanely ridiculous. I found one I REALLY REALLY liked too, had it in my cart, then was like, “wut? 6 books?”

      It took me until I was 28 to have any money to travel, and even now I should be putting it towards Adult Things, like Downpayment On A House or Paying Off My Car Loan. It just sort of occurred to us that we’re finally financially stable enough to do any of those things, and we want to do them before we can’t. Adulting is complicated, yo. I’m learning that you can’t have everything and there are sacrifices and complications and stuff. :/ But be irresponsible at some point and travel somewhere because OH MY GOSH. The Azores are stunning. Iceland is breathtaking (I did not take enough pictures of Iceland – was too busy being sleepy/dumbstruck). The WORLD is a stunningly gorgeous place.

  3. Great haul! I’m loving the vintage-style covers for Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, all such great books. Sorry about your friend’s diagnosis, that sucks 🙁 Love the extract from your WiP, it’s really good. I like how your character uses her imagination to create a forest sanctuary. Trees always make me feel calm and peaceful too.

    • Amber

      I love them too, that’s why I got them! 😀 I have copies of all of them already, but generic mass market paperback versions… not nearly as fun.

      Thank you! I was really proud of that scene – almost immediately after that the story derailed off my outline which it ALWAYS does… honestly sometimes I wonder why I bother.