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Today is Brought to You By the Color Purple – #TTT

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Today is a celebration of the color purple.

To be completely honest, I am keen on all sorts of colors, but purple makes me smile.  It’s regal and pretty and the color of lilacs and dreams.  I have exactly twelve books in my personal library that are purple-ish enough to qualify – so voila!  Twelve glorious books in perfect purpleness just for you on this fine Tuesday.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley     


I’m not the sort of person who rainbow-organizes her books.  The aesthetic-lover in me WANTS to, but the more sensible, organized mind knows I’d never be able to find ANYTHING if I did that.  So books of my favorite color only make up about 5% of my total library.  I guess it’s good to know I’m not buying books just because they’re purple?

So, of these books, I would like to heartily recommend the completely under-loved and under-read Poison by Chris Wooding.  I picked that one up back in the day when Borders was having their going out of business sale and really, really enjoyed it.  A lot of these other ones are mid-series books (three of them are the third book in the series?  So I guess purple is a good third book color?) but Poison is a standalone and a short book… you could read it in a weekend.


What is your favorite color?

Have you ever purchased a book because the cover was your favorite color?

Do you aesthetically organize your books?

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17 responses to “Today is Brought to You By the Color Purple – #TTT

  1. Great list! I know what you mean about purple, it’s such a beautiful cover and it can range from light and fairy-like to dark and dangerous. I love rich, jewel-tone purples – they always make me think of stories like the Arabian Nights, which is probably why I love the cover of E. K. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights so much. I haven’t read any of Cinda Williams Chima’s books but I’ve heard good things so I’ll have to check her out!

    Jess @ Jessticulates recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday | Yellow, is it me you're looking for?
    • Amber

      I’ve only read the first two of the series, but I’ve really enjoyed Chima’s writing so far! She builds a rich medieval-style fantasy world, if you’re into that kind of thing.

    • Amber

      I really like the Sookie Stackhouse series BUT don’t expect it to be anything like True Blood! I think the first three seasons are in the first two books! Still, it’s a fun series to read and Eric Northman is still <3.

    • Amber

      Aren’t they so pretty? 🙂 I love purple.

      I don’t even think I could do it by genre, since I feel like so many books fall into different areas! Still, *most* people I know IRL do it just like that – genre first, then author name.

    • Amber

      Daughter of the Burning City was a really interesting book. IRL, the cover’s pearlescent and so, so gorgeous!

      I just went and peeked to see which Pierce book you used – my copy of Bloodhound is actually blue, so it wouldn’t’ve counted for me. 🙂 Although I think I could have used Sandry’s Book….

      • Yeah, I thought Bloodhound was right on the line between blue and purple. But I had read it from the library, so I didn’t have a physical copy to go look at when I made the post. Figured it was close enough!

        • Amber

          :). It’s quite possible your copy was purple! Purple is one of those colors people seem to argue about, with blue and pinks falling into the color scheme on either end! 😉

  2. My favorite color is blue but the purple covers look really really really good together!! Good choices!! I have never bought a book based solely on cover color but I do judge books by their covers a lot. I don’t organize my books by color. I barely organize them at all. I try to keep series together otherwise everything just goes where it fits!

    • Amber

      I think deep down we ALL judge books by their covers, even if we say we don’t. 😉 So you’re not alone there!

  3. Purple seems to appeal to a lot of book lovers, maybe because it’s so connected to magic and imagination? My favourite colour is blue, but purple comes a close second. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book just because it was blue. I’m more drawn to those covers, but the synopsis would have to be good for me to purchase it. I don’t organise my books by colour either. I think rainbow bookshelves look amazing, but I like to organise mine by genre so I can find what I’m in the mood for.

    • Amber

      Blue is so gorgeous too – I saw a lot of blue posts on this prompt. 🙂

      I can’t do genre! How do you categorize something like Jurassic Park? Science fiction? Thriller? I don’t know how librarians and book stores manage – I’d never find anything. :). Then again, I’m not much of a mood reader (or at least I don’t let myself be). If I read what I was in the mood for, I’d keep re-reading old books forever. <3

      • It is very loose categorisation. I think my copy of Jurassic Park sits alongside my more sciency dystopians. Ha, I am definitely guilty of just re-reading old favourites like Harry Potter. I let myself be more of a mood reader these days since getting a bit burnt out from too many reviews. I’m rediscovering the joy of reading for pure pleasure again.

        • Amber

          Oh, well that’s really good then! I’m backing away from a lot of ARCs for the same reason, looking to read books I WANT to read, rather than those that are sent to me to try and keep my blog in the public’s eye. I did a promotional tour for three months for a book I really anticipated and it completely burned me out. Reading for pleasure is definitely important. 🙂